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Old 02-16-2012, 04:27 PM   #71
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Originally Posted by ccsuwxman View Post
Have you not been on the new Star Tours yet? That attraction alone makes a stop at DHS mandatory for any Disney vacation. And no matter how many times I've seen it, Muppetvision-3D still cracks me up, and is perfectly suitable for the younger kids who have been watching Sesame Street.
I did the old one with my eyes closed through about half of it.
I have done it multiple times, closing my eyes at different times, so that my head can put the whole thing together.
I do the same with soaring (which is one of my favorites).

I will have to try out the new one.

I love Muppetvision-3D, I always do that one.
however, Tough to Be a Bug is better, and the very best 3D show is Mickey's Mickey's philharmagic.
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Old 02-23-2012, 10:09 AM   #72
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Originally Posted by cardaway View Post
Personally I find most of the original AK (which is far less that what you see now) to very lacking in theme aspect. For example, even the local zoo has better theming for their animal exhibits than the AK. On the other see many newer attractions at IOA and US to be far superior in theming, not counting Potter.

AK does have great landscpaing. No agruement there. But only the safari and Everest IMO are examples of superior theming, and Everest came YEARS later just like Potter.

Huge difference in opinion on this one. I really feel Disney has dropped on the ball when it comes to theming many of the newer attractions, including many in the AK outside the safari and Everest.

Probably best to agree to disagree.
And I will disagree, we just returned and had a great time at AK and the theming is great also, my DD13 even comments now about how the bathrooms are themed by park and land within the park. (Trust a girl to notice that)

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Originally Posted by AZDVC View Post
I would love to see some of the Disney Broadway musicals at DD....its far enough from New York they wouldn't be competing with themselves. That seems like an easy add on to build one or two nice theaters and rotate a show or two every 1-2 years!!
Omg I love that idea!!! They could also use a stage to show current shows/concerts from their "tween" stars, or look-a-likes. I think that would be huge! My little tweeny girl cousins going to see those skits or concerts would be a stampede let me tell you! They could do lots of theming in the theatre while you waited for any of the shows, and what a way to draw from those who vaca in NY for the shows (although being a huge NYC fan I know that there are many other reasons to frequent). Isn't there also a Spiderman Broadway show?

I'm not into the whole Marvel Roller Coaster Park idea. For us Disneyworld is about escaping what is so easy to get around our home. We have Canada's Wonderland here, and it takes care of any coaster envy my DH might have. However, if they "themed" it right they could do a Marvel Park - I like the idea of adding it to DHS The boys love Spiderman, and doing some sort of Mickey Spidey combo mini coaster could work. AND the Pixar themed park would be brilliant. It's all in the imagination. I would strongly dislike a park that didn't "feel" like anything but a coaster park. Totally a dime a dozen, and totally what imo Disney is not supposed to be. My kids would love to see some very cool Star Wars stuff, and some very hokey stuff. It's all about the combo.

My boys are still young, but our plans for when they get older is to keep the magic going. To have a place where they can go and be silly, get into rides that remind them of this age now, and let the "agression" go. It's what my parents did and it brought us together as a family everytime. It's why 20 years later we want to return. A Playhouse disney section at one of the parks would be nice. And yes, altough the characters do change by fancy, they stick with the kid who grew up with them. For Example, my first DS will always be a Little Einsteins fan, and would love to see something. My second is an OSO fan, as is my 3rd. But it should be a limited area...maybe a refreshing water splash pad area that looks like Mickey's clubhouse, with some outdoor stage entertainment a few times a day that they could change, kind of like a re-vamp of Disney Junior Live?

Oh why can't this be my job thinking this stuff up everyday lol. I'll make a wish on Tinkerbell and Cinderella's Castle in April Prob. wouldn't be wishing on Harry Potter land lol (although def. want to visit).

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