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Default Star Wars land

Who has the scoop on Star Wars land? What are you hoping to see?

Iím hoping they really think through some of the rides and come up with something awesome. Some type of Universal style ride would be cool... Like Harry Potter but Star Wars, as an idea.
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Waiting for that HOTEL!


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No scoop, but lots of hopes.

I hope they'll make it as wonderfully immersive as Diagon Alley in US. However, it can feel very crowded and cramped, so if they're going to try anything like that in any part of SW land, hopefully they'll be more room to spread out.

I'd love to see a ride just like Flights of Passage, but say in the Millenium Falcon. I very much appreciate Forbidden Journey ride, it's so well done, but it makes me so very nauseous. Somehow FoP achieved the right balance, albeit you're not moving as much as you are in FJ. Gringotts is very well done too and a great ride.
I would like to see a ride/experience with no height requirement. I'd even take some slow/boat ride, as long as we get to look at SW scenes. Not a fan of those in general, like Na'vi, but I would be if it was more like Pirates, but with SW scenes. I don't want the youngest fans (or shortest like my kids) to be left out of the fun. And keep Jedi Academy, or whatever it is now.

Otherwise, lots of shops, cantinas, stuff like the Launch Bay that would show various movie clips/makings of, etc, Props, art,

ooh, editing to include a little new info about the hotel:


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