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Old 05-10-2022, 05:10 PM   #1
Grand Villa
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Default May 1-6

Mears dis-Connect, 27 minutes til we left for hotel from MCO. We were 4th stop. Return was 7:10 pick up. Another couple was also waiting. Mears taxi showed up for them but not us. 7:53 got a note our ride was here for pick up. We had already left and Mears will be getting a call as they were not answering there phone Friday night.

Hollywood on the 1st, 50's prime time was as good as always, RotR was disappointing. First part of the ride was down. Hallway to the big room, no space movement just a black wall. During ride Finn looked like he was dead, no movement, a bunch of the guns weren't shooting, no Kylo Ren behind the wall or alt space sceen, the big guns don't move any more, admiral Akbar wasn't working at the end. How much did they spend on this ride? Wow.

May 2nd Late start to our day after traveling the day before. We stayed at the resort, went to Sanaa for the first time, fantastic, animals everywhere. Never made it to a park. We were meeting up with family at DS and going to Homecoming. Food was excellent and plentyful. Coud have split the fried chicken and still been full. Doggie bag for everyone. We took the boat to OKW, went to the general store and the gurgling suitcase. Back to DS for House of Blues to finish out the night.

May 3rd We had MK booked before we new family were coming. They wanted Epcot. We kept MK with a 4:30 closing figuring the crowd would be low and it was. Lunch at Pecos Bills was good. Family at Epcot did walk up to Space 220 at opening and had a 10 min wait. We met up at 2:30 for Spaceship Earth. Then club cool while the women shopped. Yes I had them try the beverly!! Korea and Phillipines were the best and China would make a great mariade for a bbq.

May 4th Hollywood of course. Keeping with our theme of the week we got a late start again. Arriving about 11:00 we were able to ride slinky, midway mania, rise(which was working better than Monday), runaway railway, got picks with Chewy and Rey. Lunch at SciFi, drive in bbq burger was excellent and buffalo chicken salad did not disappoint. Best burger I've had on property so far(haven't gotten one at Steakhouse 71 yet). Virtual que to buy 4th merch, pretty cleaned out by the time we got in about 5:30. We hopped to Epcot by skyliner for a Space 220 res at 8:30. We had som time to kill and went on Soarin. Walk on, empty seats, stay on and ride again. Space 220 was ok. Lounge area is more than the 10 seats at the bar. We had a table and it was pretty empty at the end of the night. Extra magic hrs at MK so off we went. It as about 10pm and no monorail to ttc. Waited for a bus and got dropped at Contemporay. Got in Mk about 11:15 and ice cream shop was still open. Missed it the last 2 trips so I couldn't resist. Went to buzz and stayed on twice, pirates, carpets, splash and got to be the Kardashians as we were the only ones on the Tea Cups. Thankfully there was no one waiting. Closed MK at 1:00 got to bed about 3:00

May 5th Happy birthday Brian. Hot enough for you? Pool day it is. Met a woman and her daughter from England by the pool. Lots of English there this week. Well there were at the park the day before and didn’t have any sunscreen. They were burnt. They were sandals and the daughters feet had bubbling blisters on them. Second degree burns. They had no idea what to do. I talked to lifeguard Chris who got a supervisor to come and help with burn cream and ice packs. Also saw some families with there about 2 year old kids in the hot tub. It was 95 degrees out, what the hell were they thinking. We headed to MK for the evening with Dinner at CP. Prime rib and brisket were the best of the huge selection of items. We called it a night about 10:30 with packing the next morning.

May 6th packed up and out by 10am. A new record for DW. She had me put a note on the door so house keeping wouldn't be banging and it worked. Bags at the bell desk off to AK. Shopping, bugs, fop and then off to Shades of Green for lunch a Evergreens. Food was great and price was right. Huge steak and cheese was $13. Can't wait for the breakfast buffet next trip. We then headed over to BW to see my guide. Picked up a new Alice pin advertising GF. The it was time to head out. We also picked up the new 50th pins from the DVC booths in the parks during the week. Our trip was a success as when I got home and got on the sale I didn't gain a pound.

And this trip was over 50 years since my first trip to WDW.

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Sounds like a good time. Glad you helped out the English peeps. As they didnít realize what to do and that they could get some help and relief at the resort. You prop made their day and possible saved their trip
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Old 05-11-2022, 02:15 AM   #3
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Ha, thanks for the birthday wishes! Definitely too freaking hot.

Thanks for the summary, sounds like another great trip. Hopefully our paths cross again soon.
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Two Bedroom
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Sounds like you had a wonderful time!
I said the same thing about the BBQ burger at Sci-Fi. Glad it seems it wasn't a fluke!
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Sounds like it was fun - thanks for sharing!
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Eli's Nana
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Sounds like it was a fun trip! Thanks for taking the time to share!
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Old 05-11-2022, 08:16 PM   #7
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Thanks for sharing the trip summary.
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Old 05-13-2022, 10:10 AM   #8
Grand Villa
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Thanks for summary. Glad you had a good trip.
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Grand Villa
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Default Space 220

Oh I forgot to mention at Space 220 they have 2 different kinds of fries. At lunch they serve the thicker fries, dinner they serve the thin plain old park fries. If you know to ask you can get the thicker cut fries at dinner.
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