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Old 05-14-2019, 01:16 AM   #1
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Default Epcot Moonlight Magic - May 13

We just got in so very brief tidbits.

If have a Moonlight Magic reservation, you received (or soon will) an email telling you where you can get your bands. From 12:00 - 5:00 you can get them at the ticket booth on the far right of the Epcot ticket booths (one closest to bus stops and outside Guest Relations.

We arrived at 3 pm. There was no line. Showed ID and DVC card, and received 4 bands we had to put on ourselves.

You can arrive before 5 if you have your own ticket. Otherwise, you canít get in until 5 pm.

Your food voucher is good for one entree and one fountain drink (must be fountain drink so no Dasani) at Sunshine Seasons, Electric Umbrella, Kringla Og, Yorkshire County Fish Shop, and Liberty Inn. You can use the voucher any time.

One of our group got their dinner at Sunshine seasons at 4:30. The others got our at Yorkshire at 8:00.

Most of the F&G food booths in Future World and between Mexico and Canada remained open, as did Odyssey. For pay, of course.

Nearly every single FW attraction was open (Spaceship Earth, Nemo, Land, Soariní, Imagination, PIxar Shorts, Mission:Space, Test Track) plus Mexico and Norway. They had characters in front of China, Norway, Mexico, Canada, and UK but only Norway and Mexico were actually open and functioning - at least attraction-wise and some shopping. I donít think any Mexico food or beverage services were operational, though.

Ice Cream (Mickey Bars or Strawberry Bars) was free from 9:30 - 12:30. There were no free beverages (except tap water, of course).

Test Track and Frozen maintained lines. Test Track was about 15 minutes at 10:00 pm and Frozen was 20 minutes at 11:00 pm.

To be honest, I think you have to really hoof it if you want to hit every attraction once. We arrived at 3 pm and knocked out all Seas, Land, and Imagination by 6 pm with a combination of FP and Standby. So, during the party, we knocked out SE, MS, TT, and Frozen. At midnight, we were exhausted so we left without doing Mexico. Weíll be back tomorrow for that! (Our last day)

Buses and trams were running. No monorail. They did a great job of having CMs at the head of the bus area asking your destination and telling you which stop, though nothing seemed to change from the normal listings.

SSR Warning: it took five buses one after the other to get our friends on with an ECV. The ECV line at SSR was 12 deep when we walked past, and they could only take 2 at a time. The standing line was just as bad in terms of length. Our friends texted that it was still just as long when they boarded.

We were Wilderess Lodge, which took only 2 buses to get us on as standard guests and that seemed to clear the queue.

I think SSR is heavily booked with MM people, probably because itís the last resort to book generally.

We are SSR for the August AK MM, and I can guarantee you that if we tickets for that, we are driving and not relying on buses. I almost drove to Epcot but the tram situation is so bad I didnít want to mess with a super long walk in the rain or at the end of a long day.

Weather is a crap shoot but the deities were smiling on us. Huge storms all day, which is why we did everything in Seas, Land, and Imagination until it all cleared around 5:30 pm. Temperature dropped (72) and evening was gorgeous.

Never even worked up a sweat today!

I didnít hang out with DVC execs or do character or dance parties, but they were out in force if thatís your thing. somebody paid huge bucks for this event considering the buses ran as always, park was essentially wide open except from Germany to France, and there wasnít much money made on food and alcohol sales.

We can knock DVC, but this is a nice perk if it lines up with your dates and you can get a ticket.


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Thanks for the review, it sounds like a good night.

We did one at MK last year and we loved it. The absence of lines reminded us of the WDW of years past. I hope they continue this perk for us.
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Old 05-14-2019, 07:07 AM   #3
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Thanks for posting. Looking forward to going next week.
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Old 05-14-2019, 08:19 AM   #4
Waiting to pass ROFR (i.e., n00b)
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Thanks for posting! We will be attending MM on the 20th. This will be our first MM and now I'm even more excited!
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Old 05-14-2019, 08:25 AM   #5
BWV Dreamin
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Does anyone think they will continue this into December?
VGF & CCV Owner
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Originally Posted by BWV Dreamin View Post
Does anyone think they will continue this into December?
I doubt DVC will do anything in December except for the Christmas Eve dinner they've offered in prior years.
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We were at Epcot yesterday and did not even know about this. Just looked it up. Will be watching for these next year.
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Originally Posted by Jawfish View Post
We were at Epcot yesterday and did not even know about this. Where do I find this info and is it free?
The event required pre-registration and both nights of the event (5/13 & 5/20) are full.

All of the Moonlight Magic Events for 2019 were announced late last year.

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Thanks for the review, Dirk. Glad you enjoyed.
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Thanks for the review!

One question - was the world showcase open beyond Norway? I went to the Epcot MM last year and tried to walk a sleeping strollered child around the world showcase to the International Gateway to get back to Beach Club, and was stopped at Norway. I had to walk back around the other way, past Canada, to get there.
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