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Nobody gets in from of me at parades and fireworks. I box out like Charles Barkley in his prime.
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Originally Posted by carolina_yankee View Post
My favorite is the guest who strolls down MS 10 minutes before the parade and than stands on the street as I'm on the curb, slowly backing into me. I absolutely do not move.

What the guest doesn't know is that I've usually struck up a conversation with a CM monitoring the area so they know me and where I am. Instead of telling the guest to step onto the curb (thus pushing me further), they shoo the guest away. Received many stink-eyes, but I don't care. I line up early, you don't block my way.

you go guy, such a badass!

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Originally Posted by Mass Transit View Post
Kinda like the drivers who dead-stop to let cars in from side-streets while the traffic in motion obviously has the right-of-way. Why does the person in front of me get to decide how many more places I get pushed back?? And now the traffic light is red while they all made it through...
You never see people allowing "cutters" at a store's check-out line, or at a concert entrance, or the FastPass line...
If traffic is at a stop, I will let someone in just as it starts up, when things are still slow. But definitely not in free-flowing traffic. I agree.

Originally Posted by Mass Transit View Post
Rules, people. Obey the Rules!!! ...whether you think there's a reason for them or not (because the reason doesn't need to be explained to you).
I agree. It doesn't need to be explained to me. I can figure it out for myself. And then decide whether to follow or not. On my own.

Originally Posted by Mass Transit View Post
Counterpoint: those who break the rules are finding the loopholes which then get closed.
Exactly. Loopholes should be exploited until closed...and then no whining allowed!

"...And your head is spinning from a loud guitar"
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