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Old 02-11-2019, 10:23 AM   #91
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Originally Posted by henrycpa91 View Post
To be clear, this is not a wrong or right. It is your personal opinion. And only in the resorts in which you have stayed.

So, I and my family have stayed in BWV, SSR, BCV, AKV Kidani, VGF, & BLT. (this means we still have VWL (I know, no longer), Poly, OKW, SSR Treehouse, AKV Jambo still to go)

I am doing my ranking, not my wifes. And it is overall because If I factored in specific parks/locations it would alter where I would think was better.

1. BWV - Love the location. Walk to Epcot, Walk to DHS. Cheap rooms from a point perspective. Lots of entertainment and dining. Simply the best overall resort. I like the clown pool. I like the themeing

2. VGF - This is the IT location. Would work for a resort only stay. Would be #1 if it had a walking path to MK...or better transport to Epcot.

3. BCV - Relaxed resort. much of the same pluses as BWV except the views from the room SUCK. Trees. Maybe a brick circle. But the resort vibe is awesome and if you need a kiddie pool, this is your place.

4. SSR - This was a tough choice over Kidani. SSR won because we have never had transport issues and the revitalized dining at Disney Springs, and being able to walk there make it a nice place to stay. I expect moreso after the refurb.

5. AKV Kidani - LOVE the thememing. Masculine and dark. Always good views of animals even from the lobby area. Great library to work and relax. Sanaa is one of our favorite restaurants and easy walk to AKV Jambo for more food options. Only downside is Annual Fee Expense AND have to take bus to everywhere other than Jambo.

6. BLT - What can I say. Themeing is not our theme. The Studios are TERRIBLY designed from a space use perspective. The Dining at contemporary is always croweded and loud. Only redeeming quality is walk to MK.

Ok, there is my biased ranking...how about yours?

Hate to steal your thunder. But let's do a poll (I love polls) of just favorite DVC resort. No reasons needed. See where the bars go.
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Old 02-11-2019, 10:37 AM   #92
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A lot of factors go into deciding which resort is ideal for each trip: do you need space [extra bathrooms or murphy beds], do you have points to burn or are you on a point budget, will you be there for a full week so long bus rides don’t matter or is it a quick trip and you need to be more centrally located….but here are my thoughts:

1. AK Jambo – Absolutely my favorite resort. It just has a WOW factor that I don’t get at other resorts. I feel like Im in a different world. Love the animals and easy access to great restaurants (Boma, Jiko, Sanaa and the quick service is even good too, Mara). The buses ride may be long and the rooms may be dark, but I don’t even care. I also like the fire at night, the authentic African art and the cultural representatives. However, if I am doing a short trip, I often like to stay closer [such as BW or BLT or POLY]. But for me, AK Jambo is ideal for a trip of 5+ days.

2. Next we have a tie for BLT in a one bedroom or larger and anything at BW

2a. BW – LOVE the theming and décor, especially in the resort / lobby area. Love being able to walk or take the boat to Epcot or HWS. The downside is I feel like they don’t have a lot of good quick service options. The bakery is so small and the food choices are limited if you need something other than pastries.

2B. BLT - I am not a fan of the BLT studios because they are so small, but I do absolutely love the one bedroom or larger! I thought for a long time that I didn’t like BLT much and then we got a one bedroom there and I fell in love. I really like the lake view room that have a side view of MK! I love using the TOWL. I like that the décor is unlike the stuff at my house and the artwork is fun! It is so nice to have an extra bathroom in the one bedrooms and larger. We brought my son’s friend with us on our last trip and having the extra bathroom was really convenient.

3. AK Kidani – Kidani just lacks the WOW factor for me that Jambo has. But, it does have an extra bathroom in a one bedroom or larger , so if I am dying to stay at AK and we have guests coming with us, Kidani will do. I know you don’t sleep in the lobby, but walking through the Jambo lobby is so WOW…Kidani is just a let down for me.

4. SSR – This is our home and for many years we did not stay there. We were just there for 4 nights in early January. It was really nice. Id heard bad things about the rooms but our two bedroom lock off was really nice. We like the updates they have done at Disney Springs [shopping, restaurants, night life] so SSR is more appealing to us than it was a few years ago. I am beside myself with excitement about he renovations they will start in 2019!!!!!

5. I have another tie between POLY and OKW

5A. POLY – The studios are really nice and spacious. We stayed there once on a short 2 day trip to be on the monorail and it was broken the whole time. We had an early ADR at MK and we were trying to arrive on time and that just put a wrench in my plans. They could have at least notified us …ugh…I don’t mind to stay there but it is not on the top of my list. I will have to try it again I suppose but we usually only book studios for short trips. I think the point charts for the bungalows are the most ridiculous think I have EVER seen….A Sunday to Thursday night in the off season is 115 points for a single night? Really? Wow! That is just silly.

