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Old 11-16-2020, 09:03 PM   #1
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Default Post-2019 resale owners: How are you liking it?

We've thought about adding on a bit, but the post-2019 restrictions are a bi*ch. Not being able to transfer into Riviera or ~anything else~ that gets built from now until forever keeps us from buying more resale.

Does anyone have both Pre- and Post-2019 points at the same resort and UY? How does this work when you make reservations? Do you pay diligent attention to which contract you click when you book your home resort, so as to keep your "exchangeable" points available in case you ever want to use them at the Riviera?

Do they all show in one pool in your member account and you have to track what's available in each contract?

If you get points back (due to a reduction, cancelation, or some other refund) how does the system choose which points to put back in your account: new-resort-exchangeable points or non-exchangeable points?

How do you like owning both?
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The only real issue is trying to book Riveria. Other then that, I have no issues.
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Default Points

The contracts are listed at the end of booking. DVC takes all expiring points from your contracts first, then takes the points in the order of contracts that you choose. Itís annoying if you need to change and have expiring points that you donít want to use. If there arenít any expiring pre-riviera points itís easy to control.
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