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Old 09-12-2020, 08:29 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by kiapgh23e View Post
DW (fiance) at the time took a little trip to WDW and had a great time. Saw the DVC booth in EPCOT walking to the countries. Curiosity got the better of us and next thing you know we were on our way to a tour. They had SSR and newly opened AKV. We didn't like how dark AKV was. We didn't buy anything that trip but when we got back home we bought a direct 250 at SSR.

Then while working nights in the hospital I googled everything I could to learn more and found MO. Boy was I pissed when I learned about resale. We were way past the 10 day grace period. But I moved on and got many trips out of that contract. We sold in 2013 because of 2 mortgages, but I have no regrets either way.

Now we rent USED to rent from David's, but I told the wife that I would like to see other places than Disney every 2 years. So much more to see, unfortunately she does not want to travel internationally.
I get the not a person of the world perspective so enjoy what is available in the good old US of A.
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Originally Posted by ajc View Post
I get the not a person of the world perspective so enjoy what is available in the good old US of A.
Most definitely. Her dream is Hawaii, so that will be next big trip. We go to Disney every 2. So my plan for next trip is DL/Hawaii big ass trip.

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Old 09-13-2020, 12:14 PM   #43
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In 2013 DH & I were celebrating our 27 yr anniversary with a stay at Coronado Springs in a business class room (their version of club level back then).
Our previous stays had been at CBR and Dolphin or off property every 3 to 5 years for veterinary conferences with add on days for family trips.
It was a happy accident to learn about F&W that October trip.
:b eatinghe
After 4 days of park hopping we decided to go for three free fast passes and the $50 gift offer to tour DVC at SSR. They were selling AKL & VGF. We had only dined at Sanaa but it was a no brainer to do AKL for the point spread on studios and financed 100 points for the blue card ownership and it was affordable at $125/month which we paid off in 5 yrs. We upgraded our park hopper passes to AP that trip and figured we could do 2 trips a year on the points. Then add-on-itis struck and we found out about resale at paid cash for 25 pt OKW, 70 pt VB, 45 pt VWL, & 40 pt BWV from 2016 to 2019 as BD/Xmas gifts to self and DH.
We have been able to gift a honeymoon trip to DD, friends from ND for a trip of the lifetime at AKL, big sis trip for AKL and Pandora.
We added VB for low point cost at $60 pp and DH loves the ocean with plans to visit in winter to get a break from the cold when we retire.
I have no regrets!

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Simba's Mom
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We'd stayed at WL shortly after it opened in 1994, and said, half-jokingly, "If they ever built a DVC here, we'd join". Fast-forward to post-9/11. My reservations at POR were cancelled, due to the downturn in tourism, and I stayed at AS Music for my solo trip, 1/2002. Hated it! Also, I took the boat to WL and toured the DVC there on my own-beautiful! On a frigid cold day, I called and signed up for a DVC tour (remember, I was solo-DH never saw any DVC). The guide I was assigned was great-gave me the tour, pictures of a DVC at Hilton Head Island (the first I'd heard of it), and all the info to bring home to DH. When I got home, my smart husband took one look at my smile and said "This DVC thing looks great-I think we ought to do it." Then he heard me say, "And they have a DVC at Hilton Head-I'd like to go there sometime." Since he's a huge golfer, this was music to his ears. He later admitted that he'd always dreamed of going to HHI, but didn't think I'd have any interest in it. So we bought DVC at WL in 2002 and 18 years later, we've bought at OKW, BCV, and of course, HHI, and somewhere in there we've sold the original WL points.
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Old 09-13-2020, 01:31 PM   #45
One Bedroom
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I had a friend who was a DVC member, he bought at OKW when it first opened. When we were planning our first WDW trip in '05 (with three young children), he suggested renting points. His words, "Spending a week crammed into one room is not a vacation." So we rented points, $10/pt. IIRC, and stayed at BCV. We were instantly hooked. My friend was right. The kitchen, living room and extra bedroom (two br vila) were great. Loved the space and the location.

We did one more trip, renting points, to make sure, then we bought at BWV in 07/08.
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In 1999, we were on an extended family trip. Having had a little too much "family time", my husband and I decided to take the DVC tour as a break. We really liked it but didn't really see the need since it was just us and our 2 year old son.

Fast forward a year, and our daughter was born with PKU, a severe dietary disease. We were determined that we would do everything we could to make all aspects of life as normal as possible. While we were trying to figure out how to do that, we asked ourselves "How will we go on vacations? She won't be able to eat in restaurants for a solid week." It was then that we remembered that DVC had kitchens, and we could vacation yet still make her food. We soon bought our first contract, and followed that with a few more as the kids grew and we discovered that 2BR's were really nice!

A side note; Disney chef's actually do a fantastic job with PKU and she enjoys the special meals they make for her. We still eat 1-2 meals a day in the room and love the flexibility that Disney has afforded us.
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Old 09-15-2020, 11:05 AM   #47
Two Bedroom
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I have been a life long lover of all things Disney. It began early with an obsession with Goofy and I moved on to Tigger in my teens. During my childhood I went to WDW three times with my dad and loved every single second of it. When I became an adult I started planning my own trips each year and managed to stay at all of the values and moderates and made good use of the Dining Plan when it was still a great deal.

Fast forward to 2011, when I was a married mother of a 3 year old and 18 month old planning our first vacation as a family of four. We had planned to take a trip with another family of Disney Lovers with kids the same ages. We had planned a four night trip on the Dream and 3 nights in Disney. I had sticker shock and began looking for ways to make this trip more affordable. In the end DVC worked out for us. We had just sold our fun third car so we had some extra cash and did not need to finance DVC. With the previous use year points given to us at the sale we were able to pay for the adult fares on the ship and upgrade to a 1 BR at VWL. We ended up only paying for the kids cruise fares. The initial cost of the trip was something like 8K and after buying DVC and using our points we cut it down to 2K. We ended up buying 160 AKV points for $95 a point. We looked at it as already saving 6K on just one vacation.

