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Default If Your First (Non-RTB) Post Doesn't Appear, Here's Why....

Here at MouseOwners, we have a very sensitive spam filter that often flags the posts of newcomers (particularly those who include email addresses, links, or pictures in their posts) as likely spam and consequently flags them and places them in "moderated" status.

What this means is that a moderator has to review and approve those posts before they can appear publicly.

Because we receive rapid notification of these types of posts, we're usually able to approve them within a few hours, at the latest.

So, if your post does not appear immediately, please DO NOT attempt to re-post it right away. Chances are, it has been placed in moderated status and is awaiting approval. If you re-post, said (re)post will receive the same treatment as the original post, and it all just clogs up the works!

Give us a couple of hours to approve your post.

If your post has not appeared after a day, please contact us and we will look into your situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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