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B'rer Karen
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Originally Posted by Jedimom3 View Post
Bit of a thread shift, but what do y'all typically tip bell services???

In all our trips, we have only used bell services a handful of times, only recently, and only for checkin (If you see a family of pack mules...that's us)

So I've read it's $1 to $2 per bag?? I think our tips were generally in between or around 2. is that the norm? Our usual haul, is 2 large suitcase (think the large Stormtrooper case), 3-4 tote bags, 2 bags for kids (either backpacks or small cases) and 2 plastic tubs, sometimes a case of water. The tubs can be heavy. yeah, it's like we're moving in , but hey It's HOME for the week.

So what kind of tip would that warrant???

and on another note, not Disney related for tipping.....when you order food to go from a restaurant, do y'all tip? I usually don't, but always wonder. we are rather generous tippers when eating in, but this is just picking up at the register
I typically tip $1-2 a bag, but never less than $5.00. Typical I'll have my two owners lockers, my carry on bag, and maybe 4 bags of groceries. I'll tip $10. When I'm checking out and they pick up my two OLs, $5.00.

I do tip when I get food to go from a restaurant, but less than I would if I were dining in. like 10%. This covers the wait staff that had to take the time to enter my order, get it into the to-go containers, add condiments, and bring it out to me.
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Ok...Another question with the new door dash. I always wonder about service charge and adding tip. I have never utilized this ( not going to say Why) but I see these drivers and worry about so many factors. Maybe because I have grandchildren and worry a lot about future life.

If I see a tip jar on counter I do stop and think the salary must not be enough nowadays.

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