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Eli's Nana
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Default Not exactly the trip we had planned...

This post is way overdue, but because of how Disney handled a bad situation (for me) I wanted to share it. If it is too late, please feel free to delete or move. Thank you.

The background:

After caring for my mom non-stop the past many months, I really needed a break. We had points that were going to expire and hoped we could get away and just chill. The hospice that was coming to help care for my mom felt that she was “reasonably” stable and it “should” be safe for me to go away. We were able to find 4 nights at Vero (Mar 24-28), and miraculously my husband, Mark, found 3 nights at Kidani (Mar 21-24). He offered to look after mom so I could go early, relax, and not worry. He would then take the late night flight from Denver Saturday night and on Sunday we would drive to Vero. We got someone to look after mom during the days we would both be gone, so all seemed set!

The trip:

Day 1 - I boarded the early flight from Denver and landed at MCO at 1:20 PM. I was able to get right on DME arriving at AKV at about 2:30. While on board I got a text saying my room was ready – so far so good! Went straight to my room, changed, and went for a very long walk. It was a beautiful day! Had dinner outside at the Mara – a salad and a cup of the butternut squash soup (yum). Went in and sat in the library off the lobby in Jambo House and read for awhile. Walked back to Kidani, got a glass of wine in the bar downstairs, walked over to the rocking chairs by the fire and sat. Great day, the only thing that would have made it better is if Mark was with me.

Day 2 – Got up early and caught the bus to Animal Kingdom. Was a rather muggy, cloudy day but I wanted to get some walking in before it rained. Walked through the park, stopped to see various animal exhibits, rode on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, checked out the Avatar area. Quite a bit had changed since I was last there! Went back to Kidani about 1:00 and stopped in the Sanaa bar for some lunch. Found out you can order 1 piece of naan, which I did, with the coriander chutney, and a glass of chenin blanc. Not the most healthy lunch, but now will be one of my Disney vacation favorites. After lunch I caught the bus to Disney Springs and walked around there. Was rather muggy (to me - we don’t have much humidity in Colorado) so I walked into and through many of the shops. I so enjoyed not having to worry about time or anything. Sooo nice! At about 6:30 I was able to get a small out of the way table on the outdoor patio at Raglan Road, by the fence so there was a nice breeze. I had the best green salad – don’t remember what it was called but it had arugula, and broccoli, carrots, and a lemon vinaigrette. And of course, a glass of pinot noir. You may be seeing a pattern here. Got back to the room about 9:30 and since I brought the AppleTV I logged on and watched a couple episodes of Call the Midwife. Another relaxing day…

Day 3 – Got up early, worked out, came back and showered, then went over to the Mara for breakfast. Got a side order of scrambled eggs, toast and coffee. Went back to Kidani, found a shady spot at the pool and read for a couple hours. Decided to go for a walk and twisted my ankle on a section of uneven payment. Not much of a twist and felt fine afterward. Went over to the Mara and grabbed a salad and took it back to the pool and read a bit more… Started back to the room and noticed my foot was hurting and a bit swollen. When I got back I iced it. I had intended to go to the bar at Sanaa’s for dinner but by 6:30 I was really hurting. Could barely put any weight on my foot so continued to ice it. Went ahead at this point and Uber’ed over to Urgent Care where they told me I sprained my ankle, put it in a hard splint, and gave me some crutches. Mark arrived to the hotel about midnight and I was miserable. Poor guy – takes care of my mom and then arrives in time to care for me!

