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I grew up in San Diego so I went to Disneyland frequently. But my first trip to WDW was in 1980 when my oldest was under two. I went to MK which was the only park , for a day. My husband was in a workshop a few hours away. My daughter cried on the bus for a solid hour. We walked on a few rides and ate something. I was not especially impressed. It was so hot my skin was burning off. It was not my Disney land .

I remember my main comment to my husband was wdw was nothing special but not nearly as crowded as Disneyland !
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These have been very fun to read!!
I was looking over more of my receipts.
Found the one from Port Orleans Riverside from 2010, pre-DVC purchase. Pretty sure we did a package w DDP/tickets. But hotel receipt reflects the extra charges for Internet you had to pay, 9.95/night
I remember a few trips where we'd wait to hook on to internet until the end, only get charged for a night or two. Ha.
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My first trip was in 1973 with a boyfriend. I returned in 1981 with my family...husband (not the boyfriend from 1973) and two kids. I had won the trip from a contest at work. We flew Eastern Airlines and stayed at the Contemporary. I recall having a meltdown at the front desk after they put us in one of the ground level rooms located in the west wing. “My family didn’t come all this way to look at the cars in the parking lot” They moved us to the top and middle of the tower.

I recall the exceptional service and how everything was immaculate. We had a blast at River Country, the Hoop Dee Do, and the parks. There were a few rides in Epcot that had 2-3 hour waits. Somehow, we didn't seem to mind.
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Old 01-13-2020, 02:13 PM   #14
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I'm rescuing this thread from Community Hall since those threads don't show in the "latest threads" list.

There's no category that really fits, so I'm putting it in Trip Reports since it's about first visits.


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We had friends with kids the same age as ours (7 and 9 year olds). Their Son was diagnosed with cancer the same day as our Son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (both are doing good now!). Our friends went to Disney with Make a Wish Foundation. They said he kept saying the whole time they were there that he wished my boys were there too, that they would have so much fun. So, when they came back home from the trip, they asked if we would go back with them for another trip. Yes! When I made reservations for Caribbean Beach, I requested to be close to the food court seeing we were still figuring out my Son's diagnosed juvenile diabetes. A few days before we left for FL, we got a call from Disney that the food court would be partially closed and would we be more comfortable at a different resort. Yes. They moved us to Animal Kingdom Lodge!!! Fast forward to us arriving. As we entered our room, the boys immediately went out on the balcony, all excited about seeing the animals in the distance. The Bell Services CM excused himself and got on the phone. After he hung up he said we were moving. I told him no, the kids can see animals from this room. He said yes, after seeing their reaction, we need to get them a better view. He then took us to a different room that had a feeding station right in front of our balcony. Pretty much giraffes constantly there. Guess who got a big tip!!! That was the start of my love affair with Disney!
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Originally Posted by carolina_yankee View Post
I'm rescuing this thread from Community Hall since those threads don't show in the "latest threads" list.

There's no category that really fits, so I'm putting it in Trip Reports since it's about first visits.

Thank You Dirk. I really could not decide where it should go, hence CH....

MY WDW Visits...

1973 - First Trip out of KY and used Tickets from the Today newspaper
2004 (Alex First), 2005, 2006 (Romantic), 2007,2008,2009,2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014,
2015, 2016, 2017 (Family)
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First time to Disney was 1984. I had just graduated high school, so on a visit to see my sister (who lived in FL with her DH), my mom and I had our first visit to EPCOT and MK. Stayed offsite at a hotel (think it was a Days Inn). Main things I remember were the dining reservations for EPCOT (had to be done "day-of"; you ran to Station Earth (whatever it was called) as soon as you got in the park, over near base of Spaceship Earth; you got in line to place your dining request at a CM-moderated kiosk... the CM on the screen would tell you what was available at what time. It seemed so "high tech", lol! We ended up going to France that night for dinner. I recall being so impressed how the wait staff were all literally from France, and our waiter told us about where he was from, and suggested wine from his "hometown" / region. I also remember leaving EPCOT feeling like I'd spent all day in a musical, lol... with chorus of songs like "Veggie Veggie Fruit Fruit..." (Kitchen Kabaret) echoing in my head. All the pavillions were corporately sponsored (corporations just don't do that anymore, sadly; all about the $). I still have my Philidelphia Cream Cheese cookbook purchased from the Kraft pavillion. My mom loved EPCOT... but not so much the Magic Kingdom, lol, which she deemed just another tourist-trappish theme park with over-priced junk food (in comparison to EPCOT). She loved how (at that time, anyway!) EPCOT was totally devoid of typical "theme-parkish" venues, even including the characters.

