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Default Just got home from a week at SSR

Not a full blown report as everyone has "been there and done that", but some observations of our trip and maybe some highlights.

Random thoughs in no particular order-kind of scatterbrained, like me.

It had been a few years since we stayed at SSR, even though it is one of our home resorts. I had forgotten about the maze of bathroom doors and it took a couple of days to get used to it again. Also, staying at SSR really made me appreciate the convenience of VGF and BLT. Most of our trips recently had been at VGF and BLT and you tend to not fully understand the time savings over having to ride the buses to each and every park. It also seemed that at the Parks, the SSR bus stop was just about the farthest away at each park (or maybe that was just my tired feet).

There seemed to be construction at every corner, literally, the most construction I have seen there in a long time. It is obvious they are getting ready for 2019.

We did ask at a DVC kiosk if there was any information at all on The Riviera, and she said they knew absolutely nothing, not even a good guesstimate of a completion date.

We did see some of the gondola construction--I am so ready for that to happen.

I was glad to see that Cottonelle tissue was back again in the villas and gone is the sandpaper TP.

One CM at Launch Bay told us that they were oficially told that Galaxys Edge will open Fall of 2019. I bet that has been announced here somewhere, but I haven't been on for about 10 days, so wasn't sure.

When we arrived in Orlando, it was during a deluge, truly, standing water everywhere and pouring as hard as it could and it continued for several hours.

We were able to get a nice Ford Edge Platinum rental car-leather, navigation, all the bells and whistles, etc. for a reasonable rate and a Costco gift card will be sent to us for the rental which lowers the rate even more.

When we arrived at SSR, it was still pouring really hard, and I let DH out to see if the room was ready even though we had not received a text. We really didn't have anything else we could do with all the rain. He went in and because we have so many Magic Bands, the CM sent him out to get mine just to make sure it would work. And because he sent DH out into the rain, he gave us a $50 credit to the room for the inconvenience. They determined Magic Bands were working and that the room was now ready, so off we went, still in the pouring rain.

I pulled up as close as I could to the entrance of our building in Congress Park and we got the bags unloaded and around to the elevator. At this point we are pretty wet. We were in 2414, top floor. View not good at all, parking lot and the bus stop, but it was all masked by trees. I was not happy with the view, but we have had many great views at DVC and we did not want to drag the bags out into the rain. If we had Guests with us, I might have tried for something else, but we decided to stay put where we were, fairly close to the elevator, and really close to the bus stop.

I determined that the easiest place to get to for dinner that night where we might avoid the rain as much as possible was to drive to the Lime garage and take the escalator down to the Polite Pig. First time to eat there for us, and it was very good, especially the ribs. Very little fat and very tasty. When DH went to pay with his Magic Band, it would not work. The CM said it was probably because we had just checked in and were not in the system yet.

Next we went right across the way to the Disney Corner and made a purchase for our Grandson. Again, Magic Band would not work. It kept saying that "the Guest could not be found in the system." So, when we were done in there, we headed back to SSR to the Front Desk again.

The same CM that checked us in was there when we went back and we told him that the Magic Band let us in the room but could not find us to make purchases, he said he had not heard that one before. He had on a Trainer button, so I knew he had been around for a while. His suggestion was that we go to the Gift Shop and make a small purchase and let him see what it said when we went to pay. So, we went and bought a Mickey Bar and an ice cream sandwich. Still no luck with the Magic Band.

Back to the Front Desk, and he worked his magic a little bit, then back to the Gift Shop to try again. This time we got pastries for breakfast in the morning. No luck this time either with the same message.

Back to the Front Desk the three of us go. He talked to a Manager and they decided that the only thing they could do was to cancel the reservation and re-book it as a new one. He disappeared for 30-45 minutes in the back and when he came back, he said, let's go make one more purchase. This time we went and got two Rice Krispie treats and the Magic Bands worked this time.

For all the inconvenience, we got the $50 credit on our account, credit for all the purchases at the Gift Shop, which totaled about $25.00 and another $100 credit on our account. We had not asked for anything, it was all offered, and we never gave him a hard time about any of this. Things happen.

