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Old 11-02-2011, 10:08 PM   #1
Grand Villa
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Default An October 2011 trip to remember - THE END!!!

New to the boards here at Mouseowners but I thought I would do my tr here too. I have a site that friends and I post on and really like the people that post here too and wanted to share. I do post lots of pics. Sorry

Well I am back with another trip report and this was a good trip. There were several firsts again and of course Ip-Dip IV.
The characters are the same, Vinny and me.
Dates were 10/15 – 10/22
Location – Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo House
Let’s get this started.

__________________________________________________ ____

We left in the morning and were flying out of Westchester Airport being it is closer to us then the major NYC airports. Great little airport but you do pay more for tickets and for parking but I think it is easier and so much faster. Anyway, we got up there in plenty of time. I had a Clif bar before we left. We got to the airport, parked and then proceeded inside. It had been very windy for the past few days and it had died down a little but still was very windy.

We boarded and were sitting in the 2nd to last row. Now there is a backstory to this. Originally we were flying from Islip on Southwest. After some research I got really nervous about the “too fat to fly” rule they have and then charge you another seat if you could hangover into the other seat. The price as of that Friday was $367.00 per seat each way. It turned out to be cheaper to buy new tickets and fly down on Jetblue. I will tell you what happened to the other tix at the end of the report. :O)

Okay back to the Jetblue flight. The plane boards and we depart on time. We get to the runway and we pass it. Then we make a u-turn and I tell Vinny we are heading back to the terminal. He said “no”. We were.

We are back at the terminal.

30 minutes or so and then we were off. I have never waited in line on this runway. You just go and go we did.
It was a bumpy ride going up. Scared the hell out of me.

We flew over NYC. Do you see Central Park down there.

More while looking out the window.

We landed about 30 minutes late but that was to be expected. We did have one experience while up there, a wind gust hit us on the side and our drinks went sliding on the tray and the plane actually moved to the side. I nearly crapped.

We got inside MCO and went directly downstairs. We arrived at DME

We stood in line for 15 minutes. The ride was nice. People chatted and my seat was broken as it would not lift up. It only went to AKL so it was a quick ride. Check in was great. I did the online check in and we were greeted by Michelle. She was fantastic. Vinny bought his tix and I purchased my annual passholder ticket. It is now plastic if you buy it from the resort. Love it.

Ok will stop.

Up next…

A room with a view.

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Grand Villa
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Great start so far......sounds like you have a great sense of humor, especially after that flight. Looking forward to the rest.

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Off to a great start! Thanks for taking the time.
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Waiting to pass ROFR (i.e., n00b)
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Can't wait for more! Love lots of pics!

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Grand Villa
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At jambo house now. Can't wait to read the rest of your report!
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Old 11-03-2011, 06:11 AM   #6
Grand Villa
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Great start! Looking forward to more. We had a broken seat too on ME and moved over - I wonder if it was the same seat or there are many broken seats, lol. That bumpy flight might not be fly again for a while.
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Great start! Looking forward to hearing more.

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Grand Villa
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Welcome to Mouseowners,

Really enjoying your report, The photos are great too. Can't wait for more.

Angel (aka AZeno)

Photos courtesy Trey Ratcliff www.stuckincustoms.com
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One Bedroom
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Good start. Looking forward to more. Really enjoyed the pictures of NYC.
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Grand Villa
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Enjoying the report. We love flying out of White Plains and can occasionally get a good deal from Air Tran or Jet Blue to Orlando. Will always get a ride for the $25 a day parking is a little much.

Waiting for the next segment.

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