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Originally Posted by FessParker1 View Post
We had to rent a car for one day last year because of a storm at home. I reserved for 2 days and only needed one. They charged me extra for bringing the car back early and charged $10 a gallon for gas to fill the tank. Bill was $197 for one day. Crooks.
The gas thing has been going on like forever. You always want to fill before returning. And yes, don't return early. Risk extending before returning early.
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If you're not using autoslash to track after booking a car, you're throwing away money on a car rental. Seriously.

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Originally Posted by brp View Post
If you're not using autoslash to track after booking a car, you're throwing away money on a car rental. Seriously.

Yep, I have been using this. not helping.
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If any of your trips are after the opening of SW:GE - IMO forget about ever finding any kind of a deal. There will be a huge influx of people, many of them staying off property and wanting to have a car.

On the resort fees, I wouldn't expect that to have much of an impact on car rentals. Most casual visitors are going to take DME as they have been for years. There are very few reasons for people who don't know the Orlando area and don't know how to navigate WDW to ever want to pay the extra cost of renting a car. I would assume that a huge percentage of the frequent WDW guests who want the convenience of having their own car are DVC members, who don't have to pay the fees, so no reason for them to change their behavior. IMO the resort parking fees are mostly aimed at people who drive their own cars to WDW.

We haven't tried renting a car in a while, but if it is happening everywhere like others here are reporting, my guess would be rising wages for workers. So many companies have gone to minimum starting wage of $15/hr and adjusting up from there based on position and experience... no doubt rental car companies have had to do the same. Not complaining, I think it's great that wages are rising for lower skill/non-teenager jobs. I just expect that in any industry with large percentages of lower skill jobs which are not likely to staffed by young people working part time, prices are going to go up and I need to adjust accordingly.

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