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Old 09-17-2019, 11:04 AM   #1
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Default Direct vs Resale 2019-2020

I am not sure how much this has been covered, and I apologize if I am asking questions that someone has asked - BUT
I have always bought SSR direct and all my add-ons have been direct with a excellent guide I have had for years , but due to a guide change and having her tell us if we don't buy now, the points won't probably be available ( even though we have always gone on a waitlist for SSR points to become available ) She said if they are even available in the next few month, they will also be at a higher price.

I am asking what the differences are in 2019-2020 by purchasing resale vs direct - and what is a reputable resale company to contact. THANK YOU to everyone who can give me some advice.
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I am fairly certain we are done buying direct. We just bought a 30 point contract and paid almost the same as the 55 point contract we bought in 2012. I do have our name in with a resale company but we only want very small contracts so I don't have much hope.

I have to say that resale is not very attractive to me. I guess I just don't care that much about the $$ versus $$$$ because I like the immediacy of Direct.
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Old 09-17-2019, 11:20 AM   #3
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Originally Posted by bakerworld View Post

I have to say that resale is not very attractive to me. I guess I just don't care that much about the $$ versus $$$$ because I like the immediacy of Direct.
As I sit here waiting for points to load from my resale purchase watching reservations I would have taken disappear.
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Old 09-17-2019, 12:20 PM   #4
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Large contract go resale. Small contract go direct.
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Old 09-17-2019, 12:31 PM   #5
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A lot of this is a personal decision. Are the direct benefits worth it vs. not having them via resale. In our case, direct is more important for the long run. We plan on gifting the contracts to our boys when they grow up and have their own families. We want them to have the direct benefits however they change. Resale looks good for us only if there is the right contract. We just added a small contract at VGF. We were able to get it immediately with 2018 points. I had tried waiting for a resale contract but everything was stripped and the small contract cost for resale was marginally different than direct. I know people say that "friend's don't let friend's buy direct" but those are the same people complaining that when DVD/DVC adds more restrictions to resale, that DVC is ruining their brand. The fact is DVD/DVC is protecting their brand and direct buyers. I'd rather DVC/DVD increase Direct benefits than take away but it's not up to me.

So in the long run you have to weigh what is important to you and your family.
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Old 09-17-2019, 01:35 PM   #6
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OP seems to have enough direct to access all benefits. They can just go with the savings with resale.
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Originally Posted by disney65 View Post
Large contract go resale. Small contract go direct.
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If you are referring to difference in price Direct purchase for SSR is $160/pp. Resale is anywhere from $95-110/pp. I would think that since you already have member benefits under your existing contracts you wouldn't need to spend the extra money by purchasing direct.
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Originally Posted by disney65 View Post
Large contract go resale. Small contract go direct.

The last three contracts I bought were small and could not find them on resale. I went direct each time after getting tired of waiting for them. I ended up getting all of them within a week or two of calling in for them. The last one I got in two days after I called.
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Old 09-18-2019, 08:20 AM   #10
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Even for small contracts, these days, I'd try to go resale. SSR should be easier than, say, BCV for example. Or add any resort with same UY. Direct is just too expensive. But, def go resale for larger contracts. Any of the big brokers are fine. Some more resposive than others but we've used several of them and would use any of them again. There is a search engine...google DVC search engine. You can then put in size, resort and UY of what your're looking for and get a list.

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