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Old 02-20-2020, 07:15 PM   #51
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My favorite was the Jet Juice, but sampling a couple others they were good too.

And, my kids enjoyed it just as much as we did, and don't feel bad one bit bringing them in there... especially since they are just as much Star Wars fans as we are (if not more). There are some really fun non-alcoholic drinks too, including the Carbon Freeze my oldest son loved.

Originally Posted by ermindy1133 View Post
It’s so odd that several people have mentioned music. I honestly can’t remember any music. Just an overwhelming noise. I asked DH, and he said that he does remember there being music, but it was very faint. He said that the crowd was speaking loudly in order to be heard over the music.
The music to me was a huge part of the atmosphere (I think it is at almost any bar/lounge at Disney, but especially here). The large crowd was for sure loud to try to hear each other, but to me it was less about the music and more about being packed in there so tight that they had to talk over the group next to them.

If you want to hear the music, you can listen on Spotify just search for "Oga's Cantina DJ REX". My kids have played it multiple times since we got home.

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I booked an ADR last minute on a whim, thinking my (adult) son would really enjoy it since he is a Star Wars fanatic.
Our ADR was for 10:30am.
Crazy long line to check in, and about twenty minutes until we were called. I guess I didn't realize how crowded it would be inside, but wow. We were placed at the bar and told to squeeze in. Not really enough room for two of our party to fit in, so they were kind of standing real close behind us, and a cast member told them to go ahead and push on in there. It was just uncomfortably crowded and loud for my liking. Our bartender/server seemed annoyed that we took our time to read over the menu offerings and order.
I think it is a one and done for me.
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Originally Posted by JaneBanks View Post
Crazy long line to check in, and about twenty minutes until we were called.
And we went twice and just walked in, so cancelled our hard-won ADR.

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Went on Wednesday. My wife was a bit bemused by the concept and annoyed by the wait (though we were a bit late due to RotR). Drinks with two kids were pretty enjoyable. Like most in Disney, its designed as a family bar. You may find the concept appalling but we don't (for context, my family had dinner that night and spent two hours at TOTWL).

The venue would be bad if everyone was seated. Its a cantina bar with too little interaction already. Though maybe a little less tight -- 3 new people got assigned to our "table", took one look, complained and we never saw them again. 8 was fine, 10 was not fine.

Carbon freeze and the munchies were one of the highlights of SWGE. Nice strong seaweed based and spicy snacks common in Asia, pretty uncommon in the US.

I suspect its better at night. It would be better if it were more natural -- let ones/twos in by waitlist (or some cool app thing), reserve the tables/booths for larger groups and the inevitable bottle service. Better staff theming would go a long way (best moment in the first order shop was the stormtroopers coming in and smack talking the customers). How awesome would it be if stormtroopers hauled someone out every 15 minutes? It would have been a lot of better if you went to the bar, placed your drink order, felt more free to walk around and interact with the whole bar, maybe a server would bring out special drinks (like the tooth beer flight) but normally serve via bartender. Or order via console with some theming.

They need to get some performance bartenders and some real bar managers to manage customer intake and placement, not fresh trainees from the 50s diner and the ABC canteen trying to execute the SWGE version of BOG.
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