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Old 09-29-2015, 07:52 PM   #41
Grand Villa
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All of the food offerings at all of the F&W booths accept SNACK credits for the food items . No need to try and use the CS entree portion of the meal plan . Just a snack credit will suffice , even the $7.50 lobster roll and LeCellier Filet are counted as snacks !

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Old 09-29-2015, 10:23 PM   #42
Grand Villa
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Default Wdw w&f

my DH & I are taking the 25 yr old DD for the first time Sun to Fri (hate the weekend crowds). when she turned 22 i did a mother daughter trip to DATW. She has a much younger liver... and now she is a liquor sales representative. so it is her maiden voyage. we will hit some rides in the AM and do lunch and drinks (cant wait for Mexico and Brazil... yummy). we always enjoy France and UK too but I found Canadian beef a bit tough (but I grew up on a beef cattle ranch so maybe I'm a snob). I will share tastes with all then go back for favorites on day 2 or 3.
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Well, we just got back from a long weekend, and we had mixed emotions. It was crazy PACKED and HOT!!! We arrived at rope drop with the little one on Sat. and hit all the rides. Then headed around the world with everyone else around 2. Our plan was to walk counter clock wise and hit all the booths we were interested in. DW and I would split up one would take the little one and hit two booths next to each other and order for each other and meet in the middle. All lines were between 10-20 mins long. After we looped around once it was about 7 and the lines were cut in half, so we went back to only the ones we really enjoyed then hit the major rides again. Then we went to MNSSHP on Sunday and it was the same as above with crowed level being crazy packed and it being hot!! Weve been doing this trip since 2009 and its never been like this!! We are going to try later October next year and if its the same it will be our last trip in the early fall season.
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