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Originally Posted by beachclubmum View Post
Yes, the summer series virtual race can be a lot of fun. I hope you do the 10k Princess next year! Keep in mind the 10k sells out the quickest. You will want to do the dvc early registration and be ready to go right when it opens that day. Don't forget to book a dvc room at the 11th month window. And if you can, try to arrive for the first day of the Race Expo which starts Thursday, 10am.
All good information, thank you!! Question: I am a DVC member and am thinking of running with a friend of mine who is not a member. Can I sign her up with the DVC early registration?? Still not sure if we will do the 5k or 10k.

Originally Posted by Duchie View Post
Oh wow this sounds fun! She and I live in different cities, wonder if she'd be interested in doing this.
Me? Or were you referring to someone else??

Originally Posted by Cjkmiller View Post
So 5 years ago, we had a big family trip that was going to be at WDW over princess weekend. I have NEVER been a runner. The mile in middle school PE was torture. So I wanted to prove I could do something.... I picked the 10K as I knew I wanted something hard that I genuinely had to train for as I could walk the 5K if needed. The training was a huge challenge. So I got to the 10K (my dad was on the trip and got up and went with me and waited at the finish! ) The race was such an amazing experience that I found a Pixie dust challenge bib at DL for 11 week later and did it. I have been running ever since. I am not fast, and I am still self conscious about it, but I love the races. I completed my 7th half marathon this past sunday at Disney. If it weren't for my Disney addiction, I would never have done any of this. I have even gotten my husband and DD9 into running. These races have truly been an amazing experience for me as they are such a positive non judgmental environment. If anyone is even considering trying, I say do it, I don't think anyone would ever regret it.
This is what's driving me...my Disney addiction!!

Originally Posted by beachclubmum View Post

I wasn't ever a runner either but wanted to do something memorable for my 50th birthday. A friend had talked about doing the Princess Race the year before and it got me thinking. I signed up for the Wine and Dine Half when it was still a night race. The timing was perfect as I turned 50 on the race course at midnight! It was so much fun...my DH even sang Happy Birthday. We immediately turned around and signed up for the next princess half. My DH was a long distance runner in high school and looks the part. Me? I'm the poster child for older overweight moms who shuffle through the course. Over time I've talked a few friends into joining me and now they're hooked too. In April we will have 3 moms plus 3 Dh's doing various races for the Star Wars series. I figure if I can keep going eventually I'll be 90 and maybe winning my age group!
Awesome!! Yep, Disney and my 50th are the motivator.

Originally Posted by tomandrobin View Post
This past weekend there were 56,000 runners registered for all the races.
WOW. That's a lot of runners!!

So....a few questions for those of you seasoned runners/run DVCers....

1) My available points are on 2 different membership #s. So, I would need to book 1 day, then 2 days in a studio (or visa/versa). Is it doable to book that way? Or will I be out of luck for the latter booking??

2) See above: Would I be able to register my non-DVC member friend during my early registration time? She would be staying with me in a DVC room.

3) is there transportation to/from the race venue from every hotel on race mornings? Somewhere I saw reference to ‘Disney race resorts’. AND to/from ESPN to pick up race bibs?

Thanks for your help!


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