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Old 12-29-2016, 04:19 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by Simba's Mom View Post
Apple scooter is still Disney-approved, last I checked, but they have a rating of F with the BBB. I'm not sure if "Disney approved" is the right phrase.
Have to agree with that "F" rating. This is what was delivered to us from Apple (and the other three tires were just as bad):

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Grand Villa
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WOW, that's CRAZY!

My scooter looked practically brand new from Best Price. Like I said, the ones I saw from Buena Vista looked a little more worn, but they were also the most popular ones I saw at the parks. I saw 10 Buena Vista for every 1 Best Price (it seemed that way at least). I'm not sure I saw any Apple (I think I saw one from Walker).

Originally Posted by WDWGoof View Post
Have to agree with that "F" rating. This is what was delivered to us from Apple (and the other three tires were just as bad):

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Old 12-29-2016, 07:36 PM   #13
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We just got back from a trip where my MIL used a scooter for the first time. We got it from Apple and was pretty badly beaten up. Plus the battery wouldn't hold a charge. They did come out within the hour to swap the battery while we were in Epcot. My MIL used it very easily. When you go to the parks follow the "Blue Line" for parking and go to the medical overflow, which gets you closer to the entrance and you can walk while the scooter driver rides. That worked very well for us. They are heavy to get in and out of the car if you're using a car!
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Old 12-29-2016, 08:37 PM   #14
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Originally Posted by WDWGoof View Post
Have to agree with that "F" rating. This is what was delivered to us from Apple (and the other three tires were just as bad):

Wow. We used them once and honestly had some issues with the scooter, so I am not sure we'd use them again. We had friends who loved them in the past, but just over a year ago the scooters were just meh. I will say they were fantastic in response time though. If we rent again (not sure my aunt will travel with us again) we definitely will go with another.
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Old 12-29-2016, 09:54 PM   #15
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We used Apple last year. and also had battery issues. This year-we used Buena Vista Scooter and had no problems at all. Good luck with your choice. You will enjoy your trip much better with the scooter.
((June 2005 )
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Old 12-30-2016, 12:51 AM   #16
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We have rented from a few scooter places, from the approved list and off it. The first time we rented from apple we got an amazing new scooter. The second time we got one with a poor battery. Next time we rented from Buena Vista and it worked fine but was not in the greatest shape. Seems the more popular the company the more wore out the scooters. The company we rented from off the list is no longer in business but was so small they bungled and duct taped there equipment. No wonder why they aren't around. If you need a scooter, anyone on the list will work great in the long run. Remember it isn't just the look, it is the service and the performance. Ask for a new battery or a new scooter. If they can't accommodate, try another
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Old 12-30-2016, 09:48 AM   #17
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This past October we had a scooter from Buena Vista that had a poor battery that would only last a couple of hours. While in China at Epcot it gave out and we called them and they said they'd send a replacement to us at China. The wait got to be over an hour but we found out the truck bringing our replacement got rearended just outside Epcot and Disney Security would not let the truck leave until a state trooper came to make the report which took some time.

That aside, the replacement was brought to us while at China and the battery in that one would last an entire day.
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Too many WDW visits to count now that I live nearby. 1 DL trip & 5 Disney Cruises.
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Old 12-30-2016, 09:57 AM   #18
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I secured my rental with Best Price. Their website says they replace rentals every 6 months, so I shouldn't see some of these beaten up ones that some of you had. Those pics don't look like normal wear & tear to me.
I avoided Apple; seems that name should stick to phones & computers. BV told me to get it under shelter of it rains. BP said to cover it with the plastic bag that comes with it, and get it under shelter.
Because I know that anyone who reads this will laugh - DH suggested that maybe the responsible thing to do would be to just stay at Caribbean Beach alone all 3 days and not go to the parks at all since we were just there a few weeks ago. Part of my excitement of this, other than seeing DD perform at Disney, is that I'll have been there 3 months in a row. Family trip ended at Xmas Party 12/1.
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Old 12-30-2016, 10:01 AM   #19
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Unless you specifically request a newer scooter they may send what every they have available. The newer ones seem to be held back as possible replacements. My first scooter from Best Price had trouble holding the charge for more than five hours. The last one I got held the charge all day with out a any trouble.

The first time they offered to try to find a replacement but they had just sent the last one they were holding back.

This time I specifically requested a newer one . It was given to me. It has a small bit of foam missing from the arm but otherwise was fine.

If it arrives with duct tape send it back. Pronto
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Old 12-30-2016, 11:52 AM   #20
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Because of a back problem we will be renting a scooter for the third time when we head to WDW in 2 weeks. DH has rented through Best Price Mobility twice before and we will be using them again. He had no problems with using the scooter in the parks or buses.
I have a question though about our upcoming trip and hope that someone will be able to answer it. This time we are staying at VWL (Boulder Ridge). Will he be able to get the boat from the Lodge to MK? I know that the bigger boats that go from the campground to MK can accommodate the scooter, we did that going to HDDR. But I see these smaller boats going to the Poly and GF. You have to step down into those. He can't take the scooter on those smaller boats.
I am concerned about getting from the lodge to MK. I can't seem to remember what boats they use. Hoping someone here will be able to answer.
Miki and Glenn

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