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Originally Posted by carolina_yankee View Post
I'm not sure you'll have to own at Riviera to stay at Riviera. There are no bungalows/cabins to throw off the point balances, and it's a decently sized resort. I think Tower Studios and Standard Studios (probably all Standard villas) will go fast, but Preferred Studios may be fairly easy to get at 7 months. My bet is that availability will be similar to BLT - you can get in at 7 months, not all views, but each size category should be available.

I've been watching the booking trends - Standard is booking fast, Tower gets booked up pretty dramatically, and there are a lot of sold-out weekends in standard, which makes me think local DVC owners are trying out the new resort.

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I think the reason they keep the direct prices so high on the existing resorts ($200-280pp) is so the current selling resort price looks low ($188pp). They don't really care if they sell the old stuff as they have to ROFR to get those - they would much rather sell the current DVC (currently Auluani, CCV and RR).
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Originally Posted by Summerw View Post
I don't usually think it's true when people say others are jealous when they are rude or judgmental, but I kinda think it's true here. I don't want to love Riviera because I'd love it more if no one bought it just to show Disney we don't agree with the resale restrictions, but then I wouldn't get to own at Riviera and get to enjoy those bathrooms or the views or the Skyliner.

If we don't buy due to finances or because I just can't get past the restrictions, I will definitely be jealous of you... I think the only way to make this fair is if you promise to post very detailed trip reports so I can live vicariously through you. Kidding, well kind of. Congrats!

Also, the possibility of the price going up June 1 is making me feel as though I should purchase before then. Fie, Disney, fie. I can see you will probably have my money regardless of how hard I resist.
Thank you! I will be interested to see what happens on June 1st to the price. I wouldnít be surprised if they just lower incentives which effectively raises the price.

Originally Posted by heathpack View Post
I donít follow everything on MO and I missed your thread.

My guess is that people are so alarmed/disturbed/angry about the Riveria resale restrictions that they want it to be a failure, so DVC wonít continue down that path any further. If everyone can be convinced not to buy, it will be a failure. You buying frustrates that desire.

Itís easy to forget that someone in your shoes is excited to have bought and posts here to share that excitement. Itís the downfall of the internet, people forget good manners- that when someone you know shares good news, you donít rain on their parade, you put your personal opinions aside and just let the good news be good.

You can discuss your critique of DVCs resale policy in a thread on that subject, or start your own thread to kvetch. So itís not like good manners prevent intelligent conversation. There is a time and place for everything. A concept that sometimes gets confused on the internet.

So: Congrats on your Riveria purchase! Enjoy it.
Thank you! I agree that a lot of times people think just because theyíre on the internet that manners donít matter. What can you do?
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I think an incentive decrease for DRR is likely come June 1st. I can't see them raising the hard set ppp for DRR this early into sales. Normally guides get some heads up about hard ppp increases with a week or less notice. Has anybody talked to their guide lately? I personally dislike my guide and dont trust him so I havent asked about a hard ppp increase.
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