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Exclamation ➤ 2) MUST READ RULE - RTB Rules: Please Read Before Posting!!

Purpose of this forum

The purpose of this forum is to provide a “classified ads” section in which members can seek to connect with each other to rent, trade, and transfer points, accommodations, etc., at their own risk. Please note the disclaimer at the bottom of this thread.

Any threads/posts construed as commenting on rental practices, experiences, and so forth, are inappropriate for this forum. It is not meant to be a forum for discussion or debate on rental practices, how-to’s, and so forth. Any off-topic threads/posts are subject to being moved or deleted without notice.

Also: commenting about possible scams or other negative experiences you may have had with other posters on these boards is explicitly prohibited, anywhere in the Rent/Trade board, and also anywhere else on MouseOwners. We cannot and will not get involved in such discussions, and will not permit them to occur on MouseOwners.

There are significant differences between renting points and booking a hotel reservation with Disney. It is your responsibility to educate yourself on the process of renting points and perform the necessary due diligence prior to entering into any agreement to rent points.

To provide folks with answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about renting points, we’ve written an article named "An Explanation of Renting Points" that attempts to provide people with the answers to those questions as well as explain the ins and outs of the rental process.

If you are new to renting DVC points, please read the article!

For ease of reference (i.e., so that folks can figure out how many points they’ll need for a particular room/villa at a particular time), here is a link to the points charts for the DVC resorts: POINTS CHARTS . Here is a link to the "RESORT INFORMATION: Rooms, Maps, etc" as well.

If you have questions about the rental process after reading the article/primer, you may post them in the “Member Services” forum.

If you have questions about the DVC resorts, trip planning, or Disney in general, please do not post them here, but in the relevant forum elsewhere on the boards.

Restricted and Prohibited Ads

In summary:
  1. No RCI/II postings
  2. No point brokering without permission
  3. No links to point brokering sites without permission
  4. No links to eBay listings, other auction sites, or any outside site for completing a transaction
  5. No seven-day weekend reservations (Fri -Fri, Sat - Sat, Sun - Sun) are allowed
  6. No rentals of DVC or other fixed weeks (owners can convert their fixed weeks to points and offer those)
  7. Fixed-week trades are permitted (I trade my fixed week for your fixed week).

In detail:

Please note that re-rental and/or resale of RCI- and/or II-based DVC reservations is NOT PERMITTED on MouseOwners.com. In an effort to decrease the number of illegal RCI and II re-rentals of DVC reservations, ALL seven-day weekend reservations (i.e., Fri - Fri, Sat - Sat, and Sun - Sun) ads also are prohibited. This applies to reservations made through RCI and to reservations made with DVC points. Likewise, fixed-DVC weeks may not be offered for rent as these begin on the prohibited days for 7-day reservations. Owners of fixed weeks may convert those weeks to points and offer the points for rent in accordance with existing guidelines.

Why? Because MouseOwners is not affiliated with DVC in any way, we cannot know whether a seven day weekend reservation is an RCI rental or a DVC rental. A blanket ban is the only way to ensure there are no RCI rentals on MouseOwners. DVC Members who have reservations which they cannot use may delete a day/add a day/shift the reservation to begin/end on a Monday-Thursday, or release the reservation and rent points. Confirmed reservations of other than 7 days, or which begin Monday-Thursday, remain acceptable.

Perhaps most importantly, you may only place rental/transfer ads and respond to "wanted" ads (even via PM) for points that you actually own (and not via transfer). Please note that you also are not allowed to transfer points into your own accounts for the purpose of subsequently renting them out.

In other words, unless you have permission from the administrators, point "brokering" of any kind is PROHIBITED! In addition, links to sites that engage in "point brokering" are similarly prohibited.

Ultimately, determination of users who may or may not be brokering is at the sole discretion of the administrators and moderators of Mouseowners.com. Posts, users, threads, PMs, and accounts may be frozen or deleted without warning and without access to appeal at any time.

