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Default Sue's January 2021 Treehouse Villas Trip


Who: Sue (62), DVC Member
Holli (57), friend & co-worker
Chris (34), my son
Amanda (32), daughter-in-law
Ari (4), grandson
Dates: January 14 – 18, 2021
Resort: Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort
Experience: Very Experienced – 18th stay at SSR but only 2nd stay in a Treehouse Villa

It’s a new year – hopefully 2021 will be a big improvement over 2020. Unfortunately, covid is still interfering. This trip should have been another concierge level stay at Jambo House – very hard to get, requiring lots of effort. Thanks to covid, Jambo House isn’t even open yet, and Disney isn’t doing concierge level services anywhere yet. Seeing the writing on the wall ahead of the trip, I consulted with the others and canceled the Jambo House rooms – moving us to a treehouse.

However, a treehouse is not that big. Besides the master bedroom, the bedroom with a queen size bed only has that bed in there (no kiddie bed). The third bedroom is tiny, with just enough room for a set of bunk beds. Initially I thought that wasn’t going to work for the 5 of us, since I generally don’t like anyone sleeping in the living room. I booked Holli a separate studio even though it would be some distance away. However, it worked fine with her in the living room & sharing my bathroom when we stayed in Fran’s 2-bedroom at Beach Club in November. We talked about it and she was agreeable to the living room again so I canceled her studio. It’ll be much easier all being in the same place, and she can use my bathroom for showers and if she needs a bathroom in the middle of the night the 2nd one is off the hallway (not in anyone’s bedroom). She & I arrive separately on Thursday, but the Hollands don’t arrive until Friday evening.

I’m preceding the trip with dental appointments in Ft Myers, and hope to arrive between noon and 1pm. I booked an Epcot park reservation for me, assuming the treehouse wouldn’t be ready that early. Holli’s renting a car to drive down, so I’ll need to meet her in time to return the rental car before 4pm – there’s a location at the Hilton in Disney Springs, which is pretty convenient. We’ll set up the faux concierge lounge that evening, although since we’re in a treehouse we’ll refer to it as Tree Hugger Happy Hour (thanks to Cheryl for the name).

Friday our travel agent Cheryl will join us for Tree Hugger Happy Hour and the Hollands arrive late (around 9pm). Other than making an early morning trip to Publix, we don’t have any specific plans. I had a park reservation for Animal Kingdom but cancelled it prior to the trip. Holli doesn’t have a park pass, and there was nothing over there I really “needed” to do. Plus, we’re having another big outbreak of covid at work right now, so it’s difficult working around calls and things that need to be done related to that.

Saturday those of us with park passes have a reservation for Magic Kingdom. I may or may not join the Hollands there – I thought I would for part of the morning, but it’s expected to be really cold! We plan to grill that evening, since there’s a grill at each treehouse. There’s an amazing butcher/meat place near Chris & Amanda’s with the best burgers we’ve ever tasted. We’ll do that, along with the sides/other stuff Holli & I picked up at Publix the day before.

Sunday is another Epcot reservation and another cold morning. Festival of the Arts is going on right now, which Amanda loves. It’s my least favorite of the festivals, mainly because I don’t care for the artsy food they have at the booths. Food & Wine, Flower & Garden, and Festival of the Holidays are much more my style! However, I do look forward to checking it out.

Monday we all head home. It’s a holiday for Holli and me, so there’s rush to be on the road before dawn. Chris & Amanda have the day off as well, so they’ve booked breakfast at Topolino (at Riviera) and then have a park reservation at Hollywood Studios.

One of the biggest challenges with the treehouse villas is there’s only 1 parking spot per treehouse. It’s a real pain! To park 2 cars means you’d be taking someone else’s space, which isn’t right. Guests with more than 1 car are supposed to park the extra car(s) at Saratoga Springs in the Grandstand section. For us, when Holli arrives we’ll return her rental car and park my car at the treehouse. Friday sometime we’ll move my car to the Grandstand, so when Cheryl comes she’ll be able to park at the treehouse. She’ll likely be gone by the time Chris & family arrive with their car. Since bus transportation is a big pain in the butt when we go to any parks we’ll go in Chris’ car. Sometime Sunday I’ll move my car back to the treehouse so that Monday morning Holli & I can load up and go. Chris can then retrieve his car from the Grandstand for his family to load up. Owning the points (and paying the dues) has its perks <g>.

