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Originally Posted by Lovetheboardwalk View Post
I was at WDW when Iger announced. It was a very sudden announcement on a Tuesday in the middle of February. As a business woman who has watched this type of activity for 35 years... I was scratching my head.
CEOs step down end of fiscal years, end of the months, give lots of warning for the sake of the company, etc etc.

He did none of those things. All I could guess was health reasons, Me Too, Fiscal shenanigans... but nothing has surfaced. He has stayed on and waived his pay.
I still don't get it. Why the sudden announcement?

Someday we will know.
We already know. He planned to do this end of Q1 but saw the Covif19 writing on the wall and decided to officially end his reign as CEO to be able to separate a bit from the numbers so that 10 years from now, his CEO entry and exit numbers won’t be affected by a pandemic. He can still help and oversee the problems unofficially.

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All of the articles I have read stated this was "unexpected" "sudden"
"out of the blue"... where did you see end of Q1??
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