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Old 12-16-2017, 10:38 AM   #41
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Family, ugh. Couple of years ago my wife gave her AP to her brother (unknown to me) who was staying offsite to use "only for free parking". Well first day he's there he tries to use the AP to get into Epcot and is denied. He makes a scene (insert yelling and profanity here) while his wife calls my wife. CM threatens to confiscate the AP. Sheriff is called over. My wife asks to talk to the CM and explains her brother was told not to use the AP. Brother storms off and calls about how Disney is out to screw the little people (he's a big business hater and Bernie supporter). Somehow the CM gave the AP back to sister in law as long as they left. No arrests were made.

This is the same guy who paid a $250 parking fine at Logan Airport with pennies.
Don OKW & Solivita

Too many WDW visits to count now that I live nearby part time, 1 DL trip & 5 Disney Cruises.
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Old 12-16-2017, 09:54 PM   #42
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Wink Happy Holidays


I had a friend who was such a bad travel buddy that i will never travel with her again disney or otherwise. Afterwards she told me that she hates disney (from prior experience).

I asked why didnt she tell me that beforehand, since she already knew?


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Old 12-17-2017, 02:30 PM   #43
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Originally Posted by bakerworld View Post
We traded our points for a drive into the Manhattan Docks for our September DCL cruise out of NY. My nephew lived in Manhattan for years so my BIL knew the area.

To his credit the drive into the NY port would have been horrible without him and he was at the port at 7 AM to pick us up on disembark day - which I really appreciated. So not only did he drive, know which tunnel to use, figure out the various lanes of traffic avoiding an assortment of strangely parked and driven vehicles but he knows me enough to show up early to take me home because once I'm done a vacation I'm DONE.

If he was going to pretend he was Dan then he could be consistent in his pretense. We just returned from WDW for the first time after his visit and I think Dan was pretty certain the whole time that something would go wrong but we were fine. Meanwhile, my BIL is looking into purchasing his own contract but - no what WHAT I say - he's convinced himself that he can purchase resale and retain the perks. I give up. He'll just have to experience it. I just cautioned him to purchase a smaller contract initially and then add on if he has a need. That way once he sees the perks restrictions he can add on direct - if DVC still allows it.

Just give that side of the family the hint that borrowing something Disney from you folks, other than mouse ears, will be verboten.
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Old 12-17-2017, 10:03 PM   #44
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It's so very interesting to read about the many different dynamics between different families... I guess it really does take a lot of different people to make the world go round.

In my family... family is the most important thing... it comes before many things even a good vacation haha.

My brother and his wife are always late or slow for things. But they are always welcome to be late to a Disney vacation or to walk 2 miles behind the group while we are trying to make a fast pass ride.

My sister complains about every thing and has a special rivalry with me ever since I came along and stole her mom and dad from her. But dispite the fact that fact that she's totally annoying I'm still trying to convince her to come with my Parents and I on our May trip to Disney.

I'm sure both my brother and sister could tell you all the ways im a jerk too.

But at the end of the day all those things are minor annoyances and spending fun time with the family is much more important than a few minutes or hours of sore feelings about the drama of the day.

My wife's family is completely different. It's completely forgein to me, they would rather spend time with friends than with family... and when they do spend time with family the smaller the group the better.

I wonder what it is that makes families so different.
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Old 05-19-2018, 10:17 PM   #45
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Originally Posted by Kerri jo View Post
In my recent experiences, CMs ask for photo ID along with DVC membership card for Member Lounge at Epcot, TOWL, dining and shopping. We have been at TOWL enough during our vacations for Don and Sue to know who we are (after reintroductions on the first visit during each vacation), but we wouldn't take offense to being asked for a photo ID each and every time.

My wonder is how many other people "share" their DVC cards, and what CMs are supposed to do when they notice this (like OP's BIL paying with a credit card that doesn't match DVC card).
This might make me the Unfriendly Poly Lady, but there is a firm rule in place here...unless your name is listed as an owner of the contract don't ask or expect to use my membership. Harsh, perhaps but the best way to handle the situation when someone asks to use my points.

I never have a problem when I'm asked to show ID with AP or DVC purchases.
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Old 05-20-2018, 10:56 AM   #46
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Originally Posted by Poly Lady View Post
This might make me the Unfriendly Poly Lady, but there is a firm rule in place here...unless your name is listed as an owner of the contract don't ask or expect to use my membership. Harsh, perhaps but the best way to handle the situation when someone asks to use my points.
I can certainly understand that.