The plans so far are:
Thursday 1/14: Drive to WDW, Epcot, Tree Hugger Happy Hour
Friday 1/15: Animal Kingdom, Tree Hugger Happy Hour
Saturday 1/16: Magic Kingdom, Grill
Sunday 1/17: Epcot, Tree Hugger Happy Hour
Monday 1/18: Drive to Gainesville

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Looking forward to another Sue TR!
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Looking forward to your Treehouse Villa report. We don’t seem to get many of those.

We are arriving at BWV on Sunday and are hitting Epcot that day. Hope the cold snap is short.
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Sounds like fun. Have a great trip.
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Default Treehouse

I have stayed at the treehouse three times and i do like it there. My highlight was taking my golf clubs on the boat to the lake buena vista golf course.
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Interested to know if they have refurbished them (very much needed) and if the head trauma bunk beds are still there.
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DAY 1 – Thursday 1/14/21
Who: Sue (62), DVC Member
Holli (57), friend & co-worker

Plan: Drive to WDW, Epcot, Tree Hugger Happy Hour

Actual: This morning I was up bright and early to enjoy my usual routine of doing some jigsaw puzzles online, checking email, etc. Unfortunately the internet was down, and I couldn’t really wake Chris up at 4:30 a.m. to ask why <g> so it was a disappointing start to the day. I finished up some work on a spreadsheet (for work) that was on my desktop, tried restarting the computer to see if that was the problem (it wasn’t), and basically just sat around. I thought of setting up a hot spot, but couldn’t figure it out from my personal phone, and when I tried the work phone it wouldn’t work because they’ve locked that down – we can’t text, set up a hot spot, etc.

My dental appointments were 8:30 (hygienist) and 9:00 (dentist), and I wasn’t on the road until nearly 10:20! I’ve been in SW Florida since Monday evening, so I’d had time to do a few other things and pick up any last-minute items for the trip. Since I stayed with Chris’ family, I brought up some of their stuff with me. I arrived around 1 and had gotten the notification at 12:15 saying the treehouse was ready!

Since I had a park reservation for Epcot and had not canceled it, I didn’t want to be a no-show. I also didn’t want to spend a long time traveling on Disney transportation to get there. The best way for me to visit Epcot is via International Gateway, walking over from Beach Club Villas <g>. As luck would have it, a friend is staying there now and said it was fine to use her name & room number to get into the parking lot. That will let me make a quick loop around World Showcase without running out of time before Holli arrives. I drove straight to Beach Club without going to the treehouse, and didn’t do a complete loop in the interest of time. It’s cool enough that I wasn’t worried about anything in the car.

Epcot wasn’t very busy, and I breezed right in. The cast member before the temp check asked me if this was my first park of the day, so I assume if I said no I may have had to wait until 2pm or somewhere close to 2pm. Since this visit would be very brief, I headed directly to Pop Eats and got the tomato soup with grilled cheese. At $5 it’s one of the lower cost items, and it’s also pretty much the only food item (vs desserts) I think I’d eat. I took it over to a table and had my lunch – it was actually very good. The soup did not come in a tin can, but rather one of the small white cardboard cups Canada uses for the cheese soup during Food & Wine.

After eating I turned around and headed back to the International Gateway, got my car, and drove over to the Treehouse Villas. Holli got a later start than planned when she lost her house keys. I don’t think she’s found them, but maybe they’ll turn up in something if she unpacks. I dragged all the stuff in my car up to the treehouse, taking 3 trips. I’d forgotten how many steps there are, lol! It looks the same as last time, meaning it’s in need of an update <g>. It’s very rustic, but it would be nice to have be a nicer rustic instead of looking so dated.

At first I couldn’t find a closet in the master bedroom and thought that was really odd, but then I found it behind the door to the bathroom. There are no drawers in the living room (where Holli will sleep), so I left 2 of the 4 dresser drawers empty for her in case she unpacks. There’s also a smaller piece of furniture with 1 deep drawer in the master bedroom, which she can have. The master bathroom is good sized, and has 2 drawers and 2 shelves in addition to the long vanity. I set my stuff on one end.

The living room has a closet, but I left some room in the closet in my room in case she prefers to put her stuff by the bathroom where she’ll be showering. The other side of the treehouse has a small bedroom for Chris & Amanda and an even smaller one with a set of bunk beds for Ari. Amanda had bought Ari a plush of the lead guy in the Soul movie (the blue version) so I set that on his bed so he’ll see it when he goes in there. Across from these 2 bedrooms is the laundry room (stackable) and to the right is the other full bath – it's accessible only from the hallway, and not from inside a bedroom.

The deck has a round table with 4 chairs, and a bench off to the side. Perhaps we’ll do the first Tree Hugger Happy Hour out there tonight! It’s a shame we’re not overlooking the canal, though. The grill is just away from the bottom of the stairs, and they provide the grilling tools on the kitchen counter. I brought charcoal (the kind you just light the bag) and a torch.

