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Old 03-09-2018, 11:07 PM   #51
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Originally Posted by brp View Post
We never made the transition since we don't have kids...so several years of adults-only trips.

One word: Bars.

Expanded answer: WDW has a bunch of cool ones.

no word needed:
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Two Bedroom
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Originally Posted by WiltonJohn View Post
My wife and I have addressed this "life transition" point a number of years ago. Understandable that it generates mixed feelings. The first time there without the kids creates a bit of a combination of excitement, nostalgia, guilt, loneliness, freedom, and other such conflicting emotions.

Trips with and without are different experience completely. Don't try to somehow "compare" them. They are two different things. Treat them as different trips.

Now we go by ourselves for the F+W each year. And we go with the kids and grandkids during the end of summer on the last of the school vacation period. Both WONDERFUL times.

If your kids are just off to independent lives and college and such... you are also hitting the first "empty nest" stuff... that compounds the issues.

Go... and enjoy a very different and still great experience. Savor the good memories it will invariably bring up. Remember that you gave your kids the gift of those fun times together,...... those do not go away for any of you. And also remember that they likely have long lives ahead of them, and will likely enjoy Disney off and on long after you are no longer going yourselves. And they will be happy that you are enjoying yourselves as a couple.



I still can't believe how many people never went to WDW as a kid (I gave my DD & SIL their honeymoon trip to AKL savanna view and paid air fare and park passes ). He never went as a kid with his folks so we all went down for their honeymoon (me,DH,MIL,FIL,DD,SIL) and stayed at three different resorts and caught up for meals and some touring in the parks.
We had a blast but SIL said he needed a vacation from his honeymoon so I gave them Vero Beach points for Xmas (or they can use them at WDW or HHI). Adulthood has its benefits.
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We just made this transition this year. We took a NYE trip with the kids, then went back to WDW 3 weeks later, just my husband and I. We had a great time....you can read the trip report here: http://www.mouseowners.com/forums/sh...d.php?t=126244

The thing we liked about the adult only trip is that it is more relaxed. We planned some things, and did other things 'spur of the moment'. Although I will say that our last trip with the kids during NYE was like that too....but there's more pressure to come up with a plan with open time when a larger group is along.

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