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Old 05-21-2018, 03:16 PM   #61
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Originally Posted by Maddismom View Post
Ahhhhh... I love a no kids trip! You can totally relax and go at your pace on your schedule and no one else dictates the park or rides!

We enjoy the spots that we may not have typically visited when there with a larger group of family including kids.

Spots like the bars/lounges at the resorts are fun (BC/YC, PVB and VGF are faves) and we'll even have a few small apps and make it our meal so we don't need ADR's or spend as much on a big dinner!

Ft Wilderness and the wagon/carriage ride is fun and romantic.

People watching from wherever you can grab a couple of seats is fun too - either at a pool bar, in the park or at DS!

We are trying to build in an activity on our more recent trips so the archery lesson at FW was fun and hope to do the Wild Africa Trek next time.

Take advantage of things you may have neglected to see up close and in person on prior trips and enjoy!!!

We have been loving our no kids trips for years, for all of the above reasons and more.

But now we are coming full circle and are talking grandkids to Disney World. We still do our adult trips, but the grandkids are usually involved in more then half of our trips now.
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Old 03-25-2019, 08:13 PM   #62
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Originally Posted by Grandma Minnie View Post
"Advice sought for transition to no kid trips"......we have a relaxing breakfast, head to the pool til 2pm, shower, nap, and then head to dinner. We have annual passes so we do still head to the theme parks, but it's usually later for a few Fastpasses and dinner in the park. We are able to sit on a bench and enjoy the Disney magic without the hustle bustle of keeping up with the young ones! Love it!
This was our routine before kiddos arrived and we are looking forward to getting back to it now that they have flown the nest!
The trips to come:

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Old 03-25-2019, 10:09 PM   #63
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Originally Posted by Grandma Minnie View Post
But there's no stressing out about being at rope drop and rushing to get to the most popular attractions. Instead we have a relaxing breakfast, head to the pool til 2pm, shower, nap, and then head to dinner.
That's where DW and I are at....we've never done it with kids, though. It's this way every time! I feel sorry for everyone who has to drag their kids along with them.

I realize the OP is over 2 years ago...but regardless, no worries about the "transition to no kids" heh heh heh as you slowly realize the joys of real vacationing.

Actually, one time, we had extended family who had a pile of kids - ruined the trip! You can keep 'em.
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Old 03-25-2019, 10:59 PM   #64
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Originally Posted by Guzzi View Post
We are almost there, our daughter is just about too old to vacation with the family, our son will be going to college next year. We have enough pts to stay in studios for a week, but not enough for a one bedroom that would splt them up.

So we are within a trip or two at the most where it will be my wife and i traveling to the world, that both scares and excites me (and i think my wife!?)

So i'd like to hear from folks who have made the transition from traveling to the world with the kids to traveling to the world as a couple. What advice can you give, (ive been thinking two short trips, one during food and wine, one during flower and garden)
We also are now at the stage where no more kiddies.. Tho’ honestly not as “fun” especially when they would meet characters and go to Chef Mickeys it is actually still enjoyable! We can now go at our own pace, see what we want..eat where we want...stay where we want...It’s still a place that draws us.. you will experience it a whole new way:: Enjoy!
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Old 03-26-2019, 09:15 AM   #65
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Don't assume that because your kids are getting older, they won't come. Ours still tag along occasionally when their schedule allows.

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I am a little late to this thread. I saw it yesterday but didn't venture in because I figured it might be a long post from me.

My kids are twin DDs-20 and DS-22. We started doing sans kiddo trips before we were empty nest though. In 2013, DH and I decided to go to F&W for just 3 nights without kids. We really enjoyed it and made it an annual thing (well, 2 of the 6 F&W trips our DDs went with us). Now they are all out of the house, DH and I do many sans kiddo trips. There is nothing to be scared of...we love them.

You really do Disney a whole different way. Sleep in (not really sleep in but lounge around and slowly get moving). Stroll Epcot and drink around the world showcase. People watch. Eat dinner wherever you like (no kids complaining about Sanaa for example...and easier on the wallet to do signatures). We ride what we want (which really isn't a lot). The festivals at Epcot are our fave. And we own most points at BWV so that works out for us. For us it's now a vacation in a familiar place and not so much about the Disney theme anymore (no parades or characters or shows...we just go to relax, eat, drink and people watch in better weather, sometimes, than at home). And I like to chat with other couples. I always seem to find other empty nest couples and strike up convos about WDW/DVC.

Now I will say, when our DDs come with us (we just went a couple weeks ago) they do WDW more our way now. They sleep in and we all head out around 11 to find lunch and do our FP. Then back to room to lounge about some more. Then off to dinner somewhere. They enjoy the festivals too and love Epcot. They like browsing the world showcase countries (the stores and food options). DS-22 is joining us in Oct and will be his first trip back in 4 years. I am sure he will be more our style now too...except he will be out LATE and drinking more (with his cousins). And now when the kids are with us, if they don't like where we're going to eat they can go get their own food. DDs liked DS this past trip and could have found places to eat there the whole week.

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Old 03-26-2019, 10:48 AM   #67
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Originally Posted by tink711 View Post
Enjoy it!
Go at a more leisurely pace. Stop and see the things you never noticed before because the kids would have thought it was boring. Plan nice adult meals. One of our favs is resort hopping, we go visit another resort and maybe just have lunch at the pool bar and stroll around (Jambo is awesome for this). Chill at TOWL and watch the fireworks. Stop and notice the beautiful landscaping and fountains. There is so much that we all miss when we are hurrying to the next thing.
All this and more!! We found we enjoyed shorter, more frequent trips...instead of a week, two 4 day trips. Love trying out the hotel bars. Have our favorite rides. But if we miss one or two, no biggie. We’ll be back soon. More recently, we only schedule two parks per trip instead of all four. We try to do one new thing each visit.

The kids do come back though. We now take them once about every three years. I expect when the next generation arrives, we will be back to being more park centric. But for now, we are loving our adult time!!

I imagine Disney is observing this trend...that we love our adult time. Hence the tower suites at RR.

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Old 03-26-2019, 11:36 AM   #68
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I just took an adult only trip with two of my girlfriends. Now I am wondering if I have to take my kids with me next time. Since they are 9 and 10 I'm assuming the answer is yes....

In all seriousness, WDW as an adult is a lot of fun. It is everything you love about it with your kids but you will have less opinions to consider when planning your days and nights. Each lounge has a different vibe and the quiet pools become an afternoon refuge. We wondered, rode the rides as we felt inclined and just enjoyed being there.

I promise once you get there you will know exactly what to do!
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Old 10-09-2019, 11:34 AM   #69
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WDW as an adult is really a 'whole new world' - and it's a good one. We've been enjoying adult only trips for roughly 12 years. Two years in we joined DVC because we enjoyed WDW so much as a couple. It is so freeing when there is one 1 person to consult, although mostly, since I know that one person really well, I just arrange stuff.

No running - No worry someone is going to get separated, no waiting from people to get off a ride, miss some wanted attraction/event, not have enough water to drink, why we have to stand in one more line, will we have time to do this or that - no worries. Just enjoyment.

We try to only vacation together. Over Labor Day weekend we vacationed with BIL+1 and agreed we'd only meet for dinner. Now I have to admit the dinners were a treat for me because the better half doesn't really like a TS meal. I know the first day they were glad of the separation too because BIL text at 7:10 AM they were on the bus - we were still in bed. +1 commented that we wasted time in the hotel room.
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Drink around the world...Maybe twice in the same day!

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