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Originally Posted by tink711 View Post
To be fair, it was the renterís niece who was the one throwing a fit all over the net. I donít think we ever heard from the renter. IIRC there were 2 different ressies from the same owner that got cancelled. I think one of them they were able to rebook either same or similar. Davidís did their best to find something but all that was available at same time for this person was I think 1 BR at SSR. This renter had a niece who was a DVC owner staying at same resort at same time. The niece (who should have just gotten a point transfer and booked it herself), who was a DVC owner who knew full well that there were no available rooms at I think BWV with just a couple months notice was all over it he place trashing David. She came here and posted because we had a thread going that was not the angry outrage she was wanting. This woman was completely unreasonable. The only way any broker could have met her expectations would have been to have duplicate ressies for every rental just in case. When that was pointed out to her by posters here she did not take it well: The only half point she may have had is that according to her, the representative at Davidís may not have been sympathetic enough, donít know for sure what was said, but good customer service in this case would involve a good dose of sympathy and maybe that part was lacking.

This woman, who again wasnít even the renter, was definitely not satisfied. However, based on her posts here, satisfying her would have been quite the challenge.

This kind of post is very common on facebook groups & other discussion forums. That's why I have more posts on MO than on every other internet forum combined, ever. I don't do drama.
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I think anyone who rents a timeshare has to be a bit cautious. Someone I know just returned from a stay at the Big Cedar Lodge's timeshare portion (it's in Branson; BC used to be part of the DVC exchanges before they got involved w RCI, etc.; it's a really beautiful resort.) They had rented a villa from one party and it worked fine; however, their friends had rented from someone else in May, but their res had been cancelled before they arrived in July. I think they found the res on Craigslist. I didn't mention it, but I wondered if the owner cancelled or the TS did bc of unpaid dues/member fees. Luckily, the resort took pity on them and worked out some deal. so they could stay. It is usually fully booked in the summer, so I think the resort went above and beyond, in this case.
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