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Default Slummin' at the all stars in the summer TR

Back and almost caught up from our last minute trip. What a rush!

We had very few DVC points left, since our UY is Sept, and many are allocated for our trips in Oct and next May, so we decided to go on the cheap, take advantage of the AP discounts on rooms, and stay at All Star Music for 6 nights. While it was a very different experience than staying at DVC, with a lot of different prep, it was really and truly not bad at all.
Checked in late, and had the friendliest and perkiest CM we've had in a very long while at checkin (Poly and BWV just went through the monotone spiel.)
but then got room assignment in BFE...I mean as far as you can get from anything....pool, buses, etc....can't hold that against resort, but would've loved a closer room. However...it was quiet....probably the quietest stay we've had on property in a very long while.

Day 1--Just kids and me at Epcot. Tropical storm Emily was passing south of us, so wasn't sure how that would affect the day, but we had no rain until we left in the afternoon. Highlights:
watched the Jammitors at rope drop. hustled to Test Track and luckily the rain held off, and rode first thing, well after 20 mins of line. FP for Soarin
Kids enjoyed aquarium for a good long while.
Pixar movie shorts for the 1st time, we all enjoyed them
DVC lounge, then browsing the WS
I got the worst migraine in years, probably dehydrated frm not drinking day before on trip or much that AM....at least it didn't hit until we were leaving

Day 2--DH joined us for rope drop at HS. Hit Toy Story twice, then standby for Star Tours, before DH left to work in room 1/2 day. Kids and I did our SW FP, Launch Bay, snacks, and Indy show....got in line for ToT and was going to let the kids ride alone ( I hate that ride,) but the 20 min wait crept to 40, and we just left.
That evening, I went to DS to pick up supper, classic poutine for me, Earl/Sandwich for the rest.
DH and kids were at HS for FPs for ToT, RnRC, and were so very pleasantly surprised by the character palooza behind RnRC. Got really, really awesome pics with many rare characters, so thrilled for that

Day 3--rope drop at AK for the mad dash to Flights of Passage. Drove to AK, in AP line for entrance at 7:30 for 9AM opening....the frenzy to get to FoP is real. It was like Black Friday kind of crazy, but mainly on the last leg of the walk when the crowds cram in to make a tight turn. FoP is fabulous, so worth the madness. Off ride, buying banshees at 9:15. Waited in line for Jungle Safari about 25 mins, then DH and kids rode EE 3 times quickly with the single rider line. Then we all did our FP on EE (front row, asked for it), and headed back to Satu'li Canteen for lunch. Used mobile ordering successfully, and all enjoyed the delicious food.
Used FP for Lion King show...1st time for all of us. Very enjoyable and fun. Glad to ck if off the list.
DS and I used FP for Kali River (line was LONG about 60-70 mins I think)
Found 2 Hidden Mickeys on the way, confirmed by CM, so that was fun

Day 4-back to Epcot for all of us. Delayed opening for TT again, but all rode, then did standby for Soarin, posted time was 45, we only waited maybe 20-25.
Finally rode Figment-kids are too old now to really love it, but reminded me of Dr Seuss stuff, so wish we'd taken them when younger, but glad to ck that off the list too
DVC lounge, then lunch in WS.
Actually got a table in Boulangerie Patisserie to sit and eat. DD and I ate there, DH went on to Katsura Grill in Japan. Then browsed shops.
Did the pearl ticket in Japan. DD got 2 pearls from her oyster. that was fun
DS happy to spend more money on Pokemon stuff
HOT as Hades. Meandered around WS, paused in China to shop, while DS cooled off, then back to TT for our FP
Was adults vs kids in total car points for Test Track. Kids beat us both times in 3 categories, we only took the speed.

