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Default Thanksgiving trip, 2020 style

What a long day this has been!

Woke up at 2:30 am CST because we booked the god awful early flight. Everything went smooth until we arrived at BLT, to find no scooter. We ordered from Scooter Bug (first time - we've always used Buena Vista rentals before). I had a reservation confirmation email from them, so I clicked on the link in that email, and it showed the reservation as "unconfirmed". I clicked to confirm it, and it asks for cc number again. I filled out that form, and this time received another reservation confirmation along with a payment receipt. I called them, and they said they would have one on the next truck, which was 2 hours away.

Well we didn't want to wait so we walked over to MK and enjoyed our day. We found lines were blocks long, but moved fast. Still, it was more waiting in line than we've ever done in the past. Not a fan, but this is the reality of 2020.

Everyone was doing well wearing the mask, and mostly social distancing. Some didn't seem to notice the marks in the lines, but it wasn't always obvious who was traveling together either...I saw a few groups that appeared to be around 6, with one couple who wanted to hang back a bit to be "alone" so that might have explained some of the people standing partway between the lines.

We rode 4 or 5 things, had a few pictures made, and saw a couple of cavalcades. We had a good time. My wife was hurting by this time...at the end of the day, my phone shows 17k steps and she made them all with sciatica acting up (always seems to know when we're going to Disney...).

So we head back to the room, pick up the scooter, and find out they didn't send the cup holder that we "bought" for $10. I called and they said they would bring one over, then called back to say the driver left it. I said just give us a credit and they said they would. We'll see.

We went up to our room and only one magic band worked. At least we got in the room. Bell Services brought up our bags and we sat for a bit to relax before going over to the wave for our reservation. As soon as we check in, Instacart calls and says they'll be early with our delivery. I told them to wait as we were just about to sit down for dinner. They did wait, but not without calling 2 more times. More frustration. By this time, I need the wine with dinner!

The wave was fanastic as usual, and I was just finished eating when Instacart arrived. I left DW to pay the tab and strolled over to receive the groceries ( the driver insisted upon seeing my ID which was why I had to be there). Brought everything up to find that 2 items had been deleted from the list without her ever mentioning it. Normally they are texting while shopping to see if we want to swap. More frustration. While accepting the delivery, I asked @ bell services for a cart to haul the groceries up. They eventually found one, but it was just a busy time with several people arriving at once. A very friendly couple who were there to claim their bags from bell services offered to help bring in the groceries and even to come back down with their cart when they unloaded it. I didn't get their name, but I'm kind of hoping they'll be at the meetup Monday night. That would be great

So, overall the frustrating moments were minor but they seemed to pile up. Add to that wearing a mask all day gave me a headache (maybe re breathing the air? I don't know). Anyway, it's all good now as we are relaxing with a little SEC football and a cold beer in a very nice 1br lakeview room with a great view. I'll try to get a pic of the view tomorrow to share, didn't think to do that before sundown. This is our first time @ BLT. So far, we like it. The walk to MK of course is awesome, and we have enjoying watching the fireworks from ToTWL in the past (can't do that this trip, of course...).

Looking forward to the last day of F&W tomorrow @ Epcot. This will be our first time to experience F&W.

Here's a pic from our day at the park. I kind of like the new look of the castle. DW said she's not a fan so far. Maybe it will grow on her. We didn't stay around past dark to see the projections, and we're too tired to go back now to check it out, but we'll have another MK day that me might do that.

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