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Old 02-18-2018, 12:24 PM   #21
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If I could suggest one thing, it's to pack a small overnight / next morning carry on bag with only essentials that you need (kids' and your jammies, toothbrushes / paste, etc.). Get off the plane and head directly to the ME buses. You are not arriving super late and the name of the game is to get on a bus that's ready to go ASAP!

Your luggage will make it fine with the bag service and you can get the kids and yourselves in the resort and ready for bed so that you're settled in before your luggage arrives with very little hassle. You'll enjoy just getting you, the family and the essentials to the resort as lightly as possible with the least hassle.
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Old 02-18-2018, 10:02 PM   #22
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we own at AKL and love Jambo House but both resorts have pluses.
The Mara at Jambo is quick service and affordable and the breakfast buffet at Boma is great (too much food for every morning but worth doing).
don't forget to check the schedule for movies under the stars (very relaxing on the pool chaise lounges with some flat breads, popcorn, and zebras domes)
If you are going in May make a trip to EPCOT for flower and garden as the park is beautiful and the topiaries are awesome. The 12+ open kitchens give you a mini- food and wine vibe and the kids may enjoy the butterfly garden and playground installations.
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Old 02-18-2018, 11:35 PM   #23
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Originally Posted by popcorn buckets View Post
along with my ever expanding knowledge on disney, the past few months i've discovered the wonderful world of credit card bonus points! I'm not a churner nor to i plan to be one, but i'm loving taking advantage of all the different offers and point systems out there. Give me all the credit cards!! So..found airfare that was $80/round trip and paid for it using points. We are using the mde and counting solely on disney transportation. My incoming flight to orlando arrives on the later side (for me) past 8:30 so i'll be debating whether i want disney to deliver my checked bags or whether we should just pick them up.

we'll be staying 5 nights at kidani standard studio and 2 nights jambo standard studio in mid-may! I've never stepped into either resort and i love surprises, so i probably won't make any room requests. I'm most looking forward to the kidani pool, and the sanaa breakfast. I think the breakfast at sanaa, from what i've read about it, is probably one of the biggest hidden gems at dvc. The fact that its quick service style and really quality food (like real eggs instead of powdered eggs and french press coffee), and not too crowded right at opening (which i'll be there). And the setting, too. I can't really recall reading any other place that's like it at the other resorts.

park plans
animal kingdom, magic kingdom, and a water park are for sures. Again.. I'll have to keep ya'll updated with my plans!

One thing i did sign up for already was the moonlight magic. Now.. With little kids i'm not sure how that will work for us. One of us might have to leave early.. Or we all might only be there for a short while.. But i'm super stoked either way! It worked really smoothly for me. I received an email from dvc the night before registration with the link. I followed the link the next day and was booted out when the server went down. Went back in, and processed ok. I can't wait to hear what type of "light refreshments" they'll have.it will also be the first time we see pandora.

food / adrs
i'll keep ya'll updated! The only plan for sure right now is going to the trex or one of the rainforest cafes. I got the landry card last year and it worked out great! We went into rainforest without a reservation, showed them the card, and got seated almost immediately. Plus, may is my birthday month so i'll get an additional $20 off! Does anyone know if i can combine that coupon with the ap/dvc discount?
well done!
Me, DH, the twins (DD20), and (DD16)

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Default DME luggage

I would certainly advise getting your own luggage when arriving this late. When we had an 8:30 flight arrival our luggage didn't arrive until after 2 in the morning and that was after I called several times to track it down. I didn't think getting it at 11:30 would be bad as my children are used to staying up late on vacation, but 2 was a bit much.
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Old 02-19-2018, 10:24 AM   #25
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As a parent of little ones, though not a little as yours! Definitely pick up your luggage before you head to your resort. We had a late fight as well on our last trip. There are carts that you can load up your luggage on. Once you get those kids settled in, the last thing you'll want is a knock on the door waking them up!

Also, completely agree with the recommendation on Tusker House. The characters took their time with my kids and we got lots of pictures! The food offered something for everyone in our group!

The best of luck on your trip!!
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