Specifics Regarding DVC Fixed Weeks
  • Fixed Weeks may not be offered for rent
  • Fixed Weeks may be offered for trade (my fixed week for your fixed week)
  • Fixed Weeks may be converted to points and offered for rent in accordance with existing guidelines.

Categories of Ads

In an attempt to keep some semblance of order on this board, five categories of ads have been developed. To insure that your ad is placed in the proper category, please take the time to read through all of the categories. Ads that are not placed into the proper category WILL BE DELETED (not moved) without notice.
  1. Reservations Wanted: Please post to this category if you are looking for a reservation at a specific resort within a specific timeframe – in other words, if you are somewhat lacking in flexibility in your vacation plans. Example: “Wanted: Beach Club Villas Studio, 4/10/15 – 4/17/15”. RENTERS ONLY should be posting new threads in this forum.
  2. Point Transfers Wanted: Please post to this category if you are a current DVC member who is seeking to have another member transfer points into your DVC account. (And please remember that you can either transfer points into your account OR out of your account in a single UY: You cannot do both!! DVC allows only one transaction per account.) Example: “Wanted: 200 SSR points”. Point transfers are explained HERE.
  3. Confirmed Reservations for Rent OR Points Available for Rent or Transfer: Please post to this category if you are a DVC member who either has confirmed reservations to rent OR points that can be utilized to make reservations and/or transfers. You MUST OWN the points you are attempting to rent and/or transfer. Examples: (A) “For Rent: BWV 1BR Boardwalk View, 4/10/15 – 4/10/15” (B) “For Rent or Transfer: 250 VWL Points”
  4. Points Available for Transfer Only: Please post to this category if you are a DVC member who needs to “get rid of” points, but will ONLY do so via transfer to another member. (If you are also willing to rent the points to make a reservation on behalf of a renter, please use the “Confirmed Reservations for Rent, etc.” category and indicate in the listing that you are willing to transfer said points. In this instance, please DO NOT use this category, and DO NOT post to both categories.) Again, you must own the points you are attempting to transfer. Example: “For Transfer: 150 HHI points”. Point transfers are explained HERE.
  5. Trades Available or Wanted: Please post to this category if you have DVC points or confirmed DVC reservations that you are willing to trade for confirmed reservations or points with someone who owns at a non-DVC resort, or vice versa. Also post to this category if you are looking for a particular trade (at a particular resort, time, etc.) Example: “Wanted: OKW 1BR, 4/10/15 – 4/17/15 for some type of Hilton Head accommodations, summer 2015”

Other Posting Guidelines
  • If you are posting a new thread, please indicate the particular reservation or number of points available/wanted in the title of your thread. Specifics and any other relevant information, however, should be placed in the post itself. You also should give respondents a means of contacting you (and vice versa, if you are a respondent).
  • Once your transaction has been completed, please edit the title of your original post to add “CLOSED” as the first word, and then a final post indicating that the transaction has been completed. A moderator will then close the thread until it is automatically deleted. TO EDIT THE THREAD/POST TITLE: click the “edit” button at the bottom right of the first post, then click the “go advanced” option. Simply add “CLOSED” as the first word in the title box. Then, choose “Save changes” and you’re all set.
  • If your are attempting to sell points or a pre-existing reservation, YOU MUST LIST A PRICE!
  • If you do not receive a reply to your thread/post, DO NOT post another thread. Simply bump your old thread. Repeated thread/posts that ask or offer the same thing time after time will ALL BE DELETED.

Be sure you read the Posting Rules:

DISCLAIMER: This forum is intended to serve as a "classified ads" section of the site. The DVC Boards at MouseOwners.com is not involved in the actual transactions between the parties involved. In this regard, we have no control over the truth or accuracy of the listings or the abilities of the parties to complete the transactions, and cannot and will not be held responsible for same.


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