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Old 10-07-2017, 10:35 AM   #11
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Never hurts to have a malware program around. All the ones I know are after-the-fact sorts of things, i.e. you run them if you think you have an issue. I don't know of any that do the proactive things that the virus protection is supposed to do. So having the Norton (or the other programs mentioned) is the main thing. Having a malware program as a tool to use if/when needed is good as well.

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Originally Posted by kiapgh23e View Post
Something must have worked because I no longer see the blue hyperlnks. My norton scan must have worked.

But on a side not, is it good to have a malware program?
I don't normally have one I put on automatically, but I will download and run if I think there is a need. Most you have to run - not that it auto finds the issue anyway so if the machine is new with no issues I won't have one

edit: like now my laptop is maybe 6 months old and I haven't added it yet. Probably could but I know where to find them. I admit I don't ever pay for them though so most of what I suggest is good for at least a one time use or free.
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Old 10-07-2017, 11:23 AM   #13
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Yes. If you really don't want to at least make sure you aren't running as an administrator on your PC as this will prevent a good number of common malware packages from installing/scripts from running. There are almost always deals out there if you want to buy a antimalware program, just watch sites like SlickDeals. You have to understand that there are quite a few malware packages spread through infected ads that popup on legitimate website; the AD providers for these sites are third party companies, and they don't always vet the ads they serve. Not all malware spreads this way, but given that people think trusted websites are safe even truly innocent PC users can be infected even by doing nothing illicit.

Recommendation 2: Use LastPass (or some other password manager) to generate/save random long complex passwords for all websites you use (ESPECIALLY FOR PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD-BANK SITES/Disney gift card tool). Lastpass is free and works via browser plugin for PC's and app on phones. Just remember to use a complex password you can remember for LastPass itself, for obvious reasons.

Recommendation 3: Sign up for haveibeenpwned.com with the email address you use on various sites to be notified if/when the site gets hacked (or if it has been already) and your login info exposed. Just this week I got notified about the bit.ly and Disqus hacks, and have been notified about 8-10 other hacks in the past.

Recommendation 3: If you use an ATM or credit card terminal always examine it (pull on the parts a bit) to see if a skimmer is attached. Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll4f0Wim4pM (there are lots more out there if you are curious).

Recommendation 4: Where at all possible, only use your debit card for ATM withdrawals, and only after doing #3 above. I could care less if my credit card is compromised as I'm not out any money (assuming the bank or I spot the issue, and even then they apply an immediate credit during investigations), whereas with a debit card that cash is gone from your account immediately and often takes days to get restored.

If I seem like I'm being alarmist, I'm not. I work for an information security vendor and login credential hacks/credit card skimmers are only going to get worse and more frequent. With LastPass and hack notification at the very least a hack of one site won't impact anything else, and being cautious with your debit card will minimize the possibility of being hit.

Originally Posted by kiapgh23e View Post
Something must have worked because I no longer see the blue hyperlnks. My norton scan must have worked.

But on a side not, is it good to have a malware program?

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Excellent advice Jason. I used to work for a gov. agency before I retired in financial crimes division. People should be more cautious of password security and keeping their info safe.
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Old 10-07-2017, 12:46 PM   #15
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Wow that was intense. I will sit down at work tomorrow and digest everything. I really appreciate all the advice. I know some about computers but definitely not tech savy. I always thought whem googling malware info, it was trying to push certain companies, and i was weary.

But on a side note, after the experian fiasco, a week later out of the blue, my comcast email got bombarded with about 800 spam emails. I NEVER once in 10 years with them had 1 spam email. Suddenly there was over 800. In russian, japenese and various others. I couldn’t understand why now. I thought maybe experian hackers or Facebook hack. Comcast said no fraudulent activity on their end so it was very weird to me.

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