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Originally Posted by ermindy1133 View Post
I donít remember wanting a particular area, just something near the elevators. Since they have so many, I was surprised that they werenít able to fill that request. But they canít meet every request.
For our Jambo trip in April, I used the resort layout map from Touring Plans and made a request for 4 specific rooms. I was given the second choice on my list. Very happy with our room location!

I think that a couple of things were an unpleasant surprise at Kidani.
1. I had no real concept of how large and sprawling the resort actually is. There also wasnít a quick service restaurant there. I think I knew that, but didnít realize that it would be such a pain to have to go to Jambo for that.
2. I think I had some unrealistic ideas about the Savannah view.

Between the really long hallways and the limited animal sightings, it just didnít meet my expectations. With Jambo I probably went in with lower expectations, and was very pleasantly surprised. My DH just recalls the long hallways and ďuncomfortable bedsĒ. I donít remember the beds being bad, but he does. Everyoneís likes and dislikes are so very different. Fortunately, DVC offers something for everyone. Iím really excited for him to try Jambo with me this time. I really hope that he appreciates it as much as I do!
Kidani has Maji Pool that can do QS in addition to private dining option. I've seen it repeatedly said that they don't have one, but while they didn't for breakfast until Sanaa, they did for other meals.

Personally for savanna I prefer Kidani but that's our own personal preferences. We love the animals there.
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Originally Posted by TexasChick View Post
I am staying at Kidani for the first time this January. There was only one factor that we cared about: the extra bathroom! The last night in a standard 2-bedroom popped up, so we are currently in a savanna view 2-bedroom for 3 nights and a standard 1-bedroom for one night with savanna view wait listed. I know BLT villas have the extra bathroom too, but it was too many points. Also, we just stayed there and have never stayed at Kidani. I donít love the lack of walkability to a park, but Iím willing to make the trade off for the extra bathroom and looking at the animals.
I have DVC with home resorts of Poly, Bay Lake and AKL, so I have some experience, as well as staying in numerous other properties, and I would not hesitate to stay at Kidani.

However, I admit I have only stayed in Kidani ONCE, 1 week in a 2 BR, Savannah View and I loved it, as did the other 7 people with me. Not one complaint or unhappiness.

Now, that being said, it is just a 'given' that Kidani is an incredibly large, long building that goes on forever and ever. Also that it has no breakfast cafe of its own (though Sanaa is quite nice and we often go back there, even when we aren't staying at AKL) so you have to catch the bus or the shuttle to Jambo House for breakfast, but the shuttle runs constantly, a few minutes at most, so it isn't any big deal. Or hoof it the 1/4 mile to Jambo, plus the 1/4 mile (or more) of walking though the Kidani building itself. It is just big, but not inconvenient.

And the buses to the parks run quite quickly, steadily, regularly and efficiently from Kidani Village. And the building has a lot of interesting architectural details and the world's largest collection of African Folk Art, if you just look at it. There is a lot to recommend with Kidani Village.
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