Day 5-MK...we were late to EMH. Late as in arriving at 8:01 instead of well before rope drop equals lines are horrible already for everything. I rode Peter Pan (25 min wait at 8:05) while DH and kids headed to SM. line was ridiculous, so they did Buzz, Dumbo, Teacups, while I was still at Peter Pan. The wait for the Speedway at 8:15 was 45 mins. Began to head to Frontierland , but stopped to ride Little mermaid at DD's request. (lots of griping from DS about this...) Got to Frontierland about 9:07, and lines for Splash and Thunder were down the walkway by the water...opted for the 30 min Jungle Cruise wait...JC is NOT my fave at all. I could probably never ride again and be ok, but DH likes it. Kids couldn't understand anything sitting where they were, but the CM was funny and good. Hot, long line, but we did find a Hidden Mickey, so that made it ok.
Ate at Columbia Harbour House, used Mobile ordering at opening,
FP for Haunted Mansion. Browsed their shop, which had really cool stuff,
Then Dole Whips ( i hadn't had one in years..eh) FP for BTMRR,

Then another 1st for kids-explored Tom Sawyer Island and the Fort..they LOVED it...even in the 'feels like 105) heat....I think they just loved running around for awhile with no lines and some open space. Stayed there almost an hour. We never expected that.
Used FP for Splash, and FP was backed up longer than I've ever seen, but great way to cool off. Rode train back to Main Street. got our Sorcerer's cards and left.
I wanted Satu'li Canteen again and to see Pandora at night..so headed to AK about 7:30. after dinner, DH said 'let's get in line for FoP' Posted time was 120 mins. I thought, well, ok, we have not seen the regular queue....it was slow moving, but moving, and took about 100 mins to get to the avatar matching room, so not quite 120 mins. It was a tedious line, beginning not as interesting inside, but wow, the ride is so awesome, I do think it is worth a wait if you can stand it.

Overall impression of the All Star Music---Not that bad once in awhile. It is huge, and we were far from everything, but we've had that experience at DVC.
Pool-standard, and crowded a lot the time. There are 2, but the 'quiet' pool is very small. We did each one once, and had a little space to play,there were several beach balls and noodles in there. The last few days looked packed though, no chairs, etc.

Food court-didn't use at all, and looked blah. Got ice cream on the last day only. We'd brought sandwich stuff for snacks, or ate off site or Disney Springs

The room---small, but honestly, didn't feel that small. We got all our luggage and assorted stuff in there. The really huge issue for me was the sink/counter...there was no counter really except around the sink. We had toiletries all over the place. Plus, there is no coffee pot, so I'd brought my own and set it up there. No privacy. (had to watch Game of Thrones on ipad in the bathroom so kids couldn't hear...nowhere else to hide.)

Lack of outlets is an issue. We bring a power strip, but wow, they sure could use a re-do and addition of outlets in there.

Bus service was GREAT the first few days. most we waited was 9 mins. Thurs and Friday, the luck ran out. I think Bus service was better here overall than the last few DVC stays though, maybe because this is bigger? Idk , but that was a surprise. Friday was bad, but oh well.

I would stay at a value again, if need be, and the All stars are located close to some good off site stuff if you have a car, and very close to AK. But that said, I will be looking VERY forward to our BWV stay in Oct and hopefully Poly/AKL stay next May

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So I had to chuckle at the title of your trip report. When I was 17, my high school band stayed at All Star Music and I thought it was amazing!! LOL. Quite a bit of time and some DVC points later, my perspective certainly has changed!!

I'm glad your family had such a good time! Great trip report!!
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We will be "slummin" at all star music in December as well. Had last minute opportunity to go the week of Christmas as we are out of DVC points for this year as well.

Thought about staying off property but the access to fast passes is a must for that week and the only other "deal" on property was the Caribbean Beach Resort at $269/night that is all torn up for remodel.

Everytime I look at our dashboard and see that big ZERO for this years points I get sad and depressed.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the resort and that transportation was not really an issue. Was concerned about this as I have heard nightmares about the buses at the All Stars.

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Great summary, glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for sharing.
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Thumbs up

(had to watch Game of Thrones on ipad in the bathroom so kids couldn't hear...nowhere else to hide.)
THAT made me laugh.
Don OKW & Solivita

Too many WDW visits to count now that I live nearby part time, 1 DL trip & 5 Disney Cruises.
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