After unpacking I had time to quickly update the report, and I caught the last 20 minutes of General Hospital. Holli should be here by 3:30 at the latest, and we need to return her rental car before they close at 4! I decided to see if there were any parking spots at the pool (for our guest tomorrow night), so I grabbed my phones and walked over there. Just before I got to the pool Holli called to say she was in the Treehouse Villas complex but didn’t know where to go. I gave her our treehouse number and turned around to meet her at the parking spots.

Between the 2 of us we got all her stuff up to the treehouse in one trip, and after putting the wine and cheeses in the fridge we headed out to return her rental car. However, she needed to fill the gas tank first so we went to the gas station across from what used to be (and should still be) Pleasure Island (now Disney Springs). Since she was getting gas I decided to refill my tank as well. From there we drove to the Hilton at Downtown Disney.

I’d assumed there would be a parking attendant, but I was wrong. To enter I’d have to take a ticket, and would be charged $22. Sorry, that’s not happening. At this hotel now you pay $22/day to park whether you’re staying there or visiting. I was trapped in the lane, with Holli behind me and another person behind her. I got out and told Holli I wasn’t paying $22 to enter the parking lot, and she wondered if she’d be charged as well (the rental car return was beyond the gate). I told her they’d no doubt validate hers. She couldn’t back up, so I walked to the car behind her and asked the guy to back up so I could turn around. After a few maneuvers (due to being in the narrowest part of the roadway) I was out of there and drove around through the front entrance.

I parked along the curb outside Benihana Steakhouse, figuring I’d be out of the way, and texted Holli to let her know. Soon a Hilton guy came over to me but when I said I was waiting for a friend who was returning a rental car he said no problem and take as long as I needed. She had to wait to return the car, put the parking ticket in her pocket, and walked through the lobby to the front entrance and joined me at the car – so no $22 for her, lol.

We drove back to the treehouse and set out to show her around. We checked out the pool (not far) and then took the walking path over to Saratoga Springs. While walking over there we ran into an old DVC buddy of mine – Evie! It was so nice to meet her like this. We wandered around part of the resort, going into the Springs area and checking out all the venues there. Holli really liked the resort. I agree it’s pretty & nice, but the drawbacks are the location is not good and the many bus stops make visiting the parks a big negative (just like Old Key West). However, for a resort stay this is very nice. We may end up back here in late May, since Jambo House concierge is NOT going to be happening, and all we have to pick from is this or OKW at this late date.

After touring around we walked back to the treehouse and decided Tree Hugger Happy Hour would definitely be on the outside deck. Our neighbors across the street evidently had the same idea. Wouldn’t it be fun if treehouses had a way to communicate & organize a neighborhood happy hour, or progressive dinner thing? Maybe not during a pandemic, but in a “normal” world that could be fun.

Holli cut up some of the cheeses – espresso bellavitano, chardonnay bellavitano, a certain cheddar, and garlic/herb spread. I arranged an assortment of crackers – that’s how we divide the labor <g>. Wine was the Governor’s Bay sauvignon blanc (Marlborough region), which is a favorite. We took it outside to the deck, and it was lovely out there.

As the sun set it did get cooler, and eventually we moved back indoors. Although the treehouse is small, it has ample living room seating. I think there’s more here than in the 2-bedroom villa at Saratoga Springs, which feels bigger. We spent the evening with tv, online stuff, chatting, and relaxing.

Other than the dental delay, today was a great day. Work was an afterthought, because I didn’t have time to keep up with it. I’ll take some time for it tomorrow, and do our calls (skipped today) from here. The treehouse is terrific – I just wish there was a bedroom/bath for Holli. A kiddie bed for Ari with the 3rd bedroom having an adult bed would be better for us. But, we’ll make it work – Holli is a very considerate guest and we’re all pretty easy going.

Tomorrow we need to finish grocery shopping, and with the key fiasco Holli didn’t have time to stop at Whole Foods as planned. Good news – she found her keys in one of her bags. There’s a Whole Foods 19 minutes from here, so we’ll head over there & hope there’s also a Publix in the area. If not, we’ll hit the Publix I know on the way back. Maybe we’ll ride the skyliner for something to do. Cheryl will join us for the next Tree Hugger Happy Hour, and then Chris/Amanda/Ari arrive later.

