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Old 10-18-2020, 01:50 PM   #21
Grand Villa
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Have fun! we didnt' get our room ready text/room # at BCV until 4:45.

Love hearing about food booths/recommendations at F/W. we will have 1 more day there in Nov, and I missed Flavors/Fire, and the cake pops, and other things in that building.

Also, good to know about wine left in hot cars. I will make sure not to bring ours on future trips, and just get there! Guess I never tried it in So LA, altho one time I had a bottle leak all over my brand new van, in South Alabama in July, and it was quite nasty!
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Old 10-18-2020, 02:28 PM   #22
Grand Villa
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Yes - hope you have better luck on the room ready. End of August we didn't get our room until 5....and we had traveled so were up since 3 AM. Then it was a HA room. Fortunately that wasn't too bad except for the lack of storage.
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Old 10-18-2020, 07:26 PM   #23
Grand Villa
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DAY 2 Ė Sunday 10/18/20
Who: Sue (61), DVC Member

Plan: Pool, Food & Wine

Actual: I turned in fairly early last night and slept well. It was silent in the room, which is the way it should be. I got up just after 5, and puttered around the studio doing some online stuff. Around 8 I made my egg and slice of bacon for breakfast, then hung out a bit longer to give the sun the chance to reach the top of the building. I should have gone for a walk this morning, but will remember to do that tomorrow. I figure if Iím out walking before sunrise, and not near anyone else, I can carry the mask rather than wear it (assuming joggers donít have to jog in their masks).

Around 8:45 I changed into a swimsuit and headed down to the quiet pool. A family was already there, with the mom walking around without a mask. The man and daughter were in the pool, and there were a couple other solo guys on the other side. The sun takes a while to clear the top of the resort, so it was cloudy out there until about 9:30. I sat there reading, and noticed when the lady went inside (without her mask), she got sent back to get it - a cast member inside must have said something.

She put the mask on and went back inside, then started to do the same thing later but caught herself and turned around to get the mask, lol. I moved back, into the first sun, and enjoyed the rest of the morning out there, getting up to use the shower once to cool off. There was an occasional breeze, but as the day wore on the sun was feeling hotter. I left just after 1, and went up to the studio to shower and get dressed.

By 2pm I was walking into Epcot, and no sooner did I turn left towards United Kingdom than it started to rain. I had a little umbrella, but decided to duck into the big air conditioned building that used to be Millenium Village. Several others had the same idea, but it wasnít overly crowded. I took a table in the back, got some wine, and spent time texting or messaging with a number of people. I hardly ever spend time on facebook (except when on a trip), and I posted a comment on one of Carol Steinís vacation pictures about looking at her pictures while listening to her play Disney songs at Epcot. When her set was over she saw the comment and messaged me to see where I was, then came out before her next set to say hello.

I left during that set, having been in there almost and hour. The rain had passed by, and everything was dry again. It was pretty breezy, but that was welcome as it kept it very comfortable! I turned left toward Canada and joined the fairly long queue at the food booth. It moved constantly, so it wasnít bad at all. I got the cheddar cheese soup w/pretzel roll and it was excellent! In true Food & Wine Festival style, I used a trash can for my table. There used to be several more tables in this area (along the lake), but they were removed to make room for a long queue at the Citrus booth. Although, I never saw that many people in line over there.

After eating I walked over to the Land and did Living with the Land (boat ride). It had a posted 5-minute wait, and thatís probably what it took to get on a boat. Again, the queue moved constantly. They have plastic flaps separating each row, which seems a bit much. If weíre wearing masks, why do we need this too?? It reduces visibility, and Iím not a fan.

After my ride through the greenhouses I went back to World Showcase, and turned towards Canada to do 2 loops around the countries. I stopped here & there to look at stuff, but didnít get anything until the final loop. At the Alps stand (which I think may be only open on weekends) I got the blueberry & almond frangipone tart that was so delicious last year. Itís different now, and not really a tart (itís not in crust), but itís still very good Ė and it's warm! Itís also big enough to be shared easily.

At this point it was 6pm and I didnít really have anything else I needed to do. The wind was still blowing and there were lots of clouds. I figured I might as well head back in case it rained again. I skipped the skyliner and just returned to the resort, where I sat on the balcony to update the report until it started raining lightly. With the breeze, it was blowing onto me, so that was my cue to go inside.

Today was another wonderful day, but itís shocking how quickly it went by! It feels like I just got here, and tonight I pulled the suitcase out to get packed up to move tomorrow. I am not looking forward to being homeless, and havenít fully decided what Iíll do, but whatever happens Iíll deal with it <g>. Itíll be nice to get into a more home-like villa for the rest of the trip!

