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Kerri jo
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Originally Posted by Deb & Bill View Post
Be very careful about accepting offers from Private Messages you did not initiate. That is one way the scammers get to you, especially if they know when and where you want to go.
I would say that an unsolicited PM in response to a "wanted" post isn't a red flag, especially IF the member is active/has a high post count on this board. I occasionally send a PM in response to a "wanted" post if I have my own points available that fit their request, and I typically do not post my rental terms or that I am sending/have sent a PM. Why?

1) Because I don't want a notification in my inbox every time someone else posts a reply to the same thread

2) I want my time to be spent with the actual OP/renter, not bystanders on the same thread (yes, I have received unsolicited PMs from others watching the OP's thread instead of creating their own "wanted" post, and that seems off to me)

3) The Administrators can see PMs, so if someone felt there was something awry at any point in the transaction, a communication trail would still exist for all directly involved in the transaction

4) PMs last as long as I want them to; not true with a closed "wanted" post, so one could take the position that the PM actually provides a better record of the transaction for both parties

5) The person I'm sending a PM to can read/respond or totally ignore it if they choose - I couldn't care less and it's a lot more efficient for both parties IMHO

Regardless of whether or not the reply comes via PM or posted in response to the thread for all of MO to see, the renter should do his/her due diligence to vet out the person offering points.
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