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Old 11-08-2018, 01:51 AM   #1
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Default Update!!!; Which resort to add on at?

Hey guys! We just got back from WDW for the first time. We had been thinking about adding on more points but didnít want to do so without checking out the resort first and the experience of WDW (We bought poly without knowing and got lucky, we love it there) We go to Disneyland once or twice a month but had never gone to WDW. We had a split stay at AKL (Kidani) and Poly. Before we had gone we narrowed it down to certain resorts for different reasons. We made it a point to visit all of them during our trip. After going I think we have it narrowed down to 2 resorts but still would like to hear some opinions on all the resorts we were considering. Looking to add 75-100 more. Would most likely always travel in October, maybe spring break, maybe summer, maybe last 2 weeks of the year. Mostly stay in studios, may stay in 1 bedrooms as kids get older (there are 4 of us total). We're in our early 30's so the 24 year resorts (Which may be more awesome) are out of the question for us.

We would love to here everyone's opinions and experiences on these resorts over the years. Thanks everyone!

Top 2

VGF resale-
Pros- we loved the resort and loved the views, especially the lake view. Gorgeous lobby! Studios and 1 bed sleep 5. Easy boat ride to MK, easy walk to Poly for Trader Sams and Ohana. Had signature dining. Dues are lower

Cons- heard studios can be hard to get, can be point hungry at certain times of the year, 1 bed and 2 bed are point heavy. Felt like more for adults and we still have 2 littles

CCV direct
Pros- loved the feel and vibe of the resort. It felt as though we were in the woods somewhere, not Florida. Geyser point has an amazing location! Reminded us of the Grand Californian which we love. DVC units are in main building, Easy boat ride to MK. Studios are cheap points per night almost all year. I have a Dec. use year so I would get 2017 and 2018 points basically free of maintenance costs which I could rent to offset the purchase cost.

Cons- studios and 1 bed only sleep 4, dues are higher, bus ride to all other parks or boat to transportation center might be a pain. No signature dining

Others that were in the running but may have fallen out after visiting

More poly points resale or direct
We love the immersion of the resort and it reminds us of the Trader Sams area at the Disneyland hotel that we love, but on a much larger scale. Studios were great and loved the extra bathroom. But, It would be nice to have priority at another resort for split stays or to alternate years.

BLT resale
Pros- Top of the world lounge, dues are lower, can walk to MK, on the monorail loop, great views from rooms lake or theme park. Has signature dining

Cons- wife didnít like it, no real lobby, contemporary lobby feels like Luxor in Las Vegas, pool didnít look that great. Can be point hungry for rooms with view.

AKL resale
Pros- can buy cheap via resale, lower points per night, easy availability besides concierge and value, Savannah views were amazing! Great pool (Kidani), Very immersive. Has signature dining

Cons- only bus transportation, Kidani lobby was non existent, feels very far from parks and everything else. Liked Jambo much more than Kidani and would really only want to stay at Jambo.
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All four resorts are fantastic.....We own at 3 of the 4 resorts. You want to add 75-100 points. It sounds like you are buying for home resort priority. If so, I would look to see what 75-100 points would get you at each resort, at the time of year you would travel to WDW.

I like VGF for all the reasons you stated, plus access to all the dining and he pool adjacent to the building.

I like BLT for the views, extra bathroom and access to dining and MK. The short walk to Cali Grill and The Wave is so nice. We love the quiet pool at Contemporary. Down side is gym is over at the Contemporary.

I like AKV for the views and one of a kind resort. We prefer Kidani Village better for their fantastic pool area, especially for the kids. I can drink my coffee/beer while watching the giraffes.

I have not stayed at CCV, but did tour them. I really liked what Disney did with the expansion. The new pool area is fantastic and the rooms are done very well. Of the MK area resorts, this one is the most transportation challenged. Everything is so close, but you need to take a boat to a resort, to access monorail for all the dining.

Point usage wise, CCV might be the way.....but has high maintenance fees. I did see that the real estate fee was estimated way high by over a $1 per point too much. But I do not think DVC is going to adjust....they should.

You also mentioned access to signature dining, then VGF and BLT might be the way to go. At VGF, you have access to four top notch table service restaurant at the resort. BLT is a quick walk away from Cali Grill.
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Old 11-08-2018, 08:36 AM   #3
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Really donít think you can go wrong with either of your top two. Best of luck with your decision!
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Maybe buy AKV for something different. If you own there, you have easier shot at club level or value rooms. Kidani, though, has a lobby way better than most DVC. Also worth noting Kidani 1 and 2 bedroom villas have an extra bathroom. Both Jambo (except value rooms) and Kidani have sleeper bed and sleeper chair in the 1BR/2BR. And they have great dining, including an awesome signature.

BLT also has the extra bathroom and sleeper chair plus sleeper sofa. Just food for thought for when your kids are older and A) want their own bed and B) hog the bathroom (I have 3 in college and 1 bathroom, and even 2, is ). Or if you have a 3rd kid or want to bring grandma...extra sleeper chair is nice. Also have great dining, love the Wave and Cali Grill. And that walk to MK is really nice.

I'd rule out CCV for you because of the only 4 in a studio and 1BR as it sounds like that might be an issue for you. Also no signature. They used to have a great one. We added on there for Dec trips as it's tough to get in there in Dec.