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- good luck today!
October - 2020 - BCV - F&W
February/March - 2021 - OKW & Disney VBR

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Originally Posted by wdw1972 View Post
By 2pm I was walking into Epcot, and no sooner did I turn left towards United Kingdom than it started to rain.
That's great theming!! But probably not appreciated.

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Grand Villa
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Originally Posted by erikthewise View Post
That's great theming!! But probably not appreciated.
You're not kidding - I had the same thought, lol!

DAY 3 Ė Monday 10/19/20
Who: Sue (61), DVC Member

Plan: Move to 1br villa, Pool, Food & Wine

Actual: Once again I slept well. At first I heard some faint noise from outside, and when I got up I discovered I hadnít fully closed the sliding glass door (open about half an inch). Once I closed it, the room was silent. I was up at 5 to make my cappuccino, then spent the time relaxing online. The local weather forecast let me formulate/finalize my plan for today.

It looks like another windy/breezy day, which is a good thing. That keeps it more comfortable! The high is only supposed to be 85, which is better than upper 80ís. Thereís a 50% chance of rain this afternoon, mainly the 2nd half of the afternoon. Thatís not good for moving into the villa, but itís not the end of the world Ė I may be sitting in the room with the pool table by then, as I donít need to trudge around Epcot in the rain.

I decided to get my shower done this morning, so I did that and then dressed in a swimsuit. A change of clothes went into a plastic Publix bag so I could change later and wander around Epcot, assuming itís not raining. After breakfast in the studio I brought stuff to the car, keeping the laptop with me rather than having it sit in a hot car all day. Itís light enough I donít see it as a problem.

Around 9 I stopped by the cast member in the villas lobby to let them know Iíd left my studio and was waiting for the 1-bedroom. Not sure that will do any good, but it canít hurt Ė and it lets them start getting my studio ready so someone else doesnít have to wait until 4pm. From there I headed out to the pool to do some reading while waiting for the sun to clear the building.

Surprisingly, it was complete overcast until about 10, when suddenly there wasnít a cloud in the sky! Clouds rolled back in later, which wasnít necessarily a bad thing since the sun was a little too warm. I stayed out there until 11:30, and decided that was enough. The pool was anything but quiet, thanks to a team of construction workers pressure washing the building, and using one of those portable bucket trucks that goes ďbeep beep beepĒ when it moves. Plus, rain was due as early as 1pm, so I figured I might as well get some Epcot time & do lunch over there.

I changed in the restroom at the pool, and since this morning Iíd moved the car to a shady space, plus it was cloudy out, I left everything in the car and just took my usual small backpack. Getting into the park was easy, and it was much less busy than it was this weekend! I decided to check out the passholder pop up shop first, so I turned right towards France and headed to Germany.

The line waiting to get in extended halfway through the train display, but it moved pretty steadily. Once I got inside I saw the line to check out extended back nearly to the entrance, and this shop takes the space of 3 regular shops. That was a bit of a deterrent, but in the end I found a few things and joined the back of the line. The wait wasnít really too bad Ė it looked worse than it was. They had several register stations set up at the end, and a cast member kept everyone moving. I bought one of the reusable Epcot bags since it was cute.

Once outside I continued in the same direction and decided to see if Flavors from Fire was open. Most of the ďnewĒ booths (Spain, Alps, Waffles, Donut place) are only open on the weekend, but I was hoping this one would be popular enough to be 7 days a week. I cut through near Test Track, and was happy to see people getting food!

I ordered the chimichurri skirt steak (charred chimichurri skirt steak on a smoked corn cake with pickled vegetable slaw and cilantro aioli $7.00) again, and todayís was a smaller portion (more normal). It was very good, and I took it to a table near the donut place since thatís where the only shade could be found. After I finished eating it started to rain, and I realized although I had shade, I had no shelter from rain. The rain just came through the roof, and was bouncing off the tables. Very quickly it was pouring and blowing at an angle, and people came running thinking it would be dry under there (then quickly putting on their ponchos). I opened up my little umbrella and kept my back to a wide column that blocked some of the blowing rain.

At one point I checked the weather on my phone and saw these storms are supposed to end at 6:30! That sucks, since the park closes at 7pm. Once it let up (or passed over Ė one side was blue sky & the other was dark gray with thunder noises) I walked back to World Showcase. Not knowing if Iíd make it back today, I walked over to France to try the little cake they have there.

The line was short, but the registers were closed Ė you had to order & pay where you get the food, so it was pretty slow. I ordered the cake (brioche cake filled with light pastry cream and raspberry coulis $3.00) and the chardonnay (Le Vieux Manoir $5.00). Iím not a big fan of chardonnay, but you never see wine for $5 at Disney anymore so I was curious. It was ok Ė definitely not a favorite for me. The little cake was pretty good Ė it looked more like a cream puff. Iím glad I tried it, but I donít need to get it again.

