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Old 05-12-2019, 12:00 PM   #31
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They are too yummy to keep in the house, so we won't buy them

At the parks, thought, we have found that there are too many good ice cream (Ample Hills, I'm lookin' at you) and gelato options to want these. These have been relegated to third- or fourth-class citizens in terms of overall taste and quality.

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Old 07-07-2019, 03:41 PM   #32
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Originally Posted by Orion54 View Post
The chocolate is Milk chocolate instead of Dark that they have at the parks and they are smaller but still nice to have at home. Hopefully they stay around.
Iím glad to know Iím not crazy! I thought they were different, but then we figured maybe it was just the Disney magic that made them seem bigger and better in the park. 🤣
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Old 07-07-2019, 10:26 PM   #33
Kerri jo
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Mmmmm, just had one tonight and I personally like the grocery version better than the parks version. They aren't as rich, which works for me. The rest of my family, on the other hand, says they are far inferior versions

We've also found that Ample Hills is just as crave-worthy and sometimes, we don't even make a stop at an ice cream cart in the park or back home at Capt. Cook's. Prior to Ample Hills, that would have been unheard of for DH and DS!
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