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Old 08-14-2020, 09:40 PM   #21
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Enjoying the report. Sounds like you’re having a nice time.
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When I am in a studio I get croissants or baguettes with brie and apples from Les Halles to take back for breakfast the next morning. Its not ooey gooey by still tasty.
Could you get a full wine bottle on property and just bring the rest home (or not...)?
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Full bottles of wine are easy to find in the shops at each resort - if it had been a longer trip I would have tried the Once Upon a Vine full bottle of sauvignon blanc. At $17 that's cheap by Disney standards. Love your breakfast idea!

DAY 3 – Saturday 8/15/20
Who: Sue (61), DVC Member

Plan: Pool, Food & Wine

Actual: I slept a little better last night but was still awake quite a bit. Once again I didn’t actually get up until 5:30. I made my cappuccino and brought it back to bed, watching the local news for a while & doing online stuff.

Today I’d decided to try breakfast from Primo Piatto (counter service place), and let that be my main meal of the day. I placed my mobile order for the 8:15-8:45 time slot and chose the Primo Piatto Breakfast – scrambled eggs over mascarpone polenta w/bacon, Italian sausage & a sweet brioche roll.

After changing into a swimsuit & coverup I gathered my stuff for the pool and went downstairs to pick up my breakfast. Since the sun doesn’t clear the building until 8:45 I planned to eat breakfast in the shade at the pool, then move to my chaise lounge. Before leaving the room I used the app to say I was on my way to get my breakfast. When I got downstairs it wasn’t quite ready yet, and the cast member told me when all three lines were green to come back. I stepped outside and very quickly the third line turned green and the message said my food was ready.

I went inside, showed my phone to the cast member, and she directed me to the pick up table around the corner, where my bag of breakfast (with the receipt including my name) was stapled to the bag. I grabbed utensils and napkins, and walked over to the quiet pool. After setting my stuff by my chaise lounge I took breakfast to a table & chairs.

The breakfast was excellent – so much nicer than the usual Disney food court breakfast food! It was huge though, and I couldn’t finish anything – it was all so good. Reheating this type food wouldn’t really work well, so I tossed the leftovers into a trash can. The child meal would have been the perfect size, but that didn’t come with the bacon & Italian sausage, and if I add sides of both then I’m right back up to the adult price anyway. The Italian sausage was a really nice touch, with sautéed onions, red peppers and yellow peppers. The polenta was tasty, but there was too much for me to eat, especially with everything else. Needless to say, by lunch time I was not hungry at all!

I spent another relaxing morning on my chaise lounge and in the pool. The mystery of how I lost an hour yesterday was solved – my Kindle wasn’t updated when the time sprung forward last March. Once again I spent a lot of time in the water since it was so hot (at 11:22 the “feels like” was 104). There were others at the pool but it was quiet and not crowded. Today I moved to the shade just after 11:30 to cool off a bit, then went up to the studio to shower and get dressed.

As expected, I wasn’t hungry for lunch, so I did some online stuff and rescheduled a work thing on Monday. Chris & Amanda had driven up this morning and were sweating their way through Disney Springs, since their room wasn’t ready. They had lunch at the Chicken Guy place. At one point I got a text from Chris saying “expletive. it’s hot”, lol!

They finally got their room a little before 3 and they were upgraded to the 12th floor of the tower (Contemporary), where the concierge lounge would be if Disney hadn’t suspended all of that. But, if they had the concierge lounge it’s doubtful they would have gotten the upgrade. Chris was happy – they booked the cheapest room at the resort (garden wing) and ended up with a beautiful view of the lake from the tower! We delayed our plan to meet in Epcot at 3, hoping Ari would take a short nap. According to Amanda, he needed it – was acting like a pain from being overtired and overheated.

Since we pushed our meeting time back to around 5 or so, I cut up a small plate of cheese, crackers and salami. I’d brought one of those small boxes with 3 glasses of wine, so drank more of that with my snack. Ari did fall asleep, wearing an eye mask so the light wouldn’t bother him and the adults didn’t have to sit in the dark <g>.

