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Grand Villa
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Default MVMCP - DVC entry question (and overall value?)

Got a herd of 9 people (me, DH, our DS10, DD 19, DS23, and DS24, and the "guests" of the 3 eldest gopher pups), all going for 8 nts pre-xmas.

We are still working off some "non-expired" park hoppers, but gotta buy tickets for the guests. Once you get above 5 days though - prices to add another day are pretty cheap (~$20 bucks to go from 5 to 6, another $15 to go to 7).

The MVMCP seems like a cool event... and this really is a once in a LONG time trip for us (never done a MVMCP, haven't done an Xmas trip to WDW in over a decade, just summer trips, and odds are against repeating a holiday trip or even ANY trip with all of us together anytime soon!) But at ~$100 a ticket - well, dang, that's pricey, so I wanna choose wisely.


1) Does MVMCP ticket HAVE to be purchased from WDW to qualify for DVC member entry time of 2pm? Or does it just require the DVC member to present his membership card (and tickets either in hand or linked to MBs via MDE) at the gate? Would a ticket purchased from UT (for a few bucks less than so called "DVC DISCOUNT") still grant you early access - or 4pm with the rest of the world? Is it somehow a different ticket if purchased from Disney? Would MDE recognize it differently?

2) The DVC info says the perk is for "member and 7 guests, so 8 total". Is it per MEMBER or per MEMBERSHIP? Meaning - could my DH bring in 7 people (total of 8) and then I enter separately on my own, membership card in hand? Or would I be denied until 4 pm entry because our membership is limited to 7 "guests"?

3) Given the choice between buying a 7 day hopper ticket OR a 5 (or 6) day ticket PLUS a MVMCP ticket... is the MVMCP worth it? Note the ages of group. They are gonna want those rides (including DH!) although some guests may also greatly appreciate the ambiance (snow in mainstreet, extra holiday atmosphere / special touches, cookies and cocoa, etc.) Might take in a parade and definitely watch fireworks, but probably would NOT park in front of castle to watch a show. I've been to WDW at xmas, so I know they will have already "decked the halls" with plenty of holiday bling, but my understanding is that the parties get some extra touches, and a few of our peeps not only haven't seen WDW at xmas-time, they haven't been to WDW in 10+ years - or ever. So on the one hand - it would be cool - on the other hand - they may be too saturated in visual stimuli to even notice or care about "extras"!
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Grand Villa
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If you believe in Santa Claus you should go.
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If your kids are like mine, they won’t care about the Christmas overlay and wil wanna ride rides... go for the park days and do the MVMCP another trip.
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