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Old 09-16-2020, 12:48 PM   #51
Grand Villa
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Our first exposure was in Sept 1998. We booked a "Land/Sea" package on the then-new DCL Magic. The land-side accommodations were a studio at BWV with invitations to tour DVC. We took the tour and mostly liked what we saw but said to ourselves, "But we don't vacation in Orlando."

That statement was true enough. We visited Orlando, even WDW, every year ... but for work-related conference travel paid by our employers. The DCL sailing was a "one-off event" for us.

The tour did spark ideas, however, and it caused us to research timeshare options that might be a better fit. In mid-2000 we purchased our first timeshare and immediately made great use of it. We have visited 50+ locations within that club in addition to dozens of exchanges through RCI and II.

We didn't circle back to DVC until 2003/4 when our employers quit paying our conference expenses. While we were successful exchanging into DVC against our other timeshare, we figured it was a good idea to own a small DVC contract to "lock in our stay." We gave our credit card deposit for a BWV waitlist (direct) while also working a set of BWV resale options. The resale options fell through and the direct sales desk tried to trick us into SSR. We recognized the trickery and called them on it ... but eventually caved to purchasing SSR.

Honestly, SSR has been fine for us. We could still book BWV for our annual conference ... until the conference moved to a new venue after the 2015 event. Okay, new phase in our ownership: we must now figure out how to vacation using our DVC. We've done OK: a couple cruises, Grand Cal with some frequency, a couple trips to Aulani and, yes, we've even gone back to WDW for, umm, vacation. Seems odd ... but it works.

We've been talking about down-sizing DVC ever since the conference moved. It remains an option for us ... but, for now, not required.
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Grand Villa
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My first exposure to DVC was when a castmember came into our room without permission or knocking when I had just gotten out of the shower. I'm not sure what it has to do with me buying though.

On a serious note though... I had known about DVC for a long time as I remember it being advertised on property when I was at WDW with my parents, but never gave it thought until 2014 because I couldn't afford the commitment and my parents (really more my Mom, hahaha) didn't want to buy when I was younger. I bought in with my wife because we love Disney and wanted to plan for big family trips for years to come. I chose BLT because it felt like the best combination of length of contract, perks, and low MF costs at the time for the price.

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Grand Villa
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Our experience dates back to 2007. I had very minimal exposure to WDW prior to that year, and DW had only a tiny bit more. As part of a FL vacation/conference, we spent 3 days at WDW (staying offsite) in June - with our then 1 and 2 year-old daughters. Having loved the experience, and needing some time to ourselves, DW and I made a return trip that fall and stayed at Pop Century. While on that trip, we kept passing the DVC kiosks and I would say, "Wouldn't it be cool..."

Fast forward to the spring of 2008 and we'd discovered the resale market. As 'as long as we're on-property we're happy' people, we bought SSR, and our finances allowed us to by 120 points. By that September we were there on our first stay and have never looked back. In 2010 we spent our larger vacation investment on a travel trailer instead of more points, and have used that at Fort Wilderness to bolster our point usage.

I know people have various concerns right now, but in all our years of going to WDW, DCL and DLR, we've never had a bad stay. We've had bad moments, but never a bad stay. I don't think we have the same priorities as some so, until we see a turning of the tide away from our enjoyment, each trip will end with conversations about when we can return!
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