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DAY 2 – Friday 1/15/21
Who: Sue (62), DVC Member
Holli (57), friend & co-worker
Chris (34), my son
Amanda (32), daughter-in-law
Ari (4), grandson

Plan: Animal Kingdom, Tree Hugger Happy Hour

Actual: Last night I watched a little tv in my bedroom but then I couldn’t turn it off with the remote. It worked to turn it on and change the channel, but now it’s not working – even though the red light on the remote lights up when I press buttons. Thankfully I found the button on the back of the tv and was able to turn it off manually! The bed in here is not a king, as the small room wouldn’t have space for a bed that size. Maybe it’s a queen, but it looks more like a full. It’s perfect for 1 person though, and very comfortable.

It was a little cool, and Holli was using both extra blanket so I used my dvc bathrobe as a “throw” and we’ll order a few more blankets today when housekeeping is working. I got up at 5, and again couldn’t get the remote to turn on the tv. I discovered the button on the back of the tv functioned to not only turn the tv on and off, but it also changes the channel and adjusts the volume, so I was able to watch the local news while doing my online stuff. I made my cappuccino, and took it back to bed while I relaxed online. I’d canceled the Animal Kingdom park reservation a few days ago, so I didn’t have to worry about that.

Just after 6:30 I took my shower & got dressed, then joined Holli out in the living room. She was already up & dressed, enjoying her coffee – she’d folded up the sleep sofa and put everything away. She went in and took her shower while I was rearranging the Memorial Day weekend trip (since concierge level would not be operating). I was able to move us to a 2-bedroom at Kidani Village for that trip – we’ll all have our own bathrooms, we can park in the shade under the building, we’ll have the animals to view and room for the faux concierge lounge. I wasn’t able to realign the points 100% to my liking, but I can call later and have member services take care of it. My AKV points have premium value to me since I use them for concierge bookings, so I only want the banked points (which would otherwise expire) used for this stay, and the rest my least desirable OKW points.

Once Holli was dressed we headed out to get groceries for the rest of the weekend. The first stop was Whole Foods, where she got the pita chips she loves (we have hummus and buffalo chicken dip as part of the Tree Hugger Happy Hour supply) and a cracker assortment. We had a bottle of wine in there too, but they can’t sell wine before 9am and it was only 8:42. Wow, crazy rules. Our next stop was Publix, so we figured we’d get wine there. The cashier gave us directions, and Publix was pretty much right around the corner.

Here we got all the stuff on the list, some wine, sundries & got to the register around 9:15 – safe, lol! After loading it all in the trunk we headed back to Disney, getting caught by traffic caused by an accident on I-4. Thankfully it wasn’t too long, but from the glass & debris on the road it must have been a real mess for the cars involved.

After putting the groceries away in the treehouse we discussed options. Neither of us had eaten breakfast and I wanted to get something for lunch, preferably earlier rather than later since we were doing happy hour at 5. We ended up driving the car over to Saratoga Springs and parked it in the Grandstand parking lot right next to the entry to the walking path to the Treehouses. We took that path, and once in the treehouses took another path over the bridge that spans the canal, where the walkway connects Old Key West and Disney Springs.

There was a sign that said there was no access to Disney Springs, but we decided to take our chances. I assumed with the silly temperature check nonsense they were not allowing entry from the back side, but we were willing to walk around the front to get to an approved entry point once there. As we got near Disney Springs they had a metal barrier with a “no access” sign, but it was just set up in the middle of the path – very easy to walk around it. We did exactly that, and cut through the parking lot. Several cars were parked there. We asked a cast member where we needed to go to enter Disney Springs, and she pointed us in the direction of the garage and told us how to walk over there.

At this point our 10:30 COVID call began, so we listened to that while walking. We were basically alone most of the time, so it wasn’t disturbing anyone else. Inside the garage I failed the security check once again, even though I was holding both phones in my hand. I’ve been setting off the beeper most of the time, and I have nothing metal in my bag. Even the cast members who end up having to search it comment that I really don’t have anything in there and they don’t know why it triggered the alarm. Oh well.

We stood off to the side while the call wrapped up, and then we wandered around Disney Springs. We went into a few shops – including World of Disney, and then backtracked over to Chicken Guy for lunch. I wasn’t sure if they’d be pushing the mobile ordering thing too, but they welcomed us inside and told us where to stand to order at the counter. Holli got some type of salad with chicken. I got the 2-strip kids’ meal with a side of cole slaw. Holli secured a table outside, which I joined her. They ask for your name when ordering, so when it’s ready they walk outside calling out the name and bring the food to you – it came out very quickly too.