5B. OKW – I like that the studios give you an option for 2 beds. Sometimes you just need two beds…We are booked here for 4 nights in June. I am excited about the renovations. The pictures and you tube videos I have seen look nice. This may become my new favorite place….very point friendly, close to Disney Springs, spacious and usually easy to book [lots of availability]….fingers crossed!

Separate from these, I really love HHI and Vero. They aren’t in the same category for me since they are not attached to WDW, so I think of them differently.

HHI - HHI is a 5 hour drive from our house. It is almost the half way point in our drive to WDW…so you would think we would have been there more. I did a long weekend in a one bedroom and a quick over night ont eh way to Disney in a studio right after there were renovated a few years ago. I really like the décor. The setting of the resort is so peaceful. I woish the beach was right there on site but the little bus ride / car ride [we drove ourselves] isn’t bad. I love hammocks, bbq grills and hanging Spanish moss…..ahhhhhh….im ready to go now!!

VERO – Love that it is on the beach. We really enjoyed drinks and meals in the green Cabin room. And you can get Dole Whips at the pool!!!! Im sold!!! Ha! It is a great resort to relax and unwind. It was an adults only trip so we just lounged around and drank wine. We did not see local attractions. We did not leave the resort. We cooked in the room or the Green Cabin Room. I wonder if teens might get bored here because aside from the beach and pool, there is not much in the area..?
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Originally Posted by DisneyTravelers View Post
AK makes me feel like I am in a different world. All the other resorts just feel like a nice resort / hotel...but AK makes me feel like I am transported ....probably the closest to Africa I will ever get ! LOL! And I dont even care how long the bus rides are.....it is worth it to me! LOL....
If it weren't for DAK, and AKL, the closest I would get to Africa would be watching "Casablanca"!

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We have not stayed at all the resorts yet, but have visited all except SSR. After reading back our list, Location/Transportation is our biggest factor in rating the resorts. We really prefer walking where possible and avoiding/minimizing lines (for buses, for security, etc...)

1. BWV - our favorite physical location: walkable to two parks, and tons of dinner locations. IG has a nice short security line, though tbd how that will be affected by Skyliner. Large resort, so less likely to run into room availability issues if we plan in advance. Great point chart- they stretch far. Smaller lobby, but cozy and can sit down with a drink. Community Hall is nice for projects. The typical negatives for BWF don’t bother us much. We don’t mind the clown slide. Long hallways don’t bother us much as we like walking- and being all the way at the end means shorter walks to HWS.

3. CCV- Unexpected #2 for us, but we loved this resort. Boat to MK wasn’t as bad as we feared and separate security line at boat docking was a much bigger advantage than we expected. Our favorite lobby (we like to sit with a drink in the lobby now and then). Beautiful grounds & theming. Cabins look great, but we don’t travel with enough people or have enough points to make use of them right now.

4. BCV - all the same pluses as BWV and nicer pool. Smaller, so some availability concerns, and a bit more pricy point wise.

5. BRV - all the same pluses as CCV, but a bit further walk from the lobby & boats.

6. BLT - Walkable to MK with separate security line- both huge points for us. Monorail to MK (though we’d choose working) and to Epcot. So great location, We really wanted to like it more because of the location. But the theme was a bit blah so DW convinced me to add onto CCV instead.

7/8. OKW/SSR: walkable (or boat) to Disney Springs would be nice for many close dinner options. Great point charts. Feels more like a resort complex than the hotel-like feel of other DVC locations. But buses to all four parks is a turnoff for us right now when our visit style is closer to park commandos than relaxing strolls.

9. AKV- love the Jambo lobby,, but buses everywhere knock this down far on the list for us. Animals are less of a draw for us because we live close to a zoo that we visit often, so DS isn’t as excited by them at WDW. But elephants, we keep reminding him. There are no elephants in Illinois.

10. PVB - Beautiful resort and pool. Monorail to MK, and we’d walk to TTC for Monorail to Epcot. But we prefer 1BRs right now, so not really an option for us until we start wanting to use studios.

11. VGF - Beautiful resort, and great restaurants. Got engaged at Narcoosee’s, so will always be special to us. Monorail to two resorts. Avoid security line at MK via Monorail. But too pricy for us.
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Old 02-12-2019, 06:34 PM   #95
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  1. BCV: Epcot access, SAB
  2. BWV: Epcot access, DHS access, we've had surprising luck getting to book std view which is a steal!
  3. BLT: MK access, vertical structure = no long corridors, my kid loves the pool, TOWL
  4. AKL: Savannah view, Kidani pool, food (only stayed Kidani, but enjoyed all amenities)
  5. VWL: really liked the atmosphere (only stayed CCV)
  6. OKW: I really liked it, but there was no "wow"
  7. PVB: great, but too expensive comparatively
  8. SSR: meh

Hoping to try VGF soon!
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Old 02-13-2019, 10:40 AM   #96
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Originally Posted by caitieloo View Post
BWV: Epcot access, DHS access, we've had surprising luck getting to book std view which is a steal!
Just realized I have no idea what horrible thing one has to look at with Standard View. Please enlighten me. Is it just the parking lot, or what?

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