As it turns out, he also added extra Fast Passes to our MDE every day we were there and he also set it up to have daily Mousekeeping. They came in every day and made the beds, replaced the towels, straightened up and ran the dishes. Every day that is except for the last full day there as we were in the room when she came to clean, and I told her it was not necessary as we were leaving the next morning. I have to be honest, while I have never minded the fact that we do not get daily service as DVC members on points, I did truly enjoy having the bed made every day and fresh towels. etc. I have always said if I were rich, I would have fresh bed linens on a daily basis, so this was really nice.

Some firsts for us:

Lunch at Satu'li canteen, which we really enjoyed.

First time to eat at D-luxe Burger. The burger was huge and tasted fine, but the flavor was not outstanding to us. Kind of bland. Their fries however, just like I like them, crispy to the point of being almost blistered. We asked for a small order to share with our burgers and we ended up having to get another Large order so that we could make sure we really like them that much.

Frozen Sing-a-long at DHS, very cute

Disney Pixar shorts at EPCOT, which we both enjoyed.

First time in the DVC Member Lounge in EPCOT. Enjoyed the drinks and the rest but never saw the snack lady, even though we were in there about 45 minutes.

Second time on the new Soarin', but first where I was able to keep eyes open the whole time. Enjoyed it very much. DH says some of it is done digitally, but I prefer to not know all of that.

First time getting stuck on Carousel of Progess, saw first two scenes twice as we did not rotate around the stage. And I did notice this time that the little sister in the first scene is not ever seen again.

Also, got stuck on the TTA, but luckily it was right as you enter Space Mountain, so we had air-conditioning.

The lions on the Safari were out and posing perfectly. We had never seen them like that before, usually we get their backs, etc.

Also, when we left the Safari, right after you walk past that truck on the right hand side, there is a viewing area to the Gorillas, and it is the first time we had actually seen gorillas there, two Silverbacks. They were feeding and then went down to the stream. Never have we seen anything there before.

First time for DH on Flight of Passage. Second for me. Now that I have ridden it with him, I do not have to ride it any more. I think it is amazing, but my motion issues outweigh the enjoyment I get from the ride. There was a girl in the section next to us that truly screamed her head off from the moment it started until it ended.

First time to see any of the Muppet shows in Liberty Square--far more entertaining than I expected.

First time to see the Up Bird show in AK. Not a whole lot different than the first one, but I did enjoy seeing Doug and Russell in the show.

That is all I can think of for new experiences right now. I will post some pictures when I get a little more time. I did not take a lot of them, and only used my phone, but I always love when others share their pictures, so I will too.


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Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Pictures are always much appreciated.
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Wow! Some nice pixie dust for you with all of the magic band hassles! That's the one thing that always surprises me with Disney....one of the top companies in the world and it seems they are so behind on IT stuff....

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We found the same when we stayed in the THV over this past NYE. I felt as though we were always waiting for buses or walking to get to 'quicker' bus areas. We ended up using UBER quite a bit from the THV, quite honestly.

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Thank you for sharing.
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Glad you had a good trip. We love the Polite Pig and enjoy the D-Luxe Burger fries, as well.

I'm even more glad that reservations didn't automatically assign your room to some random stranger while they were canceling your reservation and putting in a new one! And I hope the ice cream treats didn't melt while you were getting everything sorted out.


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Sounds like a great trip, and I'm certainly glad they gave you something for your trouble!
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Originally Posted by kzrooster View Post
Wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

Pictures are always much appreciated.

My thoughts exactly. Thanks for taking the time to share!
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Thanks for the report. Sounds like a nice trip. Looking forward to your pics.

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Sounds like you had a nice trip. Itís always fun to still have Ďfirstsí then Disney never gets old.
I get the parking lot view, that was what was a bit unimpressive for me. I bought actually added initial build, glad the trees grew that at least block or give you some greenery.
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Thanks for taking the time and effort to report. We haven't stayed at SSR for a few years, but I am thinking we might stay there on our next trip. When we stayed there last time it was very quiet and peaceful.

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