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Old 05-24-2019, 12:55 PM   #101
Adelard of Bath
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Originally Posted by CaptJacksFamily View Post
Watches typically won't set them off unless they get close to the sensor, if you move your watch arm so it is slightly in front of your body you should be fine.
Hey, good to know, thanks. When I walk through, my arm is probably by my side and it probably is pretty close to the sensor.

Or I could just take it off...I'm used to it...it's also big and clunky and metal and even though the band isn't metal, it's a nato strap with five metal loops.
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Old 05-24-2019, 01:22 PM   #102
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Originally Posted by Adelard of Bath View Post
I didn't have any trouble this last trip in January, either, for the room check. Like Dirk, usually gone during the 11-1 window or whatever. But I do feel guilty that they are using all those trash bags - we barely make any trash and so I purposely make sure to always use one trash can, so they aren't emptying all of them. I bet we could go a whole week and just have the one tiny trash can get full. And the trash closet (at OKW) is always like three steps away.

Room checks - ruining the environment!
Good point! I guess the straws are the offset there...
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Originally Posted by beachclubmum View Post
Our last stay at BLT we had an issue with people entering the room. One day I left $5 for T&T mousekeeping . Came back to no mouse keeping having taken place, but someone's ME luggage had been left in our room. And the $5 was gone.

We have a ring type camera and are planning to set it up in the room from now on. Will be interesting to see what goes on in there when we're out.
GREAT idea!

When we were there the last 2 times we could barely get anyone to do housekeeping (once was even concierge) so it wasn't happening for us!
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