I checked the weather and the 60% chance of thunderstorms originally predicted had disappeared – now the highest percent of rain was 25% and even that wasn’t looking too likely. That’s good news in terms of not finding the skyliner shut down due to lightning when I needed to ride it. Thanks to David & Rosie I learned that when that happens, they direct us to buses at the Boardwalk bus stop, and don’t send us all the way back through Epcot to the front exit. That’s a plus at least! Just after I typed this paragraph dark clouds appeared off my balcony, lol – but nothing like what we had last night! Fortunately these blew right on past, without any rain at all.

Ari woke up and they were on a bus by shortly after 5. I got up and walked over to the skyliner to get to Epcot. The monorail to Epcot is still not running. They got into the park as I was getting off the skyliner, and Amanda said the app showed Soarin’ with a 15-minute wait so we decided to meet there. They rode Nemo while I walked over to the Land.

Once they got off Nemo the wait for Soarin’ was up to 45 minutes, so we didn’t bother. Instead we headed out to World Showcase. Along the way we stopped in Hawaii, where Amanda loves the pork slider. I got one too, and I think Martha also did. Amanda got 2 – but they’re very small (seemed smaller than usual this year). Chris got something to drink – probably a beer or cider.

We continued towards Canada, and stopped at the festival center/old millennium village for some much needed air conditioning. Everyone liked it in there – lots of space, nice & cool, and several choices for food & drink. At Appleseed Orchard Martha got the apple caramel popcorn in a plastic container shaped like an apple, and a hard raspberry lemonade with mini marshmallows. Amanda got the gourmet mac & cheese for Ari and the buffalo chicken mac & cheese for Chris, and ate a little off both plates. I just got a glass of the chenin blanc from the mac & cheese stand. Chris had some other drink, but I don’t remember what it was. We were going to get cake pops, but Ari said he was full and we decided to wait until later.

Back outside into the heat we continued walking around the countries. In America Chris took a picture of the funnel cake stand and posted it on facebook, tagging SB to say they were asking where he was, lol. Ari decided he was hungry, and wanted a Mickey pretzel so we got one of those in America, and sat at the back of the American Gardens Theater. The mariachi band was just getting ready to start, so we had entertainment. Chris went over to the bar outside the Sam Eagle BBQ place, and came back with some cocktail.

Towards the end of the show, Ari & Amanda were dancing to the music, twirling each other. When it was time to go Ari didn’t want to ride in the stroller, and instead would run up ahead and twirl around. It wasn’t crowded, so he wasn’t bothering anyone and we could see him clearly. He’d run up, then back, etc. That kid loves to run!

As we were passing through Germany a cast member came after Amanda & she thought it was because Ari was running so she started apologizing. He was apologizing for upsetting her, saying he just wanted to give Ari one of those giant pretzels – for free! He had it in his hands and had come to give it to us. We thanked him and moved over to a table by the lake. This pretzel was much better than the last one, and still very warm! It’s too bad we’d all eaten some of the last one, lol! We did some damage to this one, and dropped a big piece (picked it up and threw it in the trash), and they took the rest with them to zap briefly in the microwave. Now that I type that, they probably don’t have a microwave, since they’re not in a dvc room. Oh well – it’ll still be good.

Amanda checked on the Frozen ride but the app said 60 minutes. The line was outside, almost to China. Mexico didn’t have a wait to enter the pavilion so we went in there and rode the boat ride. There was a line, but it moved steadily. Since we were 5 people they put us in the back 2 rows, left the 2 rows in front of us empty, and put a small party in the front row.

By now the sun had set and the sky was getting pretty. Amanda & Martha went to browse the shops, and Chris & Ari headed up front to Mouse Gears. I think they were going to ride Spaceship Earth or something on their way out. I said goodbye and continued around to International Gateway, then rode the skyliner back to Riviera.

I finished up the banana bread and worked on the report, sorry to be leaving in the morning. Today was a nice relaxing day, and although it was hot in Epcot it didn’t feel as bad as it had been the previous 2 nights. It was great seeing Chris, Amanda, Ari & Martha again.

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Really enjoyed your TR, Thank you for taking the time!!

