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Old 07-11-2019, 08:07 PM   #1
Grand Villa
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Default Sue's Treehouse Weekend (Ari's Birthday)


Who: Sue (60), DVC Member
SB (61), husband
Chris (32), son
Amanda (30), daughter-in-law
Ari (almost 3), grandson
Martha (50s), Amandas mom
Other Saturday guests not staying at Treehouse Mathew, Carla, John, Ciara
Dates: July 12 14, 2019
Resort: Disneys Saratoga Springs Resort Treehouse Villa
Experience: Very Experienced 1st stay in a Treehouse for everyone

Sometime last year Amanda told me she wanted to do Aris 3rd birthday at Typhoon Lagoon (the day before, so hed still be free), and hoped we would attend. Although were only 2 hours away, I am NOT a fan of driving 4 hours in a day, but we wanted to be there since we didnt go down (8 hours round trip) for his last birthday. Im not one to go to Disney without a resort stay involved, and being a dvc member its easy to book something that would accommodate everyone. Since none of us have park access (and Id shoot myself before Id head into a park in FL summer weather), I decided this was the perfect opportunity to finally stay in a Treehouse!

Years ago, when I first saw the treehouses, they were just a dream too expensive for a 1-2 person party, and not dvc. Now, theyre perfect for this trip. SB & I will take the master (of course she who pays for the points gets the prime spot, lol), Chris & Amanda can share the bedroom with a queen bed, and Ari & Martha can share the bedroom with bunk beds. I mentioned it to Amanda, who I assume learned Martha was fine with that. At 7 months I had no problem booking the treehouse these dont seem to book very far in advance for some reason. The location worked for us, with our only plans being Typhoon Lagoon and perhaps Disney Springs. I can see where it would be a crummy place to stay for a park-intensive trip.

Since I took care of the lodging for the group, Chris & Amanda booked us all at the (relatively) new Storytime dining dinner at Wilderness Lodge (formerly Artist Point). Its gotten good reviews, although honestly most of it I wont eat. I figured no big deal SB would just get double the portions, but now hes actually taking his diabetes seriously and eating fairly right, so it may end up going to waste. Theres always Chris, though (and maybe a doggy bag)!

Were planning to grill Saturday night, so hopefully there wont be late afternoon thunderstorms to interfere with that! Chris & Amanda are bringing up most of the food from a place near their home, and will make a trip to the Publix over by Premium Outlets. Friends of theirs are expected to join us for Typhoon Lagoon and grilling. Hopefully parking and access to the treehouse wont be an issue. If it rains, I dont know how the hell well fit 10 people inside a Treehouse with only a sofa and 2 chairs we need nice weather to be able to spill out onto the deck/porch! Sunday we all head home, and none of us have park access (again, not that Id want to be in a park in this heat/humidity), so Im not sure there are any plans to do anything. Its been exceptionally busy at work, so I may end up going into the office Sunday afternoon.

The plans so far are:
Friday 7/12: Drive to WDW, Storytime Dining
Saturday 7/13: Typhoon Lagoon, Grill
Sunday 7/14: Drive to Gainesville

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Old 07-11-2019, 08:38 PM   #2
Disney Spaz
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Cant wait to hear more, following along.
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Old 07-11-2019, 08:41 PM   #3
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Happy Birthday to Ari !
Following allong
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Old 07-11-2019, 09:17 PM   #4
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Happy Birthday to Ari!

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Old 07-11-2019, 09:41 PM   #5
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Happy Birthday Ari! Interested in what you think of the THVs too!
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Old 07-11-2019, 10:20 PM   #6
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Can't wait to read your amazing attention to detail on the THV's. Love following along on your trips. to Ari!
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Old 07-11-2019, 10:26 PM   #7
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Sounds pretty neat. Can't wait to hear all about it. (we have also been wanting to try a Treehouse Villa)

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Old 07-11-2019, 10:37 PM   #8
Grand Villa
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Following along. Happy Birthday, Ari!🎉🎈🎂
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Happy Birthday Ari.
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How fun! Definitely following along.
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