We learned early on in parenting that we don't like sharing a room with our kids-ever. One is restless and the other is a tooth grinder. My kids have slept in their own rooms and beds since they were 8 weeks old, why use my precious vacation time sharing a room with them? Plus I love a kitchen and living room where I can be an early riser and have a cup of tea on the balcony. Studios and hotel rooms are not for us, which made DVC and all of its options ideal.

Since 2011 we have used our points for 1 or 2 BR stays at HHI, Vero, AKV (both Jambo (twice) and Kidani) Wilderness Lodge, VGF (twice), BWV (twice) and BLT and I have had two studio stays at the Poly. I also rented points out to family once and through David's twice to cover dues every few years. One time I rented points to do a large and long trip and it was an easy process through someone I found on MO.

We have taken advantage of member pricing for both the Christmas and Halloween Parties, moonlight magic nights, saw Aladdin on Broadway for I think 25$ per person, purchased an annual pass using member pricing and always used my DVC discount on purchases and dining when possible.

If I sold today I feel I have already more than doubled the price of my initial investment of 16K in hotel stays and family experiences. We will definitely hold onto it for a few more years to use up the points built up during covid, we cancelled two trips already. I do think we will sell as my kids move into their teenage years. The pre planning required now is not for me, the costs have gotten ridiculous, my kids prefer other more low key vacations and I have two trips through college in my now near future. Sadly neither of my kids is a Disney Lover like I am, however those were my only vacations as a kid so all of my vacation memories are linked to WDW. My kids have been to the Caribbean a bunch of times and vacationed up and down the east coast and feel most of those vacations are preferable to a Disney trip. They are now showing an interest in Europe so I have them figuring out where they want to go and why for each of their 16th birthdays. Their life of privilege far exceeds my childhood experiences

All in all DVC was a great addition to our lives with young kids. I may hold onto it waiting for the grandparent years or to enjoy getaways with my husband but in reality all of us have outgrown WDW. Finances will really be the deciding factor, when I have a want or need that is more important to me than owning a piece of the magic, I won't hesitate to sell.
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Old 09-15-2020, 11:46 AM   #48
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My wife and I had been to Walt Disney World in 1995 for a conference/seminar. We stayed at the Contemporary and loved it.

In 2004 and 2006 we took our son, our daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren and stayed at the Contemporary. We took them all again in 2008 and stayed at The Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo House) and again in 2009 and stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. In 2010 we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge Villas and soon after we bought into the Villas, resale. Since then we have been in 2012 (twice), 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2020. We have enjoyed every minute of it and hope to return in early 2022.

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Old 09-15-2020, 12:48 PM   #49
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My first trip to Disney was over 50 years ago. Been in love with it ever since and of course seen all kinds of changes including the building of that new place in FL.

I'd seen a few ads around for DVC but it didn't really come onto the radar until I had the means to purchase. There was a flyer in the room and they were doing a few tours at VWL but still I only spoke to them and didn't tour. Then BLT was in the midst of being built but unannounced as DVC and I told DH that if it was DVC we would be buying. However that got me investigating DVC and I learned about resale and that's what we did......first.

So it is a lifelong Disney experience and DVC really happened because of a desire to stay onsite a little more economically (and not be All Stars) and to have some vacation locked in that was just vacation. I traveled a fair amount visiting family and going to conferences but strictly vacations only were more rare. Disney was the "easy" fun trip that I enjoyed. I wouldn't exactly call it easy now so Disney kind of foo barred that part but we've adapted even if we don't consider it a great change. Most of my extended family enjoys it too and now we like to enjoy trips all together so that's been a bit positive that keeps us involved for now. I've also used it for a few conference stays - would have been again in Feb but I suspect that will end up becoming a virtual event.
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Old 09-15-2020, 10:41 PM   #50
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Fun reading all the stories.

Our story starts back in 2010. We had taken our kids back in 2004 (then aged 4 & 6), went on a Disney Cruise in 2008 and visited two other times during trips to other areas of Florida. Disney kept calling us back and we all enjoyed it. So during our 2010 trip, we picked up some information and looked through it, but couldn’t afford it at that point...and DH wasn’t keen on “timeshares”. I kept DVC in the back of my mind....

In 2012, we purchased a business, so our financial situation changed. Since 2010, I had researched DVC to the hilt and spent much time with a very willing original member who answered ALL of my hours of questions. I brought the idea of DVC back up to DH and shared all of my research. He agreed because there seemed to be a resale market...so we could ‘get out’ if it didn’t work for us. He chose BLT - because I had researched so much that I couldn’t decide which was my favorite! So we became members in early 2013 at BLT, sight unseen (except on the internet).

We enjoyed the 1 & 2 BR vacations so much we later purchased contracts at SSR, VGF, PVB and BWV - PVB being our only direct purchase - 25 points to get us the possibility of doing a member cruise someday. Well, the small contract at such a point intensive resort didn’t go far and it didn’t have 2BR, so we sold that and our 50 point BWV earlier this year in favor of RR, which we did tour in December. We’re now done purchasing.

Our kids routinely bring friends along (something that wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have a timeshare), we have stayed at VGC, Aulani twice and many WDW resorts. We have still managed to fit in other trips (California, Hawaii and Europe), and we have gifted my brother’s family a trip at AKL. Our kids have also been able to use points here and there. We have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy our DVC.


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