The food was good – I’d definitely eat here again. We talked about what to do next, and Holli picked touring the monorail resorts. We walked to the bus stop and took the bus to Grand Floridian, with a long wait due to a bus driver change (about 20 minutes after we boarded the bus). On the ride over she asked if we’d seen all the dvc villas, and since we’d skipped the Poly bungalow and never attempted Bay Lake Tower, that became the plan. We got off the bus at Grand Floridian and walked the path over to Polynesian, going into the lobby to the dvc kiosk. A very nice young man took us over to the bungalow, which was the one on the very end by the Ticket & Transportation Center.

The bungalow is cute – I actually liked it better than I did the first time I toured one. The cast member asked which I preferred – bungalow or wilderness cabin, and I said the cabin. He said he liked the cabin better too. Since we were so close to the TTC we walked over there, where I failed another security screening and then boarded the resorts monorail.

The Polynesian station is closed while the resort is under refurbishment, so the first stop was Grand Floridian. We got off there and wandered around inside, including browsing in Basin. It smells so good in there! Coming back outside, I expected to set off the security alarm again but I didn’t – makes no sense. We rode around to Contemporary and walked across the sky bridge to Bay Lake Tower. Down in the lobby they gave us the villa number that was open, and we rode the elevator up to see it – a 2-bedroom villa. The décor looked different from what I remembered from my last stay, which was quite a while ago. It seemed odd that the beds in the 2nd bedroom had no headboard – just the wall. Other than that, it was nice.

From there we walked back to Magic Kingdom and took a bus back to Saratoga Springs, getting off at the first stop (Grandstand) and taking the path to the treehouses. I caught the end of General Hospital, and Holli had a conference call at 3 so I half listened to that while updating the report. When she finished I called DVC – at first the line was busy (bad sign), then I got through but it hung up, then I dialed back in to find a 55-minute wait. Ugh. But, I left it on speaker and figured I’d see how it went. It was getting close to 4pm at this point, and HAL’s Nieuw Statendam was scheduled to depart from Port Everglades at 4:30 and we want to watch that (although it’s sad/weird with no passengers on board). I also have to meet Cheryl at the entrance at 5, so most likely even if it sails on time I’ll have to miss the end of it.

Holli & I prepared the happy hour platter around 4:45 and the Nieuw Statendam was casting off her lines so I put my laptop up on the breakfast bar/island so we could watch it while we worked. Just then DVC answered my phone call, and I explained to the cast member what I wanted to happen. She put me on hold and took care of it. This way all of my current year Animal Kingdom Villa points are freed up and can be banked into next year when hopefully concierge level stays will be happening. As soon as I hung up from her I saw Cheryl had texted saying she was 5 minutes away! Also, Chris & Amanda were texting saying they were getting on the road but there’s an accident that will slow them down.

I left Holli to watch the ship sail away and rushed out on foot to the entrance of Treehouse Villas to let Cheryl in. We’re almost to the very back, so it’s about as far away as you can be. I forgot my mask and realized it halfway there, so I tried to look like I was exercising, lol! I was walking fast! At the entrance I could see a car parked off to the side and knew it was Cheryl. When I got there I had her go up to the gate and used my magic band to open it, then hopped in the car to ride with her to the treehouse.

The HAL ship was still sailing, so we gathered up the food, wine, plates/napkins/glasses and went out to the table on the deck. I also brought the laptop out so we could finish watching Nieuw Statendam sail away – a few crew the only people waving from the verandah staterooms. Once she sailed, I put the computer back inside. We had a lovely evening catching up and talking about travel and a host of other subjects. At one point the breeze picked up, which was part of the cold front that would be passing through tonight – rain is expected around 9, which is when Chris & Amanda would be arriving.

Around 7:30 Cheryl left to meet her husband at her resort, and Holli & I went inside. We put away the leftover cheese & crackers, and watched Wheel of Fortune before switching to HGTV. Chris & Amanda are due to arrive in Celebration at 8:30, where they’ll charge the car for a half-hour (super charger), and will come here after that. I’ll wrap up today’s report now and finish up anything else at the start of tomorrow’s.

Today was a great day – relaxing, but we walked a LOT considering we didn’t go to any parks (17,463 steps as of now). SB would not have wanted to be here doing all that walking, lol! Trying out Chicken Guy was a good move, and Holli got to complete her tour of DVC resorts. We’re really enjoying the treehouse and the relaxing environment – having Cheryl over for an evening at home was a great ending to the day!

Tomorrow the Hollands are headed to Magic Kingdom – I canceled my park reservation. It’s supposed to be 41 degrees tomorrow morning, and I have no desire to freeze my way through the park. Holli & I will head out a little bit later and will tour the Skyliner area. Tomorrow night we’re all grilling here at the treehouse – should be fun!

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