We've never faced that as the vast majority of people we know have pretty much no interest in going to WDW, and would never ask to use our points.

We bought enough so that we could specifically invite others to join us (at no room cost). We bring both friends and family on our points.

If someone did ask, we'd just tell them (truthfully) that we had no points available as we planned the number of points we need and then use them annually. So, if we ever knew people who were interested in Disney, we'd have an easy out

"...And your head is spinning from a loud guitar"
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Old 05-20-2018, 10:59 AM   #47
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Originally Posted by ajc View Post
We never invite her because she is critical of everything and I don't need that on MY vacation.
I finally have pinpointed the person like this in my family. They're actually a Florida Resident, and anytime someone mentions Disney we get the eye roll and how it is such a tourist trap.

"I used to like Disney, but there's never been anything new there for the last 20 years".

Yea OK. He's just arrogant, and I have learned to not even invite him any longer.
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Old 05-20-2018, 11:22 AM   #48
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we just got back from a busy trip with DH, DD, SIL, & 2 grandsons. DD made it known to all family so SIL's mother ,sister, and 10 yr old daughter decided to join the trip last minute (well 30 days out) and booked through travel agent to stay at AKL. The travel agent gave them fast passes for Soarin' /Test Track then FOP/Navi' river ride all on the same day (bogus) which promptly disappeared on check in. We had been on FOP already so we gave them our magic bands and spent a relaxing time @ Nomad lounge in air conditioning while waiting for them.
The famliy of 6 had a good time touring, swimming and visiting the parks. When the additional 3 joined they let the 10 yr old make all decisions which overrode the original family of 6 and the 10 yr old conflicted with the older GS (birthday trip for him). Other family dynamics ensued (permissive single parent vs more strict grandma) and the end of the trip became an effort of herding cats.
The best part was DD decided she enjoyed our company better than her in-laws and wants to come back without kids on next trip.
So we get to be the "cool parents".
Shout out to Bakerworld who started this thread ; sorry we couldn't meet up but we enjoyed AKP and got back to the resort before the heavens opened up with rain deluge. Hope you did too from DS.
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Old 05-20-2018, 11:59 AM   #49
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Originally Posted by richviii View Post
Hearing all these stories reminds me of a recent conversation we had on our last trip. Neither of us would want to travel with any of our "in-laws" let alone gift them points to stay with or near us. Call me the curmudgeon but I could hear the complaints now, "you are going to the park, when?" "we are going to that park again?" My BIL and his family are finally going in January and while they know we go often, seem to refuse to ask for help or advice. His wife says, we will just wing it and wander around (with their 4yo autistic son and 7 year old daughter). I have tried to talk about DACs and other things and they just refuse. I feel bad for folks in early January as they will be the family complaining to CMs that they spent this much money and blah blah blah. Rant over.
Completely opposite here- would much rather travel with in-laws than my own family. I love my sisters just prefer 900 mile buffer. Have upcoming trip w/ my sister in 4 days- seemed like an ok idea at the time, now dreading it.

Phone calls started about 90days out...wants her own room, wants her own bathroom, why can’t we have housekeeping daily-someone at work told her SSR is a condo can’t we stay at POP?

After explaining to her she is more than welcome to make a cash stay at POP because I would not be changing out a reservation for G/V to her preferred resort she conceded but feels maybe “disturbed by the kids.” if they are on same floor. “Kids” are in their 20’s. My other sister is worse-one of those that nothing is ever good enough, no way I would even be at Disney at the same time but my nephew- well he is a different story all together can’t wait to take him and his new baby girl...

My SIL is why we bought in. The beautiful surprise family reunion she arranged with her points for her mother’s 80th was heartwarming. CMs at Olivia’s we’re crying watching great-grandma meeting new great grands for the first time...Yeah I will go with them any day my siblings not so much
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Old 05-21-2018, 10:52 PM   #50
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I gifted my points to my brother and his family last year and let them choose where they wanted to stay. My niece chose the Poly because she always wanted to stay there. We were vacationing at the same time but they decided they wanted to be on their own and that we could meet one night for dinner. Thought it was strange but whatever.
After the trip my niece told me Poly was ok but it isn't worth the price... Ummm it was free for you!
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