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Old 01-30-2018, 12:26 PM   #1
B'rer Karen
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Default Cabana Bay to MCO

I am making my first trip to the dark side next week, staying at Cabana Bay. I'm flying home on Sunday 2/11 and my flight is at 2:20. I'm planning to Uber from Cabana Bay to MCO, but I'm not sure what time I need to plan on leaving Cabana Bay. I haven't checked a bag at MCO in years thanks to Magical Express so I have no frame of reference for how long this takes at MCO (flying Southwest if that matters).

I am traveling alone and not looking to have a ton of time to kill, but I also don't want to be stressed about missing my flight. What time would you leave Cabana Bay.

A secondary question, if you were going to go to one of the US parks that morning, what time would you leave to head back to Cabana Bay, knowing that you have to retrieve luggage before getting in the Uber?
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I am sorry I can't help you. But don't forget that they close the airplane door BEFORE the time of departure. So you want to be gate side 15 minutes prior. And the tram that takes you to the gates. I know they were running only one tram when we were there in October as they are upgrading the lines, so that could potentially add a little bit of wait time, though not much. Security can be troublesome too. Just somethings for thought. I don't think traffic to the airport will be a pain for you though!
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