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Old 07-13-2022, 02:11 PM   #21
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Originally Posted by bakerworld View Post
Helenabear half (if not more) of what I say/write is me being facetious but you're right, it is callous (something else I'm inclined towards). Protecting my kids will always take precedence over my feelings/actions towards myself. Luckily our trip to Europe was a go which meant that last kid had to vaccinate so in the end it was a 'win'.

Congrats on your Pfizer thing. EotD, you're young with a young man to raise so you've more at stake than I.
I appreciate this post. I'm sure you can imagine how it came across via text to me. It was a lovely celebration but we all wish that we hadn't had to lose so many to covid especially in 2020 and 2021. I'm with you though, I protect my own as well. And yay for a good trip to Europe!

I do have a teenager I am raising - just starting high school. I hope to be around longer than my mom was for me. But we live our life as best as possible and I try not to focus too much
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DCL have changed the pre-boarding testing requirements for European Cruises with less than three weeks notice.

Meaning pretty much anyone who’s had Covid in the last couple of months missed their chance to get an exemption from testing prior to boarding. Unless they had a PCR test done at the time, which would only usually be people who are vulnerable ….and therefore unlikely to be planning to cruise anytime soon.

And turn around time here for PCR results can be anything up to 48 hours, so most people will end up having to get the test done at the port.

I have friends who have just recovered in the last couple of days who sail in 4 weeks time. They’ll have to travel to the port not knowing if they’ll test negative prior to boarding. All they can do is check every few days if they continue to test negative on a lateral flow test and hope for the best.
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