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Originally Posted by erikthewise View Post
Actually I didn't know there was a Utica in Ohio.
FWIW I've never eaten "ice cream" at B&C as such; the only thing I've had there is a No Way Jose, which has enough chocolate fudge, etc that the ice cream doesn't really matter. Though no doubt it would even better....
Not sure where you are, but the Velvet plant is cool to visit. I get the draw to the No Way Jose, but sadly the last time I had it my ice cream was icy. My son preferred the cookie I found at one of the stores in the Contemporary that I heated up, put Haagen Dazs ice cream on top with some melted peanut butter drizzled on it. Good stuff!

But really check out Ample Hills. Or even the Fountain at the Dolphin was better too.
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Originally Posted by brp View Post
Beats the pants off Beaches & Cream for quality. B&C is mediocre generic stuff at best. They're appeal is catering to the American appetite by serving outrageously huge portions of the pap. No comparison.

Until a small number of years ago their appeal was that they had ice cream period, plus the atmosphere. It beat walking to the Dolphin for pretty much the same thing.

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Originally Posted by MMC1 View Post
How much would you donate to see BRP scoop? (kidding around) ,I think , but I would pay
I do that sort of thing for pay

At work we do fundraising for Second Harvest food Bank in December. One of the big fundraisers is when the cafeteria service does a major pasta feed, and they have senior management doing the serving. People tip us for that (things like $5-$40 kinds of things) and it all goes to the charity. Then some of us also match all of the tips we get. I did 1.5X match this year. Then the company matches all of it.

Very much fun. But, yeah, will scoop for tips

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