After finishing the wine I headed to International Gateway and exited the park. Iíd received a notification to stop by the front desk about my room. The skyliner was not running, so there must be lightning within a certain area. I walked back to Beach Club Villas and the cast member was not in the villas lobby so I went to the front desk at Beach Club. There a cast member checked my magic bands to make sure theyíd work, then gave me the room number.

Iím not over the pool this time, but have a view of trees. I am in the short hallway that has the ice machine room on one corner and trash/recycling on the other Ė about midway between the single elevator and the set of 2 elevators. Itís fine Ė I only really dislike the rooms beyond the single elevator.

I checked out the villa, turned on General Hospital, and then over the next 30-40 minutes made a few trips to the car to bring stuff up a little at a time. During most of the trips it was raining at least a little, so that slowed me down. When I went out for the final bag I left the umbrella in the room and discovered once outside that it was nearly pouring. So, I got another umbrella from the car, and re-entered the building at the stairwell out by the parking lot. All this rain is ridiculous!

Iíd backed some clothes for cool evenings, but we unfortunately wonít have any of those this trip, so that stuff stayed in the suitcase. I sat at the dining table and updated the report, waiting for the 4pm news to catch the latest local weather. Although the showers werenít supposed to end until 7:15 now, the radar looked like it would be ok for a while around 5.

I decide to travel light Ė cell phone & umbrella. I pulled out my Disney Vera Bradley phone crossbody and noticed something wadded up in the outer pocket. I pulled it out and was surprised to see it was a $20 bill. Iíd been thinking of trying a bottle of the Once Upon a Vine sauvignon blanc and I took the $20 as a sign it was meant to be. I went down to Beach Club Marketplace and bought a chilled bottle Ė with tax it was just over $18. The only cork screw in the villa is one of those cheap ones, so I may have to wait for SB to get here before I can open it.

After putting the wine in the refrigerator and seeing it wasnít raining, I grabbed an umbrella and walked over to Epcot a little after 5. Since I had the umbrella it didnít rain at all, lol Ė but the mugginess was through the roof! It was terrible! It was still fairly busy too, so the rain hadnít sent people home earlier. That said, lines at the booths were small or nonexistent.

I turned left towards UK and made one loop. I thought about the crispy chicken from the Citrus booth but decided to get the bratwurst in Germany instead. In Mexico there wasnít a line to get into the pavilion so I went inside thinking Iíd ride the boat ride. However, people were queued up in the lobby area, and when I checked the app I saw the boat wait was 15 minutes, so I decided not to bother. Spaceship Earth was only 5 minutes, but I didnít feel like walking up there.

I continued around, and stopped in Germany for the bratwurst. The pretzel rolls are definitely bigger this year, in both Canada & Germany. Now the bratwurst pretty much fits, rather than hanging out a lot at each end. I took it over by the lake, to a stand-up table. Everything was still wet, so sitting down anywhere was out of the question. The bratwurst was good, as usual.

After eating I continued walking, and there was still a line of people waiting to get into the passholder pop up store. In Italy I thought about the cannoli but decided to skip that in favor of trying the baklava in Morocco again. I wasnít crazy about it last time, but it may have been because I carried it around in the 100 degree heat for quite a while before getting it in the fridge. If this one also tastes different than it did for the last several years, then itís time to start skipping it.

At this point Iíd had enough of the dampness & humidity, and it was so overcast there wasnít going to be a pretty dusk/sunset so I decided to head out. I left via International Gateway and the skyliner was running again. I walked back to Beach Club, and put the baklava in the fridge. Although it was early (6:30) I was in for the night, so I got comfortable, pulled the extra blanket down from the closet, and sat out in the living room (better tv there) with the laptop and a glass of wine.

Today also flew by, and being homeless for much of the day wasnít as bad as I thought it might be. The clouds helped, but the rain was a pain! That really messed up the afternoon & evening. This time of year it should have been so nice, but I ended up with the wrong week I guess. I also forgot to go for a walk this morning Ė realized that around 2pm, when it was raining. It was nice at the pool, and I enjoyed Epcot except for the weather. I love being in the 1-bedroom villa for the rest of the trip!

Tomorrow Iíll head to Publix early to do our grocery shopping, then hopefully enjoy time at the pool. Itís supposed to rain tomorrow afternoon, possibly starting late morning, so weíll see how the Epcot time pans out. Tiana, Jonell & SB arrive tomorrow evening, and weíll have snacks in our villa.

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