It was her love of EPCOT that allowed us to visit again about 9 years later, when I was married and just finishing grad school, and my mom had just moved to St. Augustine FL. On a visit to see her, we took a quick sidetrip to EPCOT. My spouse had been to Magic Kingdom as a child, but never experienced EPCOT (and as I noted - my Mom loved EPCOT!) Spent a full day there. Ate in France again. Spouse got dizzy in the 360 degree movies in Canada and China, lol. Spent the night in a villa at Old Key West, courtesy of my sister who had just joined this "cool thing" called "DVC"...

5 years (and 2 kids) later in 1998 we had a family reunion at Disney World, with accommodations again courtesy of DVC-member sister. Spent the week of/including Xmas exploring the parks and enjoying Old Key West / Disney holiday atmosphere. At that time, my sister still had the benefit of length-of-stay passes for herself / her guests (it was a perk extended by DVC in the very beginning). That benefit would end the following year (1999), so to take advantage of it one last time, my spouse and I joined my sister and her family for one more trip in October of 1999. And while there - we took the DVC tour, met her DVC member rep (Jim McCoy) and decided... we need this, too! By January of 2000, with kiddo #3 on the way - we had made our DVC membership official with a Boardwalk points contract. (True confession: though we love it now, Boardwalk wasn't what we wanted... we really wanted the under-construction Villas at Wilderness Lodge, second choice was Old Key West... but Boardwalk was what Disney was offering at the time, there weren't the resale outlets there are today, lol, and we didn't wanna wait!)

We frankly loved the "old" fast pass system (but would be quick to add - it's no FOTL privy like Universal offers. That experience spoiled us, lol.) As our kids grew, we mastered the art of the Disney FP, lol, sending a delegate (i.e., one of our then-teens) to secure the next fast pass from a kiosk. Prior to the emergence of cell phones, we would carry a set of radios for use in the park. The "delegate" FP courier would race to the desired kiosk and report back via radio the FP time stamps being given, and we would decide whether or not to acquire that FP or try a different kiosk. I somewhat resent the way Disney has removed all potential for spontanaiety, forcing me to decide EVERYTHING so far in advance... where I stay, what park I visit, where I dine, it all feels like it has to be scheduled months... nay, almost a full year for certain accommodations and venues - in advance. Some take comfort in knowing that once they have secured a given set of FPs - they will indeed experience that attraction on that date, at that given timing, and not have to worry about what I've described (radioing their party back with Fast Pass "options" or learning that all the FPs have been given out). But I find the upfront Disney planning to be more and more painful, rising at crack of dawn months and months in advance to lock everything in. And I especially loathe it when I do the required work to set up all these "must do in advance or all is lost" plans and their management is then coupled to an uber-glitchy software system that wants to mess with my sanity... "My Disney Experience" is just that... an EXPERIENCE, and NOT always a pleasant one. Every day it gets saucy with me... "Oh you THOUGHT you had Fast Passes - but guess what homegirl, YA DON'T... not a single one... oh, no, wait, yep, you DO, but ONLY you... NO ONE else in your party has them, just you... oh... wait for it... hang on... no, scratch that, they are gone again... alllll gooone.... nothing you can do about it... you word against ours... tooo bad...... hey, haha, just kidding, calm down, lookie, here they are... three passes, three venues, for your whole party... well, for Day One of your 8 day trip anyway. What, you thought you had MORE than that? Bwaahaahaa... Wait til you see what I did with your dining plans!"

A few years back, after we had shifted over to the "new" (current) FP+ system and happened to go to Disneyland and (re) epxerience the "old" FP style... we all agreed, we missed the old system! (But we do like being able to obtain FPs on our phone now... that feature is nice, WHEN an FP is actually available!) So it's mainly the "reserve 3 in advance" feature that we find less desirable... especially if something were to happen that could shift your parks schedule around (like an illness). And the tier system is a stinker too. On the old system, you technically had as much chance as anyone else in the park that day to get a FP... first come, first served. With the "reserve in advance" system, if you have to suddenly reschedule a day - good luck ever getting those FPs for a different day in the park, especially if it contains one of the "coveted" FPs. And because you will already have made FP ressies for the rest of your trip - you probably can't be fit them in anywhere else, anyway, because you've had to plan those days out already. It's kinda making park hopping a thing of the past - except maybe to dine or see the final fireworks of the evening. (And like I said earlier, it all pales relative to FOTL over at Universal, which granted isn't for every ride... but then again, neither does Disney).
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