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Default Cruise Day 1 - At Sea

We really slept in day 1 at sea. We all found the beds to be extremely comfortable. I think DS woke up around 10:30 and wanted to watch some more Mickey Mouse cartoons. We didn't manage to get out of the room until around 11:30. We decided to go to cabana's for breakfast and found out that it was closed from 11:30-11:45. We could have waited but decided to just have burgers and chicken tenders from Pete's Boiler Bites. The chicken tenders here became a bit of a staple of our trip. DS had the cheeseburger and ate at least half of it and fries. I had a hot dog and wasn't fond of the bun so I went back and got some more chicken tenders. After breakfast we dropped DS off at one of the kids clubs and we went to do some Disney Trivia. We had previously done quite well at the Disney Trivia's on the Fantasy however it just wasn't meant to be this trip. The questions here tended to focus on who voiced what characters which just isn't our expertise.

After the trivia I went to check on DS to make sure he was having fun and he came running up to me and wanted to come with me. I think we may have not spent enough time with him in the open house on day 1 as he just wasn't comfortable in there by himself. We went back and found DW and headed for Lunch at Lumiere's. I had the calamari to start and wasn't very hungry so I didn't have an entree, but I did have desert which was the Warm Hazlenut Chocolate Molten Cake. The calamari was pretty standard although I enjoyed the aioli dip. The Molten Cake was delicious. DW had the Mexican Tortilla soup which she thought was good but not spectacular. For the main course she had the Tomato-Glazed Meatloaf which was tender and delicious. For dessert she had the fresh strawberry mille fuelle which was absolutely delectable if you like strawberry's. DS had another burger and fries.

After that DW decided to go for a nap while DS and I decided to check out the pools as I knew DS was quite excited to go swimming as he's a bit of a water baby. This being a Canadian Coastal Cruise the weather was pretty chilly (high of 66 I believe) and so I was worried about the pools being too cold. I was very pleasantly surprised to find them to be quite warm. We got in the Main Goofy pool and DS played around for about 30 minutes then we decided to move to one of the Hot Tubs. While we were in the hot tub Peter Pan started on the funnel vision screen.

While we were watching Peter Pan someone lost there lunch in the Goofy Pool. I was amazed at the length the Disney Staff went to cleaning the pool as I'm not sure every pool would go anywhere near to the length they did. They emptied to whole pool which only took about 15 minutes and then got out high pressure sprayers and brushes and sprayed and brushed down the whole pool deck and the whole inside of the pool. Then they refilled it and reheated it overnight. We took this opportunity to go try the Twist slide by the kids pool. It was a very cold walk from the Hot tubs to the slide but it was an excellent slide. DS at 3 was a little nervous especially since we had to go by ourselves. He asked me to go first which made me nervous as he would be at the top by himself but an adult behind me said they would make sure he knew when to go. I proceeded down the slide, as a bigger person I recommend laying down for this one as I got stuck at one point sitting up. When I got to the bottom the life guard was watching via a security camera and TV and she told DS over the intercom that he could go and that I was waiting for him at the bottom. He looked like he wasn't going to go so I headed back up the stairs. When I got to the top he had just pushed off down the slide (very proud dad moment) so I raced back down to the bottom to meet him. The life guard walked to the end of the slide exit to help him and made sure he got out safe. We then went to the kids shallow pool. The ship was rocking side to side pretty good this day, although we never noticed it out of the pool, but the pool water was flying in this shallow pool and made for a very entertaining game of trying to stay in the middle of the pool. After this we headed back to the hot tub and finished watching Peter Pan.

It was then time to head downstairs and get dressed in our pirate garb as it was pirates night. DS was fully decked out however DW and I don't really get into dressing up so we each just had head pieces. DS walked around all night going argggh and loving it. The Pirates in the Caribbean deck party was starting at 7:30 so we headed up to get a table on the raised platform at the back right against the railing around 7. This proved to be a great spot as no one could really block us and we were able to see everything. The only problem was that we were on the starboard side of the ship and the fireworks were shot off the starboard side so we had to move when they started. I was actually more impressed by the fireworks off of the Magic then I was off of the Fantasy the finale seemed to have more gusto but maybe that's just because it was more recent. After the fireworks DS stayed and danced with the rest of the kids and characters up front until about 8:15 when we headed down to our first dinner in the main dining rooms. Tonight we were at Lumiere's, we ended up missing Carioca's due to going to Palo's the first night.

