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Old 11-25-2020, 12:36 PM   #11
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Originally Posted by ajc View Post
Point taken.
Is the blue card minimum at 150 now?
I was only thinking about WDW access to other resorts on points purchased direct. (cant use resale at Riviera but BCV is nice to stay).
Poster may want same use year if they need to use points to complete a stay at 7 months.
Yeah, it really depends on what the OP wants. I got the impression that the two goals were an 11 month window at HHI and BCV. So, the ability to use at Riviera might not be a factor. It wouldnít be for me, but Iím an odd duck.

I think that the minimum is 125 now, but donít quote me on that.

Hubby and I were talking about DVC last night. We still arenít adding right now. But I love Jambo and he leans toward BWV as a second resort. It will be interesting to see what eventually happens.
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Originally Posted by capeokw56 View Post
Go with the Board sponsor. We've used them for buying and selling and they have been fantastic!
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Old 11-25-2020, 12:57 PM   #13
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I believe blue card minimum is 125.

I have to just weigh in here on the HH purchase since those have big MFs and buying direct at double the price is tough for something that expires in 22 years.

My first question is whether you think you need that 11 month priority at HH or not for what you're trying to book. And my second question is how often do you go to WDW and do you think you need to have the blue card discount for APs. Because the way things stand now, you are going to end up paying more money for less points and possibly losing your blue card.

Because even if you were to get 70 per point for your HH contract, you'll lose some in commissions and then be paying roughly the same amount just to get the 150 at BCV. Then if you want points anywhere else you're talking about new money. 135pp direct for 125 would around 20 grand while resale would be around 10. In 22 years, if you were to save 600 total per year in AP and other discounts you'd be talking about 13200. Not a huge difference over that period of time so it might be worth just buying both resale.

Now the priority is the real thing, so if BCV is what you want and in a studio then you're going to need to own there. But I've found 1BR frequently if I stalk the RAT and used other points. Even your planned room type can factor in to whether you need priority for a location or time period.

So if you need BCV priority I'd look at whether or not it's worth just getting a 300 point resale at BCV and sometimes renting out your BCV points and renting a HH reservation for when you want to stay there. It would cost more up front but you'd save a bit on the dues and have more flexibility with renting or selling those points if you needed to in a pinch.

Another option would be going full direct and purchasing 300 Riviera points at the current rate of 170 a point. That's a huge chunk of change but I believe you can still split into one or more dedicated weeks as part of the promotional rate. Just paying extra closing costs on more contracts. That sets you up for another 49 years or ownership where the value might not drop as much over time as the 2042 resorts. Again this is like an extra 30 grand to just extend your ownership window so I don't expect that to be the choice... it's just that the currently sold resort is normally the best deal you're going to get direct.

Honestly these are all tough questions. If you think you want to be out of the DVC game in 2022 then just holding your existing points and paying the MF ransom could be the best choice. The great thing about selling is that you probably do pretty well against the initial purchase price and your options are wide. It's just that all the other contract options are expensive.

Not knowing your precise situation makes me look at all these options:

- Keep what you have based on perks and be aggressive in 7 month window for WDW.
***** High MFs but Blue card perks. Only 7mo window at WDW. Costs 0 more dollars but saves 0 dollars on MFs.

- Sell off 350 HHI and buy 300 BCV resale. No blue card.
***** For 300points it's about 10k cheaper in MFs over the life of the contract. However 50 less points and costs ~16000 more up front.

- Sell off 350 HHI and buy 150 BCV resale and pay cash to stay at whatever resort you want in Hilton Head. No blue card.
***** MFs about 5k lower on those 150 points over the life of the contract. However 200 points less total and you net ~3000 bucks if I put a BCV 150 @ $145pp. But not having those 200 points is another $2000 per year to spend on cash rooms if that works for you.No blue card.

- Sell off 350 HHI and buy 300 RIV
***** Mfs are just under 18k lower for those 300 points over 22 years. However 50 less points and priority is at not at the resorts you stated. Maintain blue card perks. 49 years of usage instead of 22, but it will cost you around 27000 more than you'd get from your HHI sale. And after 2042 you obviously still would have MFs to pay.

I could see any of these working for you depending on your travel patterns and preferences. But hopefully this data dump is useful
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Old 11-28-2020, 06:12 PM   #14
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Thanks for all the great ideas and suggestions! Iím not worried about losing the blue card as we purchased VGF direct when it first opened so, I believe that will keep us with a blue card even if we sell HH. Iíd like the 11 month preference for BC as we enjoy going to the various Epcot festivals and want to be able to walk to Epcot, the Boardwalk etc. in addition, if we sell HH, Iím considering CC as well as BC as we love both resorts...and they are smaller so 11 month priority might be best.

I appreciate all the thoughts about selling our HH contract. We tend to use those points more for WDW stays versus HH which is why Iím thinking of selling. But, as has been pointed out, our purchase price was low but annual fees are high. Not sure if I should sell and buy CC and BC at the high prices but lower annual fees. Iíve not tried to sell any of our DVC contracts so not sure what to expect.
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