I know nothing about VGF. Only one we have never stayed at because it is such a point eater.

More Poly is not a bad idea either. Makes it seamless. And you liked the studios there (they are a great layout...IMO). But I do agree with your thoughts on having a different resort for another 11 month priority (saying that, AKV is easiest to book at 7 months out except for club and value rooms).

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Old 11-08-2018, 09:33 AM   #5
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You have narrowed it down to some terrific options!

VGF- I have read reports of owners having a hard time booking studios there because it is a small resort. But it is beautiful!!! We donít own there, but still managed to luck into 3 nights in a studio a few years ago. The location is great and they definitely have signature dining!

CCV- We are going to try and tour those in a few days, so I canít comment on the rooms. We own at BRV, and absolutely love the resort! I agree with Lamima, it sounds like the max capacity of 4 might be problematic for you? Otherwise I would vote CCV!

BLT- I wouldnít for 1 simple reason. You said that your wife didnít like it at all. In my mind, if there is a resort that either of you dislike, itís off the list.

Poly- Safe, easy. You already know that you like it there.

AKV- I also prefer Jambo to Kidani, and we are flirting with the idea of adding on their ourselves. Iím crossing my fingers for grandkids in the next 10 years, and I canít imagine a better home resort for young families. Except BRV!

Best of luck with your decision!
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Hi from RI
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I own at BWV, VGF and BLT. I have never had trouble getting what I wanted at VGF if you book at 11mos out especially popular times. Get what you are saying about BLT but nice to have 2 bathrooms as they get older and location is great but you need to like it. Just stayed at CCV in August and it was nice....nice family feel there. I don't prefer AKV because it is far from everything except AK. Poly is nice but with a family 5 as kids got older not stuffing ourselves in a studio but would rather use the points and have more space in 1-2 BR. We like easy transportation options (monorail, boats, walking) and multiple options which is why we like VGF, BLT and BWV.
Homes: BLT, VGF, BWV

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Old 11-08-2018, 11:42 AM   #7
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The only one I wouldn't do (unless you have a need for more there) is PVB. I love it there, but I too, would like some diversity.

I likely would stick with your top two. What I likely would do is give myself x amount of time to find the right contract in resale for VGF. If that doesn't happen I'd pursue CCV. I'd take it as a sign that it was the one for me.

Either that or flip a coin.
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Old 11-08-2018, 12:53 PM   #8
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Based on your information, if you want to buy now, I would go with AKV. I also think you might want to consider waiting for Riveria.

If you don't know about room sizes, there is a chart here that will help:

VGF - We absolutely love VGF. However, you already own Poly. As you visit more often and as your kids get older I think you might find that having home resort priority in a different area of WDW would be more appealing than owning at 2 resorts that are within walking distance of each other.

CCV - My husband and I just stayed there in Sept. It is a fantastic resort, but again, you already own a MK area resort. Also, the studios there are very small. They have made good use of the space, and it looks good just to walk through, but after staying there for 4 nights we really noticed some things that were awkward because of the size. It may only be 30 sq ft smaller than AKV studio, but you feel every missing square inch when staying there. Even the hall ways are very narrow. It was fine for the two of us, but I would not want to stay there with 2 kids. If you go with CCV, I would say plan for the 1 BR.

BLT - We have never stayed there, so my comments are just based on visiting the resort and other things I know about it. First, again, you already own a MK area resort. Second, the studios at BLT are also very small. I hear that they are designed well (BLT was planned as DVC whereas with CCV they went into some of the smallest hotel rooms on property and converted them to DVC), but they are small. I think you might find yourself in a 1 BR there a lot sooner than you think.

AKV - An awesome resort with a completely different feel from anything else. It's a much better value in terms of buy in price and point requirements, the studios are larger than CCV or BLT so it gives you longer before you have to bump up into a 1 BR. It is only bus transportation, but we find the buses there to be quite good.

Riveria - you didn't mention this, but you might want to think about it. We don't have any details on Riveria yet as far as rooms, but the location is going to be great. I assume your kids are fairly young now, but as they get older they may get more interested in HS with the planned changes coming to HS. Also, there are a lot of new things in the works for EPCOT that will make it more appealing. You said October is a likely visiting time for you - you might enjoy the convenience to EPCOT for F&W. Riveria might be a great location for a second home resort priority. It will also have gondolas as an alternate transportation option.

Always dreaming of my next visit ...

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Something to think about for the future:
If you are not a compulsive planner, you may not want to have contracts at more than two resorts. Juggling the points from 3-5 resorts would be some people's idea of a good time, but for others it would become a nuisance after a couple years. Only you can decide which you are!

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If choosing between VGF and CCV our family would go with CCV (note, we own BRV, but have stayed in BRV, VGF, CCV, Poly, and BLT).

A couple of main reasons we would prefer CCV over VGF to own. We do stay at VGF as part of our yearly rotation amongst the various MK resorts

- Believe it or not, we've actually found the CCV transportation to be better than staying at VGF. Even though you're on the monorail, getting to Epcot via monorail loop is long and taking the bus from CCV is actually shorter than taking monorail from VGF.

- CCV is more compact than VGF. You're much closer to the quick service and both pools.

- The point charts per night are much less at CCV.

- As stated previously, the CCV maintenance fees may be coming down, or at least they should...at a minimum they shouldn't go up anytime soon.
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