Day 4

This is where things got ugly, but where Disney really came through. During the night my entire leg swelled up and I had to break out of the splint. In the morning I could not put any weight on it at all. I knew there was no way I could sit in a car for the drive to Vero. I checked DVC online and there were no rooms available anywhere at all. At this point Mark said we were going to the hospital because something was not right. I was in agony so I was not inclined to argue. He went to the front desk and spoke with the manager at the time and explained the situation. The manager told us to bring him our bags and go to the ER, that he would work something out. Spent the entire day at the ER. Turns out I broke my fibula, apparently before I left home, and when I twisted my ankle it finished the job. The hospital was worried I might have a blood clot even though they had done an ultrasound and didn’t find one. They told me to be vigilant, and come back for another ultrasound on Thursday, the day we were supposed to be flying home. They told me I could not fly until after they cleared me on Thursday. We got back to the hotel about 6:00 and the front desk had a room for us (a Savannah view no less). They had changed the points over and taken care of everything. Additionally, they sent us to the valet who had a wheelchair for me in case I needed one. We took care of all this and by 7:30 were settled into the room. At 7:45 I received a call from mom’s hospice telling me she had taken a bad turn and I should be there…. Made a bunch of calls, worked out for my son to come down from Denver to be with her. Talked to the hospital – they said I absolutely should not fly. They sufficiently scared me so I stayed put. So much for relaxing…

Days 5 through 8 -

Something else Disney did on Monday morning, housekeeping came to the door and asked if I might need a shower chair. They had one all ready to go wrapped in plastic no less and we of course accepted it. Not sure how, but I made it through the next 4 days, and had my test on Thursday. The hospital cleared me to fly. Got back Thursday night.

Despite mom being close to the end, it was a long excruciating road for her. I spent the next 2 months at her side trying to see her through to the end. She went through so much, which I will, of course, not go into here. She was alert, conscious, and coherent all the way to the end, and despite all the horribleness, she remained positive and upbeat. I am grateful I could be there for her, but also thankful she is finally at peace.

Once again – Thank You to all you mouseowners who helped me through this! Reading all your entries truly helped me!
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Two Bedroom
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Wow and wow.
Not sure what to say. It truly sounds like you are a strong person and made the best of a series of unfortunate events.
Your trip in the end was a good and well needed one and Disney helped you make the best of it.
Disney is/can be amazing that way.

You were strong and there for your mom in every way you could and that is a very special thing.

I am so sorry for your loss.
It sounds like your mom was a amazing and strong person as well!

Thank you for sharing your story, your trip. I’m sure it was hard and yet it will forever be a happy and sad memory in your timeline of life.

I wish you well and healing.... in more ways than one

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Grand Villa
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I am so sorry for your loss and everything you went through.

Strong, positive and brave to go through these events.

Healing and well wishes your way.
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Hi from RI
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Glad you did get those first couple of days for yourself......glad Disney came through for you. Sorry for your loss......take some time for yourself now. Often caregivers neglect themselves....

ME Nicole ,DH , DS24 : , DD22 , DD14
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Grand Villa
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I am sorry for your loss and glad you had a sprinkling of pixie dust to bridge your anxiety and stress. WDW is truly an oasis for those in need.
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Grand Villa
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Good to hear that Disney/DVC took good care of you while you were there and in such pain. So very sorry for your loss.
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Old 07-31-2019, 04:53 PM   #7
Grand Villa
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That was a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing.
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Grand Villa
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That’s quite a story. Wonderful to hear how helpful Disney was while you were going through a physically painful yet emotional ordeal as well. I think your attitude says a lot for how well you coped.

I’m very sorry for the loss of your mom. My mom has been on hospice for the last few months and yet we still took our scheduled summer vacation. She’s so weak and yet goes on and on. I was the sole caretaker of her for the past three years. Now that she is in a facility I am able to do things important in my life (attend graduations, weddings, etc), yet never knowing when the end will come.

You’re to be commended for being such a caring daughter and being with your mom right until the end. Hopefully your leg is now healed.

Sounds to me you should start planning another trip as a do-over...this time on two good legs!
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Old 07-31-2019, 07:19 PM   #9
Grand Villa
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I'm so sorry for your loss and your injury!! Wow...what an ordeal for you. So glad to hear that DVC/Disney took care of you. Thanks for taking the time to share.

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Grand Villa
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So sorry for your loss. Here’s hoping your leg is mending and you will be able to return soon to Disney.
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