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Old 06-26-2018, 04:30 PM   #1
Waiting to pass ROFR (i.e., n00b)
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Default Noob Question: Resorts and Use Year

We always said that when my in-laws passed we were going to look into buying into DVC. Well, fortunately/unfortunately the time has come. My husband and I are going back and forth about a few things. He is insistent that we get some points (probably 100) direct from Disney. We are probably going to buy OKW. We are also looking at resale contracts. We are interested in either adding to our OKW when we buy it, AKL or Poly. We are a family of 3 (hopefully four in the NEAR future, wink wink ), would most likely like to go in September/October (we love food and wine), and would be interested in a a studio or 1BR (right now our three year old sleeps with us so as long as we have a bed that can fit all of us we are good.....but I'm hoping that'll end soon).

If we had 100 points direct at OKW and another 125-150 from resale at Poly/AKL with the same use year, can we book at 225 point stay at 11 months at OKW/Poly /AKL?

Also, do we get a Sept UY or August?

And I apologize if this question has been asked elsewhere.

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As someone who's been in your shoes (daughters were 4 & 2.5 when we purchased), I'd say that your questions should have a longer-term view to them. That is, use year may not matter in seven years if the oldest is in middle school and you can only go during April break and the summer. And in 15 years when you want to go alone in January, it might not matter either. The point I learned is that over the course of ownership, your vacation style will change. Don't worry over little things, but think of the bigger 25-50 year picture.

So, answers to your specific questions:
1. If you have points at multiple resorts, they only open the 11 month window at that resort. For example, we have 160 at BLT and 120 at SSR. We can only use our BLT points during the 11 month window. We can't combine with SSR points until the 7 month window. We can bank and borrow within the same resort at the 11 month window (i.e. 320 points at BLT if we borrow next year's points).
2. Use year - not sure it matters. Our use years are March and September. We haven't had issues with either yet.
3. 100 points direct should get you the Member benefits
4. Resale is less expensive, but more work. We bought BLT direct and SSR resale. SSR savings was substantial, but was during the market downturn, so the price was down an exaggerated amount (in our favor)

Hope this helps, welcome aboard, and hope you hear "Welcome Home" soon!

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Exciting time! I remember when I first managed to convince my wife to let me buy DVC points.

Originally Posted by frackru View Post
If we had 100 points direct at OKW and another 125-150 from resale at Poly/AKL with the same use year, can we book at 225 point stay at 11 months at OKW/Poly /AKL?
If you own at OKW, Poly, and AKL, then you can book a trip at eleven months at those three and do a split stay. (Disney will move your luggage for you.) However, as mike said, you can only use the OKW points at OKW, Poly points at Poly, and AKL at AKL. Once the seven month booking window opens up, though, the points are interchangeable.

Originally Posted by frackru View Post
Also, do we get a Sept UY or August?
Here is what folks recommend with use year: you should get a use year that immediately precedes the time of year that you plan to go. That way if you have to cancel, you still have a lot of time to use (or bank) those points.

Oh, and be sure that you are absolutely certain you understand how the use year thing works. I originally misunderstood it, and I did not realize it until after I had made an offer on my first resale contract.

Resale was definitely the right way to go for my family. We bought at BLT. Big cost savings. Just be aware that it is a long process. Buying direct is much faster (and much more expensive).

Good luck, and have fun!
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Good advice from the comment above ...."you should get a use year that immediately precedes the time of year that you plan to go. That way if you have to cancel, you still have a lot of time to use (or bank) those points."
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Waiting to pass ROFR (i.e., n00b)
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All valid points and good advice. The folks are correct that you can only use the 11 month window with points for that resort - but we’ve found that you can hedge you bets a bit and improve the chances of the vacation that you want.

For example we have contracts in different places - we tend to book, assuming a split stay, at the 11 month window. But we ***** odd days/nights and so improving the odds of being able to move the booking from one resort to the other at the seven month window. For example book tue and thur then sun and mon etc.

Yes, it’s an annoyance but only for the week/fortnight that your making the bookings. And best of all, if it doesn’t work then you have your split stay as fall back.

Worth a try.

PS thanks for the other tips, the use year one hadn’t occurred to me and you are so right about thing long term - we’re only just learning that now we have to accommodate school vacation.
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Also you will find a number of threads talking about "buying where you want to stay". It is getting harder to change from your home resort to another resort at the 7 month mark. Thus, do not assume that you can buy points at OKW and be able to change to the resort of your preference at the 7 month mark. If you buy points at OKW, make sure you will be happy to stay there. You may be able to switch but don't count on it.

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keep in mind that Poly is a "point hog" while OKW & AKL are "point misers" (value rooms are very point friendly). Also Poly does not have 1 BDRM so you may get shut out of the 7 month window swap with that ownership if you need a 1 BDRM consistently.
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I am sure others will share the same opinion but I would buy resale first and then buy direct from Disney. It is always easier to match up to your resale than finding the perfect contract to match your Direct. While resale will take a few months, it will take a few days with Disney once you get your resale points. Check out the ROFR thread to see what things are going for resale versus direct to get a sense of things. Have purchased three contracts, I wish we had stayed at more places to see what we really liked. I would not have three contracts at BLT if that were the case. That being said, we were sold on BLT and will always be happy to stay there if nothing is available. 1 bedrooms are much easier to book but twice the points. We fit a studio perfect now but have had to upgrade on a few occasions to stay at other resorts because of availbity. Your will ultimately want more points. Either way, you will be glad you did it regardless of the approach you take. You came to the best place to ask questions!
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Welcome aboard.

Sorry for your family’s loss. Best of luck with your purchase!
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Use year only matters if you tend to cancel. If you have the same use year your points will work together seamlessly at the 7 month mark, before that you can only use home priority.

I think the OKW direct contract is definitely the best direct deal going. We love all three of the resorts you are interested in and feel those three have the same kind of vibe even though they are very different in themeing
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