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Old 05-17-2018, 03:19 PM   #21
pooh bears mom
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We drive so we have our car, but we are a fan of the bus for everything except for transportation to DS and the water parks. We try to stay at SSR for a couple nights so we can walk to DS. We find the bus usually enjoyable, except at park close, but we usually close the park at whichever resort we are at (eg: epcot resort = epcot; MK resort = MK)
question...does the CCV boat go to all the resorts or does one have to change boats at MK dock?
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Old 05-17-2018, 03:21 PM   #22
Marie TN
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For about 10 years, we always rented a car, and drove to parks, from most resorts. With little kids, I just felt more in control having it available as an escape hatch. We usually left well before closing, to avoid traffic.
In the last several years, by ourselves or with young adults, we have relied on Disney transpo. We try to leave for parks with a lot of time before ADRs or FP+ times. Also, cutting back from park commando-mode, somewhat.
The most frustrating times for us have actually been trying to leave the parks and go back to the hotel in early afternoon. We've been known to just request a Lyft without even heading to the bus stations at that time of day, depending on how hot and grumpy we are. If we're closing a park, I just assume any transpo will be just awful. Then, if it's only really bad, it feels magical!
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Old 05-17-2018, 03:26 PM   #23
Add-on Aficionado
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Originally Posted by Leftcoaster View Post
And keep in mind, they are rolling out the bus times on the phone app. So, you should be able to monitor that from your phone.
That will be great!!!
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Old 05-17-2018, 04:06 PM   #24
Two Bedroom
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Guess Iím in the minority on this one- I dislike Disney transportation especially buses from Kidani...Didnít work out at all with ME or buses to parks. Really made for a bad experience from the start.

I really prefer having our own transportation. Parking is generally fine for us but I have tag for mobility issues so MK is the only one that is a bit difficult to navigate. The walkway is steeper than it looks.

When we have had enough itís far easier to call it a day and head back in or park hop using personal vehicle than buses- at least for us.
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Old 05-17-2018, 04:12 PM   #25
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Originally Posted by tomandrobin View Post
Bus fan here.....

I find that the buses work for us most of the time. The drive time from Ak to the parks is the same whether its a car or bus.

The differences are -
Waiting for the bus vs car is always ready.
Parking car in lot and walking or riding the tram to the drop off.
Bus is already cooled/heated.
Cost money to park, bus is free.
Someone else drives, you get to relax.

For MK, driving you have to park at TTC and take the boat over.

traffic at the end of the night is a bitch.
I think when staying at Kidani specifically, as OP is doing, most of the "cons" of driving are gone.

- You park your car directly under your room in a garage, so its shaded.
- Elevator goes directly to car parking area
- Parking is free when staying at Kidani on points.

IMO, specifically when staying at Kidani or one of the resorts where you don't have to walk out to a parking lot for your car, driving has a lot of benefit.
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Old 05-17-2018, 04:17 PM   #26
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I see a lot of comments noting that the bus is air conditioned so it doesn't need to "cool down" vs your car which will be hot.. Also remember that you can be standing around waiting for the bus for a REALLY long time, and there is no AC (or chairs when coming home from a park) when waiting for the bus.
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Old 05-17-2018, 04:37 PM   #27
One Bedroom
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We are bus people!!!

We almost always fly and use a car service to get to WDW and then we never leave the bubble unless it's an emergency...yes, DS scratched his cornea; yes, we had to an RX for DD when she got sick; and yes, DC (Dear Canine) hurt his paws at the Best Friends kennel and we had to go to the vet 8 times for treatment during a 17 day vacation.

There have been a handful of times we've driven from Texas and we've rented a car 2 times upon arriving at the airport and even when we have a car we don't drive it! DH has a very long commute to work and is more than happy to let someone else drive! Plus we'd rather wait for an air conditioned or heated bus then make our way to our blazing hot car by way of tram or walking and drive back to the resort! Ugh!!! Our family thinks that is the worst thing ever!! We think that's exhausting!!

I remember hearing that they are going to be including bus times on the MDE app. My app doesn't list them yet, but that will be helpful if that does happen.

Regardless of your transportation choice, have a great time!!!
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Old 05-17-2018, 05:42 PM   #28
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Originally Posted by Mickeyfan0805 View Post
You will find that everyone has their own opinions on this - and for different reasons. We all have our own priorities, and that plays a big role in preferences. For us, predictability and time investment are the highest priorities most of the time. For this reason, we drive to all parks, with the exception of MK. Most of the time we still use Disney transport to MK because their are too many layers to driving (car, tram, monorail/boat).

When we are more flexible, we sometimes use Disney Transport, but we drive more often than not.
I drive to all the parks with the exception of MK.

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Old 05-17-2018, 05:45 PM   #29
Grand Villa
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Originally Posted by Jingojango View Post
How about a strategy for park closing? Do you try and beat the crowd out before closing? Do you hang in the park until parking clears out? Is exit traffic not a problem/concern?
I know one person mentioned traffic at the end of the night being bad, but that has never been our experience. The only departure problems we've ever had, at night's end, is waiting through 2-3 buses (at 20 minutes+ each) before we got a chance to get on one (and then it is was standing like sardines with 50 other people crammed into the no-longer-so-well-air-conditioned-bus). I've never waited for more than 1 tram cycle to get on a tram to the parking lot, and I've not once been caught in traffic back ups. With the dedicated lanes, Disney Springs is a slightly different story, but we've never had trouble with traffic when going back to the resort.

As for the comment about cost - that is only a consideration if you are staying on cash and considering renting. Resort guests park for free at the parks, so there is no additional cost if you are going to have a car anyway.

I don't mean to sound negative about buses. They are relatively convenient and I have found that we use them more as our kids have gotten older and the frequency of our visits has made us sometimes less rigid in schedule. Overall, however, the ability to have more control over our timeline has been the higher priority for us.
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Old 05-17-2018, 05:59 PM   #30
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Originally Posted by WDWGoof View Post

Relax and let them do the driving. Also, we have met the nicest people waiting on or riding on the buses. Disney transportation is definitely a part of our adventure.
Quick echo to the same sentiment.

For us, since we drive, the absolute LAST thing I want to do is drive some more.
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