We found out that we had been seated with another couple and their 3 year old son. However they had wanted the early seating but had booked to late to get that so the son was asleep by dinner time. I can't remember what I had for appetizer this night and I can't find this menu online but I know that I had the Pasta with Shrimp and Scallops which was good except I hadn't anticipated that the shells would still be on the shrimp. DW had the vegetarian shanghai noodles. I don't remember the desserts I will check pictures and see if I can figure more out about this dinner. I enjoy meeting new people but DW would prefer to have a table by ourselves for dinners. I don't know if that is an option with DCL although I'm sure if you asked they would try to accommodate. After dinner we just headed back to the room for some more Mickey Mouse cartoons and to get ready for bed. The room attendant had changed all of DS sheets and blankets to Good Dinosaur blankets which made him very excited. This was the first time he ever slept on a real pillow and it was definitely because of these sheets. DW and I closed the room separation and created plans for the next day. More to come...
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Still enjoying your report. We hope to take our Grandson on a cruise in the future, but he is not even 2 yet. Your report helps me to know kind of what to expect. Cruising with a little one would be a new experience for us.

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Originally Posted by dpayne007 View Post
I enjoy meeting new people but DW would prefer to have a table by ourselves for dinners. I don't know if that is an option with DCL although I'm sure if you asked they would try to accommodate.
DW and I love the Magic. We usually travel alone and we prefer to have a table to ourselves. We just request it through our TA and Disney has always accomodated us.
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Default Cruise Day 2 - St. John, Newbrunswick, Canada

Sorry for the delay in continuing but we had to finally travel back home and then I had to leave on a business trip to Denver right away. I'm hoping to get this all finished up over the next couple of days.

Anyway onto day 2 of the cruise. We had arrived in Port before we woke up and because we had entered a different time zone they had taken another hour away over night so we didn't get out of bed until around 11:00. When we woke up and got DS ready we headed out for Breakfast but again we were too late so we just went to Pete's Boiler Bites. This time the Shawarma place was open so DW and I tried a lamb Shawarma. It was pretty good with the Tzatziki sauce. DS had another cheeseburger and fries.

After breakfast we decided we should check out St. John and headed down to the gangway which was on Deck 4. St. John was your typical small seaside town and everyone was extremely friendly. We needed some more USD for tipping so headed to a bank branch that was near where the ship docked. After that we headed for the local market and museum. The Tim Horton's line up was quite long so we didn't stop there. I have a feeling many people were trying it for the first time as the "Canadian" thing to do. There were also 2 other cruise ships in port that day so the streets were generally busy with tourists. It was also a beautiful sunny day about 62F which in the warm sun was very comfortable.

The museum was reasonably priced and had an interesting exhibit all about ship building which was apparently one of the main industries in St. John when it was incorporated. It was also the first incorporated town in all of Canada. The top floor of the museum had a discovery play area for kids so DS played there for awhile. As he enjoyed that I toured a bit more of the exhibits. We then headed back towards the ship.

Once back on board all of the restaurants were already done serving lunch but I had read about some of the pub grub you could get at O'Gill's. So we headed there to share some appetizers. DS played with the Jenga blocks and DW and I played some cards and had the loaded tater tots and the Beef Burger Sliders. In order to get a deck of cards that had the right cards we had to combine a few decks but the food was good and held us over until dinner.

We headed downstairs to get in our Halloween gear for the upcoming Mickey's Mousequerade party. DS dressed up as Miles from Tomorrowland and had fun seeing all of the characters in their Halloween costumes and doing their dance party. He also managed to collect a full bag of Candy (the bag had been delivered to the stateroom the night before and is the same bags from the Halloween parties at the Magic Kingdom). After the mousequerade party we dropped DS off at the Oceaneers Lab (the Club was in open house mode at the time) and headed to see Tangled the Musical. About 15 minutes in I got a text from the Kids club saying that DS wanted to be picked up so I went and got him. I brought him back to the theater and we all enjoyed the rest of Tangled. We thought the show was pretty well done and followed the movie pretty closely. The only character missing was Pascal. We thought the actor playing Maximus did a wonderful job.