2021 (Mar - BWV, May - PVB, Jul - SSR/DCL Fantasy, Oct - PVB)

2020 (Jan, Mar, Mar/Apr/May/May/Jun, Sept, Aug, Oct, Nov) - Swan, PVB, PVB/PVB/AKV/AKV/PVB, DCL Fantasy - (COVID-19 BOO), BCV, BWV, PVB (bungalow)
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2017 (Jan, May, Oct) - VGF, BLT, BRV
2016 (Feb, May) - PVB, BRV/BWV
2015/2014 (Sept) - BCV, AoA (Lion King/Nemo/Lion King)

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I really enjoyed your trip report!

I still call it the Millennium Village too. Just like it will always be the Wedway People Mover.
Linda Always planning our next trip. dh dd32 dsil31 dd29 dsil32 dd26

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Absolutely right on the Wedway!

DAY 4 – Sunday 8/16/20
Who: Sue (61), DVC Member

Plan: Drive to Gainesville

Actual: My final night of this trip I slept marginally better, and didn’t get up until just before 5. I had time to relax with my cappuccino so I made that and brought it back to bed while I got online & watched the local news.

Around 7 I showered & got dressed, then cooked the last egg and slice of bacon for breakfast before packing up the last of my stuff. Since the banana bread is so good, I used the mobile ordering to pick one up to take home. Finally, I was on the road just after 8, arriving home just before 10. That gave me time to throw laundry in while I unpacked, before going to work.

This was a nice little trip, and I really enjoyed myself. I like this resort a lot, and hope I’ll eventually luck into finding a studio available for some consecutive nights in the future (at 7 months). I like the feel of it, the quiet pool area is great, and I enjoy the skyliner. Hopefully any future stays will be when the weather isn’t so horrific – but at least I didn’t have to deal with storms shutting down the skyliner when I wanted to ride.

The masks in the parks make an uncomfortably hot experience even worse, but to be honest it would have been hell even without the mask requirement. It is what it is – in order to be here we need to follow the rules. For the most part everyone I saw was complying – a couple times I saw a fool with the mask below their nose (so the mask does no good), and occasionally someone was actively drinking while walking, but it wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I figure I have a healthy immune system, and I’m not going to panic about casual contact – especially outdoors.

The big surprises were how good the breakfast at Primo Piatto was, and what a relief it was to have the large air-conditioned space at Food & Wine. They don’t have much seating in there, but that’s probably to discourage people from turning it into a resting/lounge place while it’s hot or raining. Although, many parties just sat on the floor.

There aren’t a lot of photos from this trip (mostly they’re photos of the resort, and of course some Ari) and they’re on snapfish at https://www.snapfish.com/share?via=l...05060/SNAPFISH

The next trip was supposed to be a highly valued club level stay at Jambo House, but of course Disney is not doing club level services at this time. Drat!!! That makes 3 club level stays covid has screwed me out of so far – next possibility is January. The club level trip was leading up to Labor Day weekend, and I had also booked a studio for Holli for the first few nights and a studio for Chris & Amanda for the last few nights (with us all overlapping one night). Checking to see what else was available, and knowing it’s still so hot the parks have limited appeal to me still, and at that time feature pools were not opening until 11am, the choices were somewhat limited.

I talked with the others, cut the trip shorter due to work being so crazy, and booked a grand villa at Old Key West for 4 nights (in Thursday, out Monday). We can create our own concierge lounge in there, and everyone has their own bedroom/bathroom – with a bathroom to spare (there are 4 full bathrooms)! Square footage is just under 2400, so we’ll have plenty of room to not feel crowded. It should be fun, and if I am going to stay at Old Key West it has to be in a villa (not a studio – hate those). That trip begins in 18 days

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Thank you for another Sue Trip report! And thanks for the link to the pics!

I have yet to stay at Riveria, but really want to on an upcoming trip. If the costs were lower, I would have bought a few hundred points when the resort first went on sale. We have an OKW GV booked in 2 weeks, for 9 nights.....that would not have been possible if covid had not canceled three other WDW trips.
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Thanks as always, Sue! Great pictures! Oh, and it’s World Showplace now if you really want to know, haha.
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Thanks, Sue. Just the pick-me-up I needed. That Ari is too adorable!
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and proud to be MOD 10 Jerry D
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