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Default Sue's 2018 Family Flower & Garden Trip


Who: Sue (59), DVC Member
SB (60), my husband
Chris (31), son
Amanda (29), daughter-in-law
Ari (21 months), grandson
Tim (60), Chris’ dad
Vince (60’s), Tim’s husband
Martha (50?), Amanda’s mom, DVC Member
Linda (60), childhood best friend
Karen (?), friend of Linda’s – traveling with her
Assorted RADP (internet newsgroup) people
Dates: April 12 - 16, 2018
Resort: Disney’s Beach Club Villas Resort (Sue & SB)
Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (Martha, Chris, Amanda & Ari)
Disney’s Jambo House Resort (Tim & Vince)
Marriott World Center (Linda & Karen)
Experience: Very Experienced – 43rd stay at BCV

This trip started out as the usual mostly solo long weekend to enjoy Flower & Garden Festival before it gets too freakin’ hot to stand being at WDW – then morphed into this big event. Sometime after I booked, I saw that Martha had booked herself and Chris’ family the same weekend – just by chance. She became a dvc member on a trip about a year or so ago and owns points at Poly so that’s where they’re staying. I thought about moving over there, but I didn’t want to look like I was intruding on her trip with the kids, plus who in their right mind would stay over there if Beach Club (or Boardwalk) was an option? Yes, I am a definite Crescent Lake Snob, especially when there’s a major event happening at Epcot. So, I decided to stay put, figuring I’d get to see them during the trip.

The next change was when Tim decided he & Vince really wanted to get back to WDW when we were all there, as it has been several years since their last visit. They were hoping to be able to manage the trip, between needing park passes and looking for offsite lodging. They’ve both always been great to us, and Tim in particular does a LOT to help me out as an absentee homeowner down there, so I was able to snag the last studio at Jambo House for them for their dates (the only other option was Saratoga Springs, which is no big deal). With that covered, it was an easier decision for them – they were able to get the 3-day FL resident hopper pass deal, and were all set.

Then, one of the regular and popular posters on RADP mentioned in his last trip report that he & his wife would be back this weekend. Someone suggested a mini meet, and 3 of us quickly responded. All 3 of us currently have or recently have had cancer – breast, prostate and brain. When a healthy poster who’d recently surprised people by showing up for a mini meet mentioned interest but didn’t know how he could make it happen, someone said based on the participants thus far a cancer diagnosis would do it, lol. Another guy joined the group, but I don’t recall which cancer he had (sorry), and then finally a healthy person decided to join us – so I think there will be 5 of us, and possibly a couple spouses. SB can be hit or miss when it comes to meeting strangers, but I hope he’ll come, as I’m sure he’ll enjoy them.

The final change was about 2 weeks before the trip, when my childhood best friend wanted to surprise me by showing up on the trip. She’d texted Amanda, who did the right thing and mentioned I had plans and might not appreciate being surprised. Linda knows everyone but Martha, and while I wasn’t going to abandon plans already made with the others, I was able to include her in the Friday & Saturday plans. She flies in Thursday, but we’re busy that day. She flies out Sunday and won’t have park access (she got a 2-day hopper), so I won’t see her that day. I’d booked extra fastpasses for a friend on Friday, and since that friend isn’t coming once Linda bought her pass I was able to change the party to drop that person and add Linda. On Saturday I was able to do the same with the 7 Dwarfs Mine Train fastpass and just add her to the Haunted Mansion. I wasn’t able to get her into our meeting with Mickey, but we’ll ask nicely and see if they let her join us if she’s there in time.

The weekend before the trip Linda texted me with news that a girlfriend of hers (Karen) decided to join her, sharing the cost of the Marriott. Karen got her pass, and managed to become “friends” with Linda on the Disney app, and Linda made some fastpass plans for the 2 of them. Hopefully Friday we can get Karen in with us at the Epcot attractions, and it looks like Saturday they’ll be doing different fastpasses than the rest of us at Magic Kingdom. With only 2 days, they will be running more commando-style, which is understandable. I’m glad Linda has a travel buddy to do that with, as it’s definitely not my style and I want to spend time with grandson Ari since we’re not staying at the same resort this trip.

Chris, Amanda, Martha & Ari had a reservation for lunch at Be Our Guest on Saturday, and I was able to get one for myself but 5 minutes prior. When Tim & Vince were added, they could only get a party of 1 for 5 minutes before me. They’re just ordering lunch for both of them under that reservation, and the other person can just walk (or ride – if Vince) in and get a table. The rest of us will join them. We won’t get our food all at the same time, but that’s no big deal. I invited Linda, but she declined, saying she’d leave it a family lunch. She’s family too, but maybe she wasn’t thrilled with the menu – not going to worry about it, plus now with the addition of Karen that would have been pushing the limits even further.

SB will follow me over to Disney on Thursday, and plans to stay long enough Friday to see Ari. Time & Vince will arrive around 10 on Friday, so we’ll hang out with them – and Linda & Karen will join us then. I just realized, she was going to surprise them like last time, but Tim and Vince both get this trip report and will read this before Friday. Damn! I checked with Linda, then let Tim know she’d be coming. Chris, Amanda, Ari & Martha should arrive around 4 – and most of us want to see Smash Mouth in concert that night.

Saturday we’re doing Magic Kingdom in the morning, then I’m not sure what will come after that. Sunday we have fastpasses at Animal Kingdom, including Flight of Passage. They’ll all head home sometime Sunday, while I don’t leave until early Monday morning. Sunday evening will be a nice solo night in Epcot, and I learned Smash Mouth has been replaced by Rick Springfield for Sunday/Monday. I hope the forecasted rain won’t cause it to be canceled, as it’ll be fun to see (or at least hear) him! I haven’t been at WDW since last November, and won’t be back until late August, so I’m looking forward to soaking up the atmosphere!

The plans so far are:
Thursday 4/12: Drive to WDW, AK/Flight of Passage, RADP Mini-Meet
Friday 4/13: Epcot, Concert
Saturday 4/14: Magic Kingdom, Be Our Guest lunch, possibly Epcot evening
Sunday 4/15: Animal Kingdom, Epcot evening
Monday 4/16: Drive to Gainesville

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I love your trip reports! We are headed to WDW tomorrow too! 4 nights at the Poly, followed by 13 nights at SSR. We were lucky enough to snag a CCV studio for 1 night too, so I'll get to try it out while we are at SSR!
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Old 04-11-2018, 09:55 PM   #3
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Safe travels. Looking forward to the TR.

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Sounds great. Enjoy!
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Looking forward to your report. Glad to see you haven't missed a beat.

Have a great trip!
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Old 04-12-2018, 06:20 AM   #6
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following along.

Sounds like a fun filled trip!

So glad you are on the mend and get to soak up some well deserved Disney atmosphere.

Have a blast!
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Our trips have a slight overlap. We fly in the 14th and back out the 18th. We plan on seeing Smashmouth on Saturday. Hope it will be a good show. I'll catch up on your trip report next week when we get back. Have an amazing time!
(ME, Mindy) (DH, Tim) (DS, Brandon) (DD, Emily, Emma, or Princess, lol!) (DSGF, Heather)
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Sue, looks like a great pre trip report can't wait to hear the rest.. Safe travels

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Yay! A Sue trip report! I just love your reports. Sounds like it should be fun with all the family and friends. Enjoy!
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I always enjoy your trip reports Sue!! This one sounds like it will be a lot of fun with friends and family!!
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