After watching the show we headed for Dinner. Tonight's dinner was again at Lumiere's. This was my favorite dinner of the entire cruise. DS was well behaved although he was getting pretty tired near the end of dinner. I started with the Iced Lobster and Jumbo Shrimp which was delicious. I just wish there were a couple more chunks of lobster on the plate. DW started with the Potage Parmentier which was a leek and potato soup. She quite enjoyed the soup. For the main course I had the Chateaubriand Filet Steak cooked to medium rare. It was cooked perfectly had a wonderful Red-Wine Jus and a delicious Bearnaise sauce. I'm not usually a fan of Wine based sauces but this was reduced to perfection. For a meal that was cooked for hundreds of guests this was extremely well done. DW had the same thing although she likes hers cooked a little more. She also enjoyed hers thoroughly. DS had the whole wheat pasta with Marinara sauce and watermelon slices. He ate the whole plateful of pasta and all of the watermelon slices. For dessert both DW and I had the Strawberry shortcake sundae which was decadent. DS had a Mickey's Ice Cream bar which I helped him finish.

We then went out and got some more photos with the characters and headed back to the room to put DS to bed. Once he was asleep I headed out to tour the ship some more. It was extremely windy out on the main deck so I headed inside and watched the last hour of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie. When it ended around 12:30 I headed back up to the top deck and caught the crew doing a run through of what must be the deck party for the Marvel Cruises. They had all of the characters (Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Star Lord, Spider Man, etc...). After watching that for a little while I headed to bed.
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Default Cruise Day 3 - At Sea

We woke up a little earlier on day #3 with lots of exciting things to do on our last day aboard the Magic. We were up in time to make breakfast at Cabana's. We all enjoyed the selections available and had a good breakfast. After breakfast we went back down to the room and got ready to go swimming. DW decided to start packing while DS and I went to the pools. We watched all of Lilo on Stitch on Funnel Vision while bouncing between the hot tubs and the Goofy Pool. It was even colder this day probably High 40's to Low 50's, However the pools were still good. Near the end of the movie DW came to see us and I went and tried the Aqua Dunk. That is a great slide! What a view from way up there and then being in the drop thing is a great thrill. Then DS and I did the Twisty slide twice more. I went and did the Aqua Dunk 2 more times for good measure then we decided to go get dry and warm.

After that we had lunch at Boiler Pete's again and then headed to Disney Theme Park Trivia. This was one of the hardest Trivia's I've ever seen on a Disney Cruise. It was also really well attended. A couple of example questions:

1. What date was the last performance of the Main Street Electrical Parade at Walt Disney World before going back to the Disneyland Resort?
2. What show was at the Hyperion theater before Aladdin?

Anyway we got 12/21 possible points on the trivia.

Then I dropped off DS at the kids club and DW and I went to the Pixar trivia. Again we found it challenging but still fun. We went back to the room and finished packing up. Then we picked DS up from the kids club to go see Cars 3 in the theater. It was actually really good, in my opinion a huge improvement over Cars 2.

After the Movie we went and got ready for our dinner at Animator's Palate. I enjoyed the show that comes with dinner at Animator's Palate and DS loved seeing Mickey in his full Fantasia outfit. I had the Butternut squash soup to start and DW had the Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese soup. We both liked our own but I was not a fan of her soup. For the Entree I had the Ginger-Teriyaki Angus Beef Tenderloin which was very good but not as good as the previous nights Beef choice. DW had the Pennette Bolognese and said it was good but nothing special. DS had the Whole Wheat Penne with Marinara sauce and watermelon again. We all shared 3 Cookies & Cream Sundae's for dessert.

After dinner we went back to the room and got the suitcases out for pickup and then went to see the 'Till we meet again character get together. DS got to say goodbye to Mickey and gave him a huge hug. Then we headed to bed